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Phoenix Water Leak and Mold Fixing

Water that leaks from a flat roof in a Phoenix structure is the missing element for dormant mold spores to propagate and cause problems. Of course, the roof nee... READ MORE

Storm Damage Restoration In Uptown Phoenix

When flooding occurs in your home, the team at SERVPRO is the only option. We have the best specialists in the industry, and they are available 24/7. Our crew w... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Phoenix

Commercial water damage in the form of a sewage backup struck this commercial facility in Phoenix. Several rooms along with the pictured hallway were affected. ... READ MORE

Dental Office and a Sewage Blockage in Phoenix

Backed up black water (contaminated) from a sewer line at a Phoenix commercial property takes professional cleanup and restoration services. Many firms and ente... READ MORE

Water Soaked Carpet in a Phoenix Hobby Room

Unwanted water that soaks into a carpet in a Phoenix hobby room can endanger not only the flooring material and walls but also the inventory of products for pro... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Downtown Phoenix

Walking into your office and finding water covering the floor is a business owner's worst nightmare. The thought of losing productivity and revenue is adding mo... READ MORE

Phoenix Wind Storm-Ravaged House

Straight line winds, when they rip off roof sections, can cause a lot of damage in Phoenix. The speed of the air current shifted items in the attic that broke t... READ MORE

Phoenix Washing Machine Springs a Big Leak

When pressurized water spews forth from a ruptured water line, the results can be quite devastating to a Phoenix-area condo. Non-salvageable waterlogged drywall... READ MORE

Smoke Damage to a Phoenix Bathroom

Small electrical appliances like curlers and hairdryers require a large amount of electrical power. These devices often create shorts resulting in fire and smok... READ MORE

Phoenix Backroom Mold Problem

In many smaller, retail shops problems with mold infestations go unnoticed until the musty odor reminds the proprietor that his customers are staying away. Ofte... READ MORE