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Be Prepared for Any Disaster That Can Impact Your Business

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

September is National Preparedness Month, and business owners should take note. While no one expects a disaster in their place of business, it can happen for a number of reasons, so it’s important to be prepared.

Planning for unforeseen disasters

Business owners know that the unexpected will eventually happen, even if the event is minor. Putting business emergency plans in place is key to navigating disastrous events, such as flooding from a broken pipe, mold, vandalism, or fires. Being prepared for downtime, lost revenue, and other negative effects can make or break a business. The more you are prepared, the faster you can recover.

While some issues are unavoidable, having a strong understanding of potential risks, what they may mean to your business, and how to bounce back is necessary to prevent substantial loss from occurring. Every business is different and may face different issues that could result in an interruption or complete shutdown. Along with potential environmental problems, such as flooding, other factors also need to be considered such as fire, vandalism, or arson. Once the risks are known, it is easier to figure out which situations may be preventable or at least mitigated. Analyzing the risks includes knowing their costs. Factors that come into play include lost revenue, expenses for property loss and repairs, and possible penalties if you are liable for the damage experienced. Insurance is easy to forget about until it is needed. If significant damage occurs, it’s important to know who to call for help.

What to do if disaster strikes your business

Even with all the planning, disasters can strike businesses of any size. With a disaster plan in place, facing emergencies will be a little more manageable for business owners. The plan to minimize losses does require immediate action to get the situation under control. Once you file a claim, contacting a damage mitigation and restoration company is the next step. Along with finding the source of the problem, the remediation process should be started as soon as possible. Calling in trained disaster professionals like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can help the recovery process happen quicker and go more smoothly.

Call SERVPRO for your business recovery needs

Running a business of any size comes with many unknowns but knowing how to deal with a loss doesn’t have to be one of them. Creating a solid plan of action and knowing the possible risks may help minimize claim losses and get your business back to operating "Like it never even happened." If your business experiences a disaster, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix immediately to get the recovery process started and your business back on track. We can be reached 24/7 at 602-386-4268.

SERVPRO Offers Water Remediation to Keep Your Business Open

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

If your business ever experiences water damage, there are a few techniques professionals such as SERVPRO uses to mitigate the problem with minimal interference to the business. Learn more about how SERVPRO offers water remediation services to keep your business open should you experience a water disaster.

How SERVPRO addresses water damage in commercial buildings

When your business experiences water damage from flooding caused by pipe bursts, monsoons, or other water source, the first and most important step is to secure the area, and then address the source of the water to stop further damage. The next step is to extract all the water from the structure as quickly as possible. SERVPRO's commercial water removal technicians then use equipment to dry the materials and contents inside the building. The final stage of the drying process is the cleaning and deodorization. After the structure gets secured and the source of the problem gets fixed, we begin the extraction process. We vacuum up as much water inside the building as possible while keeping your business open. If needed, we can extract water in small sections at a time so that we do not impede the business.

Our water removal equipment gets the job done

Depending on the water damage situation, various types of water removal equipment can be used to implement water remediation. In most cases, a truck-mounted extractor gets used, but in other situations, a portable one may be more efficient or less invasive during business hours if the business is still open and functioning. Depending on the surfaces affected, we use either lightweight extraction wands or heavy-duty extraction tools. If there are more than two inches of standing water present, a submersible pump gets used for pulling up the water. Upon final water removal, we then dry out the remainder of the moisture. We complete the drying process by creating the best environment to speed up the evaporation method.

What happens after water is removed

When technicians dry out a structure, different types of equipment are used depending on the situation. In most cases, air movers and dehumidifiers are implemented, using dry air from the dehumidifiers to circulate hot, dry air around the affected room. The drying process also sometimes gets completed a small section at a time so that only a portion of your business is blocked off or otherwise impacted. After moisture levels are reduced, the cleaning and deodorization stage takes place. We make sure that your business remains lean and odor-free, and moisture is at a level so that no mold grows as a result of the water damage.

Work with SERVPRO for your commercial water remediation needs

There’s never a convenient time for flooding or water damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So, when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need. For help from the experts, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 24/7.

Protecting Your Business from Summer Monsoons

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Severe storms, also known as monsoons, are a common threat to business property throughout the summer months in Arizona. Along with rain, thunder, and lightning, summer storms can also produce damaging, gusty winds. As a business owner, you may be worried about the danger that these storms can pose to your property. Major structural damage can be done by severe storms, with wind and flying debris shattering windows and pounding upon roofs. In order to avoid the hefty cost required to fix structural damage, it would be beneficial to develop a plan to utilize during emergencies that will limit the amount of damage imposed upon your business.

Being prepared before storms

Before you begin to formulate that plan, however, make sure that your business insurance coverage is up to date and adequate. Covering the expenses of any property damage caused directly by the storm, business insurance can lift much of the financial burden. Taking matters into your own hands, a regular examination of the condition of your business’ roof as well as removing debris left by past storms in your gutters can prevent the damage from worsening. Impact-resistant glass can also be installed in an effort to prevent windows from shattering and sending glass flying across the inside of your business, potentially in the path of valuables. If you do have any valuables located near windows, be sure to move them to safer areas during storms just in case windows shatter. Safer areas can include any place that is elevated above the floor and distant from windows. Finally, keep outdoor equipment safe by fastening it to something stable. These tips will help you recover more quicky from storm damage and lessen the loss, so remediation professionals can help quickly.

Know when monsoon storms are approaching

Monitoring weather forecasts during monsoon season is AZ is a beneficial practice, especially if your business is located in an area that regularly experiences severe weather or flooding, as you will know when to expect storms and be able to prepare for them. With these guidelines in mind, you can protect your business as best you can from severe monsoon storms throughout the summer.

Extra planning provides extra securing

When damage happens, many business owners are caught unaware, not knowing what to do, who to call, where shutoff valves are, etc. That’s way an emergency ready plan is an outstanding idea. Documenting such information like contact info, escape routes, shutoff valves and more can safe precious time and money when disaster strikes.

Call SERVPRO if you experience monsoon damage

If your business experiences monsoon damage, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to help get your business back to pre-storm condition quickly and professionally with our storm remediation services. We can be contacted 24/7 at 602-386-4268. Let us get your business back up and running with our trained technicians to help you recover when disaster strikes.

Is Your Business Practicing Good Fire Prevention?

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

Fire can be devastating to businesses large and small. Did you know that sixty to eighty percent of businesses never recover from commercial building fire damages in Phoenix? It’s vital to protect your business and to do that, keeping up with the latest fire code is necessary. Be sure your business is practicing good fire prevention with these steps.

Preventing building fire damages by following the fire code

The Phoenix fire code is updated each year. The Phoenix Fire Code, based on the International Fire Code, provides minimum fire and life safety standards for buildings, processes, and fire protection equipment installations in the City of Phoenix. The Code is a companion code to the International Codes which were adopted by the City of Phoenix Planning and Development Department establishing the construction requirements for all development in the City of Phoenix. ??Too many owners of commercial property fail to update the fire prevention system they have in place when these updates are made but it’s important to stay informed and in code for your safety.

Code violations that are common among commercial property owners include:

  • Failure to install sprinklers within buildings that now require them.
  • Failure to install fire alarms where they are now required.
  • Failure to update fire prevention equipment to comply with structural changes to the property such as signs, extinguishers, and fire department hookups.
  • Failure to maintain fire exits up to code standards.

How to ensure you’re following the fire code to keep your business safe

The common violations listed above are simple to avoid considering the potential alternative and should be taken more seriously. If you’re unsure how to follow these basics, contact your local Phoenix Fire Department and request to have a firefighter come to visit, prior to the official inspector, and educate you on the fire hazards in your commercial property as well as any violations that exist. This will help keep your business protected from fire and within code.

What happens if you experience a fire

Unfortunately, regardless of safeguards that may be put in place fires still happen, leaving significant dame. When that happens property owners call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix for our fire mitigation and restoration services. We also provide reconstruction for structures when needed as well. Fire remediation can help restore your commercial property to pre-fire condition, but it’s important to act fast to get fire remediation specialists out as quickly as possible to address the damage. If you find yourself dealing with commercial property fire damages, trust in SERVPRO and our professional fire remediation services that we’re known for. With immediate emergency service 24/7, call 602-386-4268 and our trained fire technicians will be there to restore your commercial property damaged by fire.

Water Remediation Services Can Keep Businesses Open After Water Damage

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

Businesses large and small are all working hard to keep open during recent times, especially with the holidays right around the corner, so if water damage occurs, it can present a big problem as well as the possibility of closing while water damage is addressed. SERVPRO strives to extract water and clean up water damage while your business remains operational.

How SERVPRO professionals mitigate water damage issues in businesses

The first and most important step when water damage occurs in a business is to secure the area; safety is always a top priority. Keeping foot traffic and other personnel away from the water damage protects people and property. After the source of the water damage is addressed, whether it’s a broken pipe or flooded dishwasher, the next step taken is to extract all the water from the structure as quickly as possible. SERVPRO's commercial water removal technicians then use equipment to dry the materials and contents inside the business. The final stage of the drying process is the cleaning and deodorization.

Water extraction

After the building is secured and the source of the problem gets fixed, our trained technicians begin the extraction process. The goal of extraction is to vacuum up as much water inside the business as possible while keeping the business open. We can extract water in small sections at a time so that we do not impede foot traffic. Depending on the situation and extent of the flooding, various types of water removal equipment is used. In most cases, a truck-mounted extractor can address the water issue, but in other scenarios, a portable one is more efficient and less intrusive during business hours. Depending on the surfaces affected, we use either light-weight extraction wands or heavy-duty extraction tools to get the job done. Some extraction tools are heavy-duty extraction systems using the bodyweight of the machine operator to compress the carpet making it easier to vacuum up water.  If there are more than two inches of standing water present, a submersible pump gets used for pulling up the water more efficiently.

Drying out the business building

Upon final water removal, we then dry out the remainder of the moisture. We complete the drying process by creating the best environment to speed up the evaporation method. When technicians dry out a structure, different types of equipment are used depending on the situation. In most cases, air movers and dehumidifiers get set up in a way that uses dry air from the dehumidifiers to circulate hot, dry air around the affected room. The drying process also sometimes gets completed a small section at a time so that only a portion of your business is blocked off. Whenever possible, our trained professionals will endeavor to address the water problem while not being intrusive on the business operations.

Cleaning and deodorization of the property

After moisture levels return to preloss conditions, the final cleaning and deodorization stage takes place. We make sure that your business remains a clean, odor-free environment to continue to attract customers. For help from the experts if you experience water damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 24/7 to get the help you need to stay open for business.

Can Your Fire Sprinkler System Cause Water Damage?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

Fire sprinkler systems in commercial buildings are a must to keep a building protected should a fire break out. However, many commercial buildings have outdated sprinkler systems that may cause more harm than good if not properly maintained and inspected. So many of the older buildings might remain in compliance with adequate sprinkler fixtures but fail to take into consideration the aging of these pipes and their ability to fail with time, causing water damage.

What happens when fire sprinkler systems age

First, it’s important to understand that not all fire sprinkler systems are the same. Some systems accommodate a force-fed water supply designed to quickly extinguish flames. That’s ideal for getting a fire out, but a rupture of the lines could cause a significant amount of damage.  Some of the older sprinkler systems did not get designed to be force fed water when there was no emergency in the building. Instead, when these pipes break or rupture, you are only emptying out the current contents of these pipes instead of an endless supply from your service lines. Even with this lessened condition, the network of fire prevention plumbing can contain a great volume of water. Aging pipes weaken, and connectors can go back. These and other conditions can lead to a fire sprinkler causing water damage.

Damage beyond just water

One of the biggest concerns beyond the substantial water damage for our SERVPRO team is the liquid itself coming from the pipes. It’s typical that the standing liquid in sprinkler systems is a mixture of water and an antifreeze solution. This chemical varies in thickness and color depending on the system, posing a considerable risk to anything housed in a commercial building. Unlike plain water, this liquid can cause staining, possible damage to materials, as well as possible odor, depending on the level and acidity of the antifreeze solution. That means that even for older systems that may not release a significant amount of water should it break; it can still cause damage.

What SERVPRO can do when a fire sprinkler system bursts

Should a sprinkler system fail, our SERVPRO technicians can get to work quickly on extracting the water and assessing the damage to fabrics, textiles, and carpeting in the commercial building throughout this process. This inspection guides our professionals towards additional cleaning approaches that might be necessary following the drying of the affected areas. Our trained water remediation specialists will focus on extracting the water, assessing the damage, and proposing a remediation solution for the best possible outcome.

Unfortunately, most commercial buildings don’t think about their fire sprinklers until something goes wrong. Making sure systems are functional enough to extinguish a fire isn’t enough. Systems need to be kept in good shape to avoid water damage as well. Even with best intentions, leaks and failures of sprinkler systems may happen. Fortunately, you can trust our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix restoration specialists to help you clean up your commercial property and get back to business as quickly as possible. Give us a call anytime at (602) 386-4268 to help you with all your water damage needs.

Is Your Office Building Prepared for an Emergency?

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

If you are a business owner with a commercial property such as an office building, fire safety and overall preparedness should be a priority. Being prepared with the right equipment and emergency plan can save money and lives in the event of a fire or other emergency. Take a moment to see if your office building is prepared. 

Have fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems

When trying to avoid potential fires at work, make sure that the property is outfitted with the appropriate amount of fire extinguishers to adequately cover the building. They need to be tested regularly to make sure they always work. The same goes with all fire suppression systems like an automatic sprinkler system. Your local fire department can assist in testing and recommendations on what would work best for your office building. Be sure all extinguishers are easily accessible throughout the building should an emergency occur.

Check your smoke and fire alarms

Smoke and fire alarms are a necessity to a fire protection and damage control for commercial buildings. Installing them is a good start, but they need to be inspected often to maintain functionality. There are a variety of options for smoke and fire alarms, from hard-wired to wireless. Once you have a smoke and fire alarm system in place, make sure there is a plan of action should the alarm sound off and occupants know what to do. Have an exit map clearly scheduled throughout the building so people know how to exit the building safely.

Engage in safety training

An often overlooked but important aspect to safety preparedness is safety training. Incorporating a fire safety training course in the workplace will empower building occupants to know what to do should an emergency occur. Contact your local fire department for information on available safety courses.

Have adequate emergency exit lighting

Emergency exits signs that light up should be installed throughout the property to direct residents to safety during a fire alarm or other emergency. Make sure that the emergency exit is clear of anything that could get in the way as people try to exit the building.

Have an established evacuation plan

It’s a good idea to schedule your commercial building to be inspected for any potential fire code issues that could hinder overall preparedness. The fire department will do it for free. Have regular fire drills and educate employees so that they are familiar with how to work the fire equipment. You may also want to invest in an emergency readiness plan to make sure your building prepared for any issue that may come along. SERVPRO’s ERP is an effective way to plan for any emergency.

It’s important to ensure that your office building is prepared for any emergency. Reach out to the pros at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to learn how we can help. Contact us at 602-386-4268.

SERVPRO’s Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help Hotels Reopen

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

Savvy hotel owners have been reaching out to SERVPRO to help with their disinfecting and sanitation needs during this challenging time. While we’ve been on site, they’ve also discovered all the other commercial cleaning services that SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can provide to help them reopen and attract guest to their hotel once again.

Making good first impressions with commercial cleaning

When operating a hotel of any size, first impressions are everything, especially with everyone’s heightened cleanliness expectations. What does a guest see when they first walk into your lobby? What do they see or smell when they enter their hotel room for the first time? It is especially important it is to make sure your hotel rooms and facility are clean and look their absolute best to guests and other visitors that walk on to the property. By having a facility that is thoroughly cleaned, you are well on your way to developing a guest that will come back time after time, and possibly refer their friends and family to stay at your hotel. Hotel managers know the value of repeat customers and how important it is to nurture those relationships. While customer service and quality of accommodations most certainly impact whether a guest will become a dedicated return customer or not, impressions of cleanliness most certainly make a bid difference.

Commercial cleaning services available to hotels

There are a wide variety of materials and surfaces in your hotel that SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can clean and deodorize as part of our commercial cleaning services. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix offers cleaning services ranging from cleaning hoods in hotel restaurants to removing biohazard contaminants. We have the specialized training and products to get your property back to business. Here’s a list of some of the items we can clean:

  • Carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Area Rugs
  • Drapes
  • Tile
  • HVAC and Duct Cleaning

If your hotel needs some freshening up or a thorough cleaning, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has the training and tools to get your hotel looking and smelling its absolute best! Whether you need a one-time deep clean or ongoing commercial cleaning, contact us at 602-386-4268 to get the job done.

Fighting Odors After Your Office Building Flood

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

As the monsoons approach, many office buildings may be at risk for flooding if they are in a flood area or have ceilings that leak. When water damage happens, there are steps to take to not only address the damage, but the odors that may arise as a result of the flooding. Professional restoration experts can eliminate such odors from your property after an occurrence of commercial water damage in Phoenix. Here at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, we use a multi-approach method to fight odors after any kind of water damage. A variety of deodorants and odor combating techniques can eliminate the odors in no time. Here are a few methods that work the best.

Multiple methods approach to odor

Odors often come from different sources after a water damage incident. It can be challenging to find all the sources and determine a specific method to combat them individual, which is why businesses often struggle with odor well after they’ve cleaned their property. SERVPRO knows it is best to use multiple methods that use various deodorants to get a better result. Our IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians use a combination of various types of deodorants that can combat most common smells after a commercial water damage event.

Various types of deodorants to fight odors

Only one type of a deodorizing agent is always not enough to address smells from various sources. Different odors need different deodorants, believe it or not. Masking agents in time release beads are often used to cover up bad odors with a pleasant-smelling chemical. Professionals use these agents to combat both real and imaginary odors as well. Yes, there are some odors that only appear to remain after a cleaning as occupants have become accustom to the unpleasant smell; masking agents help address that issue. Pairing agents combine with the odor-causing particles in the air and neutralize them. Once these agents combine with the particles in the air, they cause them to fall to the ground, which can then be cleaned. These agents are often used in Ultra Low Volume foggers and wet foggers. Electrically generated deodorizing agents such as ozone gas are used after a move-out where odors linger. The Ozone is a reactive molecule that can combine with the odor-causing particle and neutralize it. The technicians use this method if the odors have penetrated deeply in the surfaces.

A perfect combination of all these techniques and agents is essential to eliminate the odors from your commercial property after water damage. If you struggle with odors after experiencing water damage or flooding in your office building, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix today at (602) 386-4268 to discuss your restoration needs with one of our professionals.

SERVPRO Offers Commercial Duct Cleaning to Phoenix Businesses

2/25/2020 (Permalink)

Is it time for you to have your ducts cleaned? It is very important to have your commercial ducts cleaned. If you can’t remember the last time these were done, then it’s probably time, but you’re in luck! SERVPRO offers commercial duct cleaning to Phoenix businesses!

Why get your ducts clean?

Ventilation systems are often the biggest cause of poor indoor air quality. If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be circulating odors, dust and other contaminates. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit of businesses all over the Valley.  Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air in your office!

How do you know when it’s time to clean your ducts?

If you’ve never had them done, or it’s been so long ago that you can’t even remember when they were last done, it may be time to clean your ducts! You may also want to clean them after any kind of major construction or renovation to your business, as dust and dirt will reside in your air ducts and just get worse over time. However, duct cleaning is not always necessary. SERVPRO will make recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns at your business and let you know if you’re due for a cleaning. Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans, fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.

What are the benefits of commercial duct cleaning?

Why get your ducts clean if you don’t even see them?  The benefits of servicing your HVAC unit include and getting your ducts cleaned include:

  • Help restore peak energy efficiency.
  • May help to eliminate offensive odors.
  • Help reduce the potential for mold growth.

Schedule your duct cleaning today!

You can call our office to schedule your duct cleaning. SERVPRO has highly trained professionals ready to help you and your home and business get those ducts cleaned and back in working order. We also offer free estimates. If you feel like you may possibly need your ducts cleaned call a SERVPRO professional today (602) 386-4268 and we will help you every step of the way.

Work with Highly Trained Professionals for Your Phoenix Commercial Cleaning Needs

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has been a name people can trust for all their residential disaster services such as fire damage restoration, mold remediation and more. Did you know that SERVPRO of Central Phoenix offers commercial cleaning services too?  We do! SERVPRO offers a full array of commercial cleaning options for businesses of all sizes, so now you can call us for any residential or commercial cleaning need!

Commercial cleaning services for your everyday needs

Common wear and tear gradually soils your office. When grime, odor, and moisture challenges go beyond the scope of your regular janitorial staff, you can call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix for prompt service. Our service offerings can help in removing an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, so your workspace look its very best. The every day commercial cleaning services we offer include:

When your regular cleaning crew just isn’t cutting it, SERVPRO’s highly trained team of service professionals can get the job done.

Commercial cleaning for unforeseen circumstances

When your business suffers a loss that requires professional cleaning, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is the only business to call! We offer several commercial cleaning services for businesses of any size, including:

When any of these unforeseen needs arise, rest assured that our crew has specialized training and products to get your property back to business. Of course, we also offer our premiere flood restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation and storm damage recovery services as well. Your business can rest assured knowing that no matter what disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can be onsite, 24/7, to help.

Big cleanup job?  No problem!

The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is comprised of our best of the best in restoration services. Our elite large-loss specialists are highly qualified and strategically positioned throughout the US to handle any size disaster, anywhere in the country. Every large loss is supervised by a commercial operations manager to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation. If your business suffers a significant loss, you’re in good hands with SERVPRO.

Now that you know SERVPRO of Central Phoenix handles both residential and commercial cleaning services, why use anyone else? Call us at (602) 386-4268 for any needs that you have, big or small!

Commercial Buildings and Fire Safety 2019

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Property  Fire Exit Sign Prepare your business with an updated fire safety plan.

So, you’re re-evaluating fire safety your place of business and you’re wondering what you are lacking in order to achieve NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) compliance. Okay, maybe not, but if you are a business owner with commercial property then fire safety should be a priority. There isn’t one commercial building that is guaranteed safe from a fire, so being prepared with the right equipment and emergency plan can save you a lot of money and lives in the event of a fire breakout. 

There are more than 3,300 office building fires in  the US every year, according to the NFPA. All these fires rack up approximately $112 million in damage to commercial property. If being compliant with NFPA is a business goal for 2019, then let’s get to it. If at any time you have questions, call your local fire department or a company that provides fire damage restoration, like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix a call! We can help. 

Smoke and Fire Alarms

Smoke and fire alarms are a no-brainer necessity to a fire protection and damage plan for all commercial buildings. Once installed, they need to be inspected often to maintain functionality. Today we have a variety of options for smoke and fire alarms, but wireless is probably more appropriate and effective for commercial property. With a smoke and fire alarm system in place, make sure there is a plan of action should the alarm sound off.

Fire Extinguishers & Suppression Systems

When trying to avoid potential fires at work, make sure that the property is outfitted with the designated amount of fire extinguishers. They need to be tested regularly to make sure they always work. The same goes with all fire suppression systems like an automatic sprinkler system - test often.

Emergency Exit Lighting

Emergency exits signs that light up should be installed throughout the property to direct occupants to safety during a fire alarm. Always make sure that the emergency exit is clear of anything that could get in the way.

First Aid Supply Kit

A first aid kit should be on hand, fully stocked at all times. Invest in something that will suffice in a worst case scenario. Have it regularly checked on to be sure it is always full.

Fire Safety Training

Incorporating a fire safety training course will not only place confidence in employees,but will also serve as an excellent team-building workshop. Contact your local fire department and they’ll be happy to give you the  information.

Emergency Fire Evacuation & Preparedness Plan

A popular acronym that could be included in your business fire emergency plan is REACT; Remove from danger, Ensure doors and windows are shut, Activate the alarm, Call 911, and Treat the situation as dangerous. Have schedule set for your commercial building to be inspected for any potential fire code issues. The fire department will also do it for free and you won’t get any violations. Have regular fire drills and educate employees so that they are familiar with how to work the fire equipment.

When Fire Damages Your Office Building

Also, be sure to have a list of emergency numbers on hand. It should include a repair and restoration company for commercial fires. That’s just one of the things we do here at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, and we make sure to be available 24/7 any and every day of the year. Call 602-507-6163 if your business is affected by fire damage.

Commercial Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

One of the major risks that threatens a business owner is commercial water damage and knowing how you can maximize your commercial water damage insurance claim. There are many components to consider and can be overwhelming to any business owner or manager. Some issues require immediate action just as soon as the water damage has begun in order to save what can still be saved.

Contact a Commercial Restoration Company

Contacting your local and trusted commercial restoration company, like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, will help mitigate the water damages to your commercial property. We’ve seen it and done it many times and know the process well. Our Certified water technicians are available 24/7 everyday for your emergency commercial water damage disaster.

Commercial Property Owners with Water Damages.

Prior to filing, you’ll want to prepare all the information you’ll need to maximize your insurance claim. Ensure that the property is safe to enter and take photos and videos of anything and everything affected, both inside and out. The documentation done initially of the commercial water damage is so imperative when providing the evidence for the initial presentation to your insurance company. Find your commercial property insurance policy and print it so that you have a hard copy of it on hand. 

Contact your disaster restoration service provider and then call your insurance company to give notice of the loss. Be sure that the water damage mitigation company tests the property for potential issues like; mold growth, or any structural damages.

Commercial Property Water Damage Claim Strategy

Your next priority is to develop a plan and strategy with your public adjuster for the commercial water damage claim. A commercial water damage claim can go in so many directions so building out a strategy to stick to will strengthen the claim. Here is a list of questions to go over with your adjuster that will help build your strategy.

  1. What are the initial costs for repairs and restorations for the water damaged property?
  2. What is the extent of the commercial water damages? The Scope?
  3. What are the benefits in the insurance policy contract?
  4. What are my duties and conditions stated in the insurance policy?
  5. How will interruption to business be claimed?
  6. Does the policy have coverage for “Boiler and Machinery” or “Extended Period of Indemnity”?
  7. Do any of the damages to the property need to be brought up to code?
  8. What is the estimated time for the repairs to the restoration?
  9. How long will it take to receive a payment from the claim?
  10. How long will the claim settlement process take?

If you’re not prepared with the right tools in you arsenal before filing your claim for commercial water damages, the chances of your business recovering are not so good. At SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, we understand this and work to provide you with everything in our power to help strengthen your claim. We even work with your insurance company to help alleviate some of the stressful impact the situation has on you. Call 602-386-4268 when you need us!

When is it Safe to Resume Business After a Flood?

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage

It’s a common question to ask after a flood to a commercial building, when is it safe exactly for normal business to resume? All in all it depends on how bad the flood damage was along with if the damage was caused by black water or not. Your local flood restoration specialists will have a process that makes sure the property is effectively clean and sanitized in order for business to resume, but there are stages within this process that are not safe for owners and staff to return.

Commercial Flood Water Damage Cleanup

During the stage of the flood cleanup, the commercial restoration company will let you know that this is not a safe time to return. The flood water gets contaminated with all kinds of bacteria that create a dangerous health hazard to humans. You’ll be instructed to keep all personnel away at this time.

Demolition after Commercial Water Damage

There may be some demolition needed in order to restore the commercial property to it’s preloss condition after the flood water damage. This includes taking out any part of the property that has been affected by the flood which could be drywall, insulation, carpet and any furniture. It’s not yet safe to return during this stage either.

Commercial Building Sterilization

This stage of sterilizing the commercial property includes a deep scrubbing and disinfecting throughout the affected area to make sure it is all sanitized. The stage of sterilizing includes the use of some very powerful cleaning chemicals, making it also not safe for owners and staff to return yet.

Commercial Reconstruction Post Flood

The stage of reconstruction is safe enough to return, but may be challenging to resume as normal. It includes rebuilding and replacing all property that was compromised during the demolition.

Commercial Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

It happens a lot when a commercial flood gets contaminated and becomes black water, so any flood damages should be properly assessed and processed by flood experts like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix.

Top Reasons for Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

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No business owner wants to find water damage within their commercial building. Having to shut down business for the repair and restorations to occur can be very costly.

Fortunately SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has your back, as we cover any and all water damage mitigation, restoration and reconstruction necessary to restore your commercial property back to it’s pre loss condition.

One of the top common reasons for water damage within a commercial building is due to a broken pipe. Commercial building plumbing systems transport large amounts of water to and from the building every day putting a lot of pressure on the pipes. Once a pipe bursts, it causes an awful lot of flooding in such little time. 

Commercial buildings are famous for having water damages caused by a sewer backup. Most of the sewer backups are caused by the improper disposal of paper products. When a sewer backup happens, immediate response is key and due to the fact that the water contains contaminants, it’s necessary to evacuate the entire building while the sewage cleanup and restorations take place.

Making sure fire sprinklers are installed in all the necessary rooms of a commercial building is required by the Phoenix Fire Code. However, when the sprinklers go off unprovoked due to a malfunction within the system, the amount of water damages needing repair can be outrageous. Have the sprinklers regularly maintained and inspected in order to prevent this happening in your commercial property.

Even when all precautions are taken, water damages in commercial buildings still happen all to often. The professional techs at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix are available and ready 24/7 for immediate response to your water damage needs. Call 602-386-4268.

Can a Failure of Your Fire Suppression System Cause Water Damage in Phoenix?

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Inspect your sprinkler systems regularly to make sure they are in top working order.

Water Cleanup After Malfunctioning Fire Sprinklers in Your Phoenix Hotel

If you believe that water damage from your sprinkler system in your Phoenix hotel only happens if a fire starts, it is time for you to take another look at your overhead pipes. Although the system helps keep a blaze from spreading and save lives, it can ruin interiors and equipment as well during a usual workday. You need to be ready for a failure of your fire sprinkler system at your property.

Commercial fire sprinkler systems fail every day. Older system heads and pipes rust and cored, and floor plan changes or remodeling can leave sprinklers too near to heat sources. When a fire sprinkler in your Phoenix business accidentally discharges and causes water damage, it soaks floors, walls, furniture, and anyone unlucky enough to be nearby, and you need water removal services right away from a professional remediation company like SERVPRO.

The best thing you can do to protect your building is to prepare. Ask the installer of your sprinkler system to help you become familiar with it and designate employees on different shifts to respond to any malfunctions. Find the shut-off valves for different areas of the building, as well as the main shut-off valve and know how to operate all of them and turn off the electricity. Keep emergency numbers posted for the sprinkler system company and your insurance agent.

Do not try to do the water cleanup yourself. When a sprinkler head discharges accidentally, they release a spray of dirty water, possibly contaminated with oil, rust, and sediment. The mixture spreads strong, unpleasant odors and stains surfaces. SERVPRO technicians can clean up and restore your building with the right equipment.

Infrared cameras and moisture sensors help us zero in on areas of hidden moisture behind walls, in ceilings and under flooring. Since it is essential to mitigate any standing water as fast as possible, we rely on high-performance extractors to efficiently remove the water on hard surfaces and carpeting. Air movers and special dehumidifiers can help speed up the structural drying after this, producing high-volume airflow in larger areas and drawing moisture from water-damaged environments.

You can also make the claims process easier by documenting the water damage as soon as you can. By doing so, you can demonstrate the extent of your loss to the insurance company, which can help get you’re a fair claims settlement. Detailed videos and pictures of all the affected areas, including the broken sprinklers, soaked floors, and wet walls are essential. Larger items such as furnishings should be left in place so the adjuster can inspect them. Make a file that contains damage documentation, contractor’s estimates, and receipts for any damage-related expenses. We can also help you navigate your specific insurance claims process.

At SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, we want to help you clean up your hotel in Encanto, Camelback East, or Phoenix after a water damage emergency as quickly as possible. When you give us a call at (602) 386-4268, we make sure to get to you quickly so we can restore your building and get your business looking "Like it never even happened."

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Phoenix Commercial and Municipal Buildings Benefit from Fast SERVPRO Water Removal--Book Us Now!

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Phoenix Library Branches and Many Businesses Rely on SERVPRO for Water Loss Mitigation

Efficient Water Removal for a Water-Damaged Phoenix Library

With the high volume of foot-traffic, you can expect every day at a Phoenix library, taking care of emergencies is not only just a good business practice but one that helps to preserve the investment of the library management, typically the municipality. With water loss incidents, no matter how localized, the books and collected works throughout the facility immediately become at risk of moisture exposure that could ruin them.

Whenever a disaster like this occurs, you need prompt water removal services for the Phoenix area library. Our SERVPRO professionals have content loss training to help mitigate the situation as soon as we arrive. While the priority in these situations is to extract the excess water from the affected areas, it is also to preserve the items and contents of the building that are now at risk of moisture damage and exposure to active mold spores in a humid environment.

Shortly after you call, our mitigation and loss recovery team load up the Green Fleet vehicles with our equipment and head out to your address. Once we arrive, we put our estimator to work in determining the full range and extent of the damage and what it is going to take to restore the facility entirely. As part of this inspection, we determine the source of the loss and work within our capabilities to stop the flow of this source or to repair it.

Extraction is one of the initial steps to securing the facility, and this begins with the appropriate equipment from portable pumps to gas-powered extraction tools for fast removal. At this same time, our Contents Department technicians assess at-risk contents of the library to determine what works must get removed from the area to prevent contamination and damage until restoration completes.

The nature of books and magazines, documents, and other reading materials make them susceptible to water absorption from water vapor, not just puddles of water within the facility. Moving at-risk materials to a dry environment is crucial to preservation. Under extreme water loss conditions, we can pack out and dry these items off-site. Ask us about lyophilization.

Water removal services might not be something that you hope to need, but when the collected works throughout the library and its ability to serve the community is at risk, having professionals that can respond immediately can make all the difference. You can count on our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix rapid response team. Give us a call anytime at (602) 386-4268.

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Proven Tips to Combat Commercial Water Damage in Phoenix

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The reason that people store items in your storage facility is to keep them safe. Contact SERVPRO should your storage facility face water damage.

Finding Solutions for Phoenix Self-Storage Water Damage Troubles

Self-storage facilities in Phoenix with water damage can pose a unique challenge to SERVPRO technicians. With the entire property so compartmentalized and heavy in walls, doors, and insulation, we often have to deal with the same square footage of other commercial establishments without any of the open space and room to work that we usually get. Depending on the type and extent of damage, we may even need to bring in some of our more unique and unconventional drying and restoration techniques to reverse damages.

Often, the first surfaces and objects to sustain heavy water damage in a Phoenix self-storage facility tend to be the belongings and valuables stored inside rooms and lockers throughout the facility. From breakable ceramics and glassware to easily-destroyed fabrics and delicate mechanical and electrical parts, most of the items located across the premises are likely to be highly vulnerable to uncontrolled water damage.

Our strategy is to restore rather than replace everything we can to reduce hassle and control replacement and insurance costs. However, damage can extend beyond the contents of containers to the rooms and lockers themselves, as well. Insulation, HVAC systems, and flooring materials are all common sites of water damage found throughout the structure itself, and the specific steps we need to take to control damage to them can vary depending on their specifications and the building layout.

For larger storage units, we can treat the area as we would a small room, removing and separating contents to facilitate faster drying while we use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the room itself. However, for smaller containers, we may need to alter our strategies to keep the mitigation process from taking too long. If necessary, we can call in help from other nearby SERVPRO franchises to supply additional drying equipment to make sure the entire facility is dried out in a timely fashion.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix places commercial damage calls at the top of our priorities, ensuring that your business receives the fast and professional care it needs to keep doors open and revenue flowing. Contact us at (602) 386-4268.

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Our Commercial Water Damage Services In Phoenix Can Restore Your Office

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Our commercial water damage SERVPRO technicians in Phoenix are highly trained and understand the importance of mitigating moisture quickly.

Our Commercial Water Damage Services

The pipe burst under the sink in the bathroom of your office building left a mess. The floors and walls are wet, and it appears that you may have to disrupt daily operations for awhile so that professionals can restore the office. It is wise to call us right away because excess water can cause damages to the structure of the building as well as to floor tiles and walls. Plus, if you allow water to stand inside the building for more than 48 hours, the mold may start to grow, which can cause health effects.

Our commercial water damage SERVPRO technicians in Phoenix are highly trained and understand the importance of mitigating moisture quickly. The team can use extractors, vacuums or pumps to remove water from the structure. After the migration phase, the team dries the area. Our crew may employ air movers or axial fans to dry the office. The team may also utilize dehumidifiers to reduce humidity and increase evaporation. We also may use dehumidifiers to pull in moisture and return dry, warm air inside the office environment. This step helps increase the drying phase.

We work fast to dry the area to prevent mold growth and to reduce the chances of other secondary issues such as wood rot from occurring. The crew can also pack out materials and contents inside the office. We itemize, categorize and store each item in a dry and safe area on or off-site until the restoration process is complete. We know that it is essential to keep your office functioning on a daily basis, which is why you can expect our techs to work quickly and to strive to get the job done right.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix provides commercial water damage restoration services that can restore your office when possible. Call us at (602) 386-4268 any time of the day or night to schedule an appointment. We are here to help and can return your office to its preloss condition.

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Eliminating Commercial Mold Damage In Phoenix

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Phoenix DayCare Centers and Other Businesses Rely on SERVPRO for Safe Mold Removal

Phoenix Business Buildings Rely on SERVPRO for Mold Remediation

A mold infestation is the last problem Phoenix business owners consider. An environment like ours is simply not considered conducive to a mold threat.

The truth is that commercial mold damage can happen in any Phoenix business if there are enough moisture and a source of food such as most building materials. The temperature range for most molds to grow is 68 to 86 degrees, so SERVPRO technicians know that stopping mold by adjusting the temperature is rarely an option.
Removing mold damage from a facility like a daycare center means our restorations team needs to find and eliminate the source of a mold, not just clean out obvious indications like a black streak in a bathroom or kitchen. While mold affects property primarily, an extensive colony can adversely affect the health of a small number of people. The only way to prevent further growth and eliminate this threat is to remove every trace of mold spores the team can find.
SERVPRO technicians start with finding the moisture that allowed the first spores to expand and grow. Eliminating that forces the mold to quickly return to an inert state which is harmless to anyone around it. Inert mold spores also stop growing across or into surfaces. That stops current physical damage from getting worse and preventing new damage to ceilings, walls, and floors.
For any building material already penetrated by mold, the safest, and usually the most cost-efficient method is to dispose of it. Drywall is difficult to clean, and digging mold out of it quickly compromises the structural integrity. The labor cost to attempt to repair it is always more expensive than buying new panels.
After removing all damaged material, technicians spray the interior of the building with an anti-fungal agent to eliminate the spores. After it dries, team members wipe everything down to remove the now dead spores. Once completing removal, specialists use an air content meter throughout the facility to ensure the airborne mold count is back to a safe amount.
It is impossible to eliminate all mold, but SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can help you remediate damage to your business and prevent growth in the future. If you suspect a problem in your facility, call us today at (602) 386-4268. We are here for you.

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Your Cleaning Staff May Be Causing Mold Damage in Your Phoenix Business

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Mold can spread very quickly under certain conditions. Contact SERVPRO to assess and remediate a mold infestation on your business property.

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Remediate a Mold Infestation That Has Spread

On-staff cleaning or housekeeping services allow you to manage your cleaning needs for your Phoenix business directly. For many routine cleaning issues, this can be a good option, responsive and right on-site. Some problems such as microbial infestation can be a challenge, more than your in-house staff can manage. Calling on our specialized mold remediation crew can be the solution.
Mold damage in a Phoenix business always links to moisture. Your cleaning crews use water-based cleaning solutions throughout your commercial property. As long as these cleaners dry out properly, the risk of mold damage due to their use is minimal. When surfaces air dry, however, and even a small puddle or a few drops of water remain, opportunistic mold spores begin to grow in as little as 4 to 48 hours. Our workers see these effects of honest cleaning efforts on many mold abatement jobs and encourage an emphasis on drying during a cleaning routine as a deterrent after we complete remediation.
When your staff notices the signs of mold growth, such as visible staining or a musty smell, their vigorous response can worsen the condition. Without the mold remediation training SERVPRO technicians receive, your housekeepers might attempt to use only a diluted bleach solution to fight the mold. On a porous surface or joint such as drywall or grout, the watered down bleach saturates the material, actually feeding the mold growth with more moisture. The bleach lightens a mold stain but does not kill the entire colony, the living part of which can resume growth. Mold behind surfaces is undiscovered and multiplies unimpeded.
Feeling they conquered the mold outbreak, your cleaning staff moves on to another space. Each of your cleaning employees unwittingly can carry moldy debris from place to place on rags, sponges, buckets, and even their feet and clothing. SERVPRO mold remediation crews are familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols, the first of which is containment. Our team does all possible to prevent mold problems from spreading due to our efforts.
To contain mold damage, we use physical barriers and have negative pressure air scrubbers available to filter and exhaust the moldy debris during remediation where infestations are significant. After SERVPRO contains the area, we remove mold from surfaces and then employ an EPA registered antimicrobial to inhibit future growth. If porous materials appear infiltrated with the mold hyphae, we remove affected sections and dispose of them along with the other debris, following local and state codes.
Do not let a minor mold infestation in your business spiral out of control because of an inadequate response. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is ready to assess and plan for successful mold remediation. Call us at (602) 386-4268.

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Commercial Water Removal Techniques In Phoenix

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Keep Your Phoenix Coffee Shop High and Dry by Calling SERVPRO for Water Extraction

SERVPRO Strives to Extract Water While Your Business Remains Operational

If you ever have a water damage problem inside your Phoenix coffee shop, there are a few techniques professionals use to mitigate the problem. The first and most important step is to secure the area. Next, the initial source of the issue gets repaired.
The next step that gets taken is to extract all of the water from the structure as quickly as possible. SERVPRO's commercial water removal technicians in Phoenix then use equipment to dry the materials and contents inside the coffee shop. The final stage of the drying process is the cleaning and deodorization.
After the structure gets secured and the source of the problem gets fixed we begin the extraction process. The purpose of extraction is to vacuum up as much water inside the coffee shop as possible while keeping your business open. We can extract water in small sections at a time so that we do not impede foot traffic.
Depending on the situation various types of water removal equipment gets implemented. In most cases, a truck-mounted extractor gets used, but in other scenarios, a portable one is more efficient. Depending on the surfaces affected, we use either light-weight extraction wands or heavy-duty extraction tools. Some extraction tools get operated by a SERVPRO technician standing on top of and riding the device; we call this unit a Rover. These heavy-duty extraction systems use the body weight of the operator to compress the carpet making it easier to vacuum up water.
If there are more than two inches of standing water present, a submersible pump gets used for sucking up the water. Upon final water removal, we then dry out the remainder of the moisture. We complete the drying process by creating the best environment to speed up the evaporation method.
When we dry out a structure, different types of equipment get used depending on the situation. In most scenarios, air movers and dehumidifiers get set up in a way that uses dry air from the dehumidifiers to circulate hot, dry air around the affected room. The drying process also sometimes gets completed a small section at a time so that only a portion of your business is blocked off.
After moisture levels return to preloss conditions, the final cleaning and deodorization stage takes place. We make sure that your coffee shop remains a clean and good-smelling environment to attract coffee drinkers. For help from the experts, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 24/7.

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Protect Your Phoenix Area Restaurant with Professional Water Removal Services

2/2/2018 (Permalink)

You can never be too cautious when it comes to water damage in your restaurant or business, you can rely on SERVPRO to properly remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Training and Knowledge to Safely Restore Your Property after Water Damage

Unfortunately, many employees fail to understand the hazards that water can present in your place of business. Making even small spills that occur in your Phoenix area restaurant dangerous. An uninformed employee can mishandle a water situation, allowing harmful bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens to enter your building without you even knowing they exist.

Whether you have a water intrusion caused by a faulty fire suppression system, plumbing problems, or broken appliances, you should contact a qualified expert for help immediately. We can provide your Phoenix property with expert water removal, cleaning, and restoration services that create a clean, healthy environment for your restaurant customers to enjoy.

SERVPRO’s fully certified IICRC technicians can help you determine which hazards exist, preventing many hazards that often accompany water intrusions. Since it can be hard to know what kind of situation you may be facing, our technicians use a variety of (PPE) personal protective equipment such as gloves, boots, goggles, masks, and even full-body suits to avoid exposure to harmful elements that may be present.

It is not safe for you or your customers to remain in a building with possible contamination. Therefore SERVPRO makes every effort to speed up your water removal, drying, and restoration process. We want to get your restaurant's doors open again as soon as possible and have a variety of water extraction, water detection, drying, and cleaning methods in our arsenal to help us get the job done fast.

SERVPRO technicians understand every aspect of water removal, putting hygrometers, infrared water detectors, dehumidifiers and air-movers to work immediately, returning water volume in a variety of materials to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. We help prevent significant losses and save company assets that might receive critical damage without the proper attention.

Never assume that your water intrusion involves clean water, putting yourself in harm’s way is not worth the risk. There are qualified professionals available to assess your situation accurately and provide you with proven methods to regain control of any size water problem you may face.

Call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to protect your businesses future, today. We can help 24/7, 365, including holidays, with full emergency response services and highly trained technicians ready to respond to your request for help. Call today. (602) 386-4268

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When You Need Water Removal At Your Phoenix Gas Station

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Clogs and floods happen in service places which are open 24 hours a day. If your gas station or other store suffers flooding, contact SERVPRO quickly.

