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Mold Growth After a Monsoon Storm

8/14/2019 (Permalink)

Storms produce several constant issues for any property owner. A main problem brought on by storms is the moisture which contributes to a lot of mold growth that requires professional remediation. There are some methods to help prevent the mold growth from causing any damages from occurring after a monsoon storm that are pretty effective.

Mold growth has a couple of primary sources from which it gets it nutrients from which are wood and moisture. With many properties having wood as a major element, this serves as a prime breeding ground for mold to grow and multiply.

Mold Growth Challenging Property Owners

Many property owners find it challenging to keep up with regular maintenance of the property and the property has been affected by storm damages already, leaving holes that allow moisture in leading to mold growth.

Basements within residential homes is a common place where mold will grow or in the attic too. In fact attics can have a significant mold problem after a monsoon storm. When a roof is compromised by holes or gaps, moisture will get into the area and remain trapped causing mold and mold spores.

Mold will grow whenever or wherever there is moisture present and after a monsoon storm, the ground surrounding the property is saturated with moisture.As moisture permeates throughout the property, it will seek out sources of nutrients such as wood based elements within the structure.

Mold Mitigation and Removal

Mitigating mold damage after a monsoon storm, if not done properly, can create multiple colonies of mold growth. When not appropriately dried out entirely, a consistent mold problem becomes an issue.

Mold growth is always a risk after a monsoon storm. To have the mold removed effectively, you need a mold removal specialist to come in and do it right. Trained technicians will help remove the mold growth in the difficult areas with care and precision in order to eliminate the growth of any harmful mold.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix are your local mold specialists, available 24/7/365, call 602-386-4268 for your mold issues.

Tips on How to Remove Black Smoke from Walls

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Soot from Fire Damage on Phoenix Home Wall

After a fire within your Phoenix home or place of business, the fire restoration process can seem drawn out and quite tedious, but cleaning the black smoke, or soot from the walls is really important.

Being that the crews here at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix have cleaned soot off all kinds of walls, we thought we’d share some tips that help the best.

Black smoke is soot, an amorphous carbon residue left behind after an incomplete burning of organic matter. Especially when it comes to soot, cleaning up after a fire is typically done by professionals as it can be very difficult.

Cleaning up After Fire Damage

The first tip for cleaning soot off walls after a fire is wear protective clothing. It is also highly recommended that you wear a respirator while cleaning and be sure it has a good filter in it. The respirator will prevent the small particles from going into your lungs when you breathe, protecting you from many soot related health issues.

Another tip for cleaning up the soot damage on walls includes the use of a dry cleaning sponge. Do not use any water with it. After thoroughly vacuuming, use the dry-cleaning sponge starting at the top of the wall and work your way down using downward strokes only. It is important to use the downward strokes rather than a scrubbing motion, as scrubbing will cause the stain to spread. 

A Degreaser Can Do the Trick

Using a degreaser is another way to help remove soot off walls after house or commercial fire damage. Be sure to Rinse with hot water afterwards and allow the walls to air dry for several hours. Ventilate the room by opening all the doors and windows. Setting up some industrial fans will also help.

Soot and Fire Damage Experts in Phoenix

If you’re still having issues, or realize that this is a job for the professionals, call fire and smoke damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, 602-386-4268. Available 24/7 withwell trained and certified techs, we are experienced in utilizing proven methods to remove odors and soot caused by a fire within a Phoenix home or place of business.

What Can I Do Before My Adjuster Arrives After Storm Damages?

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Though the monsoon storms are showing up late this year, it’s inevitable they will come and go without any warnings leaving homes in Phoenix, AZ with severe storm damages. Even if you already have flood and storm damage insurance, eliminating the total damages to your home is in your best interest. Insurance adjusters are very busy during the monsoon season, so being prepared upon their arrival will make them happy and save time in the end.

Documenting Storm Damage 

If your first call was to your insurance company, than your next call should be your trusted storm damage company, like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix. We understand the storm damage restoration process well and our certified techs will help guide you throughout the entire process always informing you of what is going on as well as what to expect. There are many benefits to contacting your storm damage company early on, and they are:

  • Initial assessment of all storm damages to your home
  • Less time between the initial damages occurring and the water extraction which will prevent even more damages
  • You will have your itemized list of all things damaged by the storm, needed for the claim.
  • You will have photos taken of all things damaged by the storm, which will improve the chances of your claim being accepted.