Our Team Arrives Quickly to Dry Out Any Water Damaged Areas of Your Business

When you have a 24-hour establishment like a Phoenix gas station, you cannot account for the wear and tear on the equipment that you use, especially when it has to be running continuously. It also means that some regions of your small building, such as the restrooms, are going to see a lot of action throughout the day. While your staff might work hard to keep up with the traffic that utilizes these facilities, you can never account for when one of these toilets decides to overflow from being backed up.
The resulting overflow of water can quickly make an insurmountable mess to not only the bathroom itself, but the floors of the entire gas station main areas. These dire circumstances create a situation that calls for fast-acting water removal services to your Phoenix business, and our SERVPRO team is the one to call. While you might have to initially shut down your business to account for the unsanitary and unsightly conditions that have ensued, our team can work to ensure that your doors are not staying closed for very long.
The first step is removing the source of the problem, meaning that our SERVPRO team is going to get the water shut off to the bathroom while the restoration efforts begin. With higher volumes that are likely present by now, our professionals bring out pumps to efficiently pull all of the water from the floors and begin to see about the extent of the remaining damage as the affected area gets thoroughly dried with air movers.
In these situations, it is common to disinfect and clean all of the areas that the water was touching before we removed it. After this process, our experienced team brings out deodorizing foggers which eradicate the lingering smell from the premises. This technology bonds with the odor molecules in the air and neutralizes it, rather than just attempting to mask the foul smell with a more powerful aroma.
You cannot account for the kind of problems that could demand water removal services to your 24-hour gas station, but if you are ever in need of such professional assistance, you can give SERVPRO of Central Phoenix a call. We can be reached 24/7 at (602) 386-4268.
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How We Remove Water from Offices in Phoenix Faster and More Efficient Than Ever Before

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SERVPRO technicians know that your personnel need a clean, mold free environment to work in. That is why we are fast to arrive on the scene to begin.

Quick Water Removal in a Business Setting Goes a Long Way Towards Secondary Damage Prevention

It is no secret that speed is critical when removing water from Phoenix office buildings. Faster water removal helps to prevent mold damage, reduce effects of standing water, control humidity, and influences a host of other considerations that could otherwise cost your company thousands in restoration costs. SERVPRO has multiple systems in place that help us to respond faster and with better efficacy to business calls in the local area, granting us a reputation as one of the Valley's most well-qualified and reliable damage restoration companies.
Industrial-Grade Water Extraction
If your Phoenix office building needs standing water removal services, our selection of powerful and capable extraction tools guarantees that the process can be as fast as possible. Water extractors operate as portable, specialized pumps designed to remove water from an area as quickly as possible. With their help, SERVPRO technicians make short work of any remaining standing water in the building, on the ground floor or otherwise.

The ERP System
The SERVPRO ERP (Emergency Ready Profile) system allows you to create a customized, extensive profile for your company that may be used by us in a time of need. If the building takes damage while you have a profile in our ERP system, all it takes to call for our help is the press of a button. Enabling functions in the web-based ERP system allows us to respond faster, better understand the situation, and do more of the work for you in a disaster.
24/7 Mitigation Service
We have personnel ready and waiting to receive and respond to your calls at all hours, to ensure that as little time as possible passes between your initial call and our response. Our 24/7 schedule allows us to react quickly even in the earliest hours of the morning and prevent water from accumulating and remaining for hours longer than necessary. Call us at any hour and our technicians should arrive on-site within four hours of your contact.
SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is a locally-owned franchise with national resources that provides emergency damage mitigation and restoration services to property owners in the local area. Call us at (602) 386-4268.

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Truck Or Portable Pump to Mitigate Water Damage to Your Phoenix Business?

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Whatever the water source, whether it be a cracked pipe or equipment malfunction, SERVPRO is ready to remediate the damage that follows. Call today.

Our Technicians Bring the Right Tools When Handling a Water Damage Situation Where You Work

Business owners in Phoenix know that sometimes accidents happen which close doors for a few days. No one ever wants such an incident to occur, but the fact is, no matter how safety conscious a business owner is, there is always some risk of fire, natural disasters, or water damage. A broken appliance or damaged pipe causes water to leak into your premises and cause all kinds of problems, from equipment damage to soaking into floors, carpets, and office furniture.
In the event of water damage to your Phoenix business, the obvious first step is to call SERVPRO at once – We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. We train our IICRC-certified technicians, so they have all the skills necessary to deal with the situation quickly and effectively.
Fast action means you can get back open for business in next to no time, and that means less time lost and less of a drop in profit. The delayed action, however, keeps your business closed for longer and might cause an even bigger financial impact.
One of the questions in any water damage situation is whether to use a truck mounted or portable pump to extract water from your office, factory or shop. We equip all our teams with both free-standing and truck mounted pumps so no matter what the situation, we have the right tools to hand.
Both pumps have their advantages.
Truck mounted pumps offer more power than their portable counterparts. Each unit has power and a water supply which means there is no need to find an external source of electricity or water. Vehicle mounted units have a greater capacity than free standing units, so they do not need to be emptied so much. Truck pumps are capable of pumping water uphill. The ability to pump uphill is important for businesses located on an incline.
Portable pumps are more convenient in some situations. With a mobile unit, our technicians can move from room to room and floor to floor easily. Free-standing pumps are also great for getting into small spaces and tight corners. In some cases, having the hose from a truck mounted pump running through your business might be an inconvenience. In such a case, a portable pump is better.
One thing is certain – no matter what the situation, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has the equipment to extract water in Phoenix Sky Harbor, Camelback East, Encanto and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (602) 386-4268 for help.

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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services For A Phoenix Food Store

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Can Close a Deli in Phoenix, Call SERVPRO for Fast Help

SERVPRO Safely Cleans and Restores Water Damaged Businesses

Dripping rainwater from the roof or a pipe leakage in a restaurant or food delivery store is the last thing any restaurant owner needs. It can cause water contamination on food items, resulting in all sorts of illnesses and spoilage. Unless addressed immediately, the business may be ordered shut either due to numerous complaints, or a random visit by a food inspector.
If you notice any water leaks in your food store, it is imperative that you call a water removal company right away. For emergency commercial water damage restoration services in Phoenix, contact SERVPRO. We have IICRC certified technicians who can respond promptly and return your business to preloss conditions.
Usually, our water damage restoration experts have to prepare a list of items that require cleaning. To do this, we must evaluate all the elements in the affected area thoroughly. Wood furniture and dining booths, in particular, are highly vulnerable to moisture and requires cleaning and polishing after moisture damage.
If the moisture was there for too long, it might affect your insulation beyond repair, especially if it is matted. Fiberglass is different from other types of insulation as it is not very susceptible to moisture. Cellulose insulations, for instance, lose their “R” value, antimicrobial properties, and fire resistance upon exposure to excess moisture. Rockwool, on the other hand, contains metal that is prone to rust when wet.
In some cases, the water may travel through the walls and cause moisture damage. Our technicians use moisture meters to determine the presence of water there. To completely dry the structure, we may utilize a closed or open system.
The open air system involves exchanging moist air inside with the dry air outside, while the closed drying system involves isolating the affected area from dry ones with plastic sheeting containment barriers. We rely on a balanced drying system to avoid secondary damages.
Our water removal services also encompass getting rid of mold. Water damages provide a favorable environment for mold to grow and spread, particularly due to the increased moisture and humidity levels. With food, whether dry goods, canned, refrigerated, or frozen on the premises, a rich source of potential fungal proliferation is present.

Water damage can compromise the health standards of your food store. When this happens, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is readily available to provide the necessary commercial water damage removal services. Call us today (602) 386-4268.

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