Storm Damage Specialists

When the monsoon is up and running, you can be sure that local adjusters are at their busiest, making their ability to get to you in a timely manner less feasible. By preparing before their arrival with all the storm damage documentation done to your home, and having already contacted the restoration company, you will be making things easier on your adjuster which in turn will support things getting done faster. Storm damage companies in Phoenix are always ready for an emergency, so the chances of them getting to you first are in your favor.

One thing you can do to improve your ability to get your claim accepted is by taking some video of the affect property and items. Collect all receipts of the damaged property if you can. If it has been more than a few days since the initial storm damage and the arrival of the restoration company, video is especially helpful as there has most likely been some mold growth by now which may require mold remediation and removal.

Call Your Local Storm Damage Experts

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is prepared and ready for any size storm damage that may come with the monsoon storms. Our customers are our top priority and we take our services seriously! Available 24/7 for your storm damage disasters, call 602-386-4268. We respond Faster to Any Size Disaster!

When is it Safe to Resume Business After a Flood?

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage

It’s a common question to ask after a flood to a commercial building, when is it safe exactly for normal business to resume? All in all it depends on how bad the flood damage was along with if the damage was caused by black water or not. Your local flood restoration specialists will have a process that makes sure the property is effectively clean and sanitized in order for business to resume, but there are stages within this process that are not safe for owners and staff to return.

Commercial Flood Water Damage Cleanup

During the stage of the flood cleanup, the commercial restoration company will let you know that this is not a safe time to return. The flood water gets contaminated with all kinds of bacteria that create a dangerous health hazard to humans. You’ll be instructed to keep all personnel away at this time.

Demolition after Commercial Water Damage

There may be some demolition needed in order to restore the commercial property to it’s preloss condition after the flood water damage. This includes taking out any part of the property that has been affected by the flood which could be drywall, insulation, carpet and any furniture. It’s not yet safe to return during this stage either.

Commercial Building Sterilization

This stage of sterilizing the commercial property includes a deep scrubbing and disinfecting throughout the affected area to make sure it is all sanitized. The stage of sterilizing includes the use of some very powerful cleaning chemicals, making it also not safe for owners and staff to return yet.

Commercial Reconstruction Post Flood

The stage of reconstruction is safe enough to return, but may be challenging to resume as normal. It includes rebuilding and replacing all property that was compromised during the demolition.

Commercial Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

It happens a lot when a commercial flood gets contaminated and becomes black water, so any flood damages should be properly assessed and processed by flood experts like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix.

Cleaning a Home Damaged by Fire Smoke

7/12/2019 (Permalink)

Knowing how to clean the smoke from your fire damaged home is not common knowledge. During a house fire, or basically any fire at all, the smoke penetrates all kinds of household surfaces, including carpets, flooring, furniture and even walls. Fire smoke contains odorous, tiny particles that attach themselves to a surface leaving the smell hard to remove. 

The odor from smoke is extremely difficult to get rid of, and really never goes away completely. The lingering smoke odor can cause  nausea and headaches. Attempting to use things like aerosols and perfumes will only help dilute the odor, but unless the tiny particles are appropriately eliminated, removing the odor from fire smoke will be impossible. Ideally, you should call your trusted fire and smoke damage restoration company, like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, but there are a couple of things you can try first that have been successful.

So, How Do I Clean Fire Damage Smoke

Initially, for cleaning up smoke damage,  use some mild soap to wash any surfaces affected by the fire damage is your best bet. Wash all clothing or have them dry cleaned. Comb through the entire house and dust all items. For carpeting, lay down a layer of baking soda and let it sit for 24 hours before vacuuming it up. Then steam clean them along with the upholstery on any furniture.

Have your HVAC system cleaned by a professional and remember to use an air purifier during the entire process of cleaning the smoke from the fire damage in your home.. 

White vinegar is highly effective in cleaning smoke from items affected in a house fire. It eliminates odors naturally. While your at it, place bowls of vinegar in rooms also affected by the smoke, and leave them there for several days. The same thing can be done with baking soda as well.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Or you can save yourself the hassle and call the professionals you trust at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix.  With unique equipment and highly advanced techniques, all your things will smoke odor free in no time. Call 602-386-4208 so that  we can get your things odor free and cleaned for good.

Top Reasons for Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

6/30/2019 (Permalink)

No business owner wants to find water damage within their commercial building. Having to shut down business for the repair and restorations to occur can be very costly.

Fortunately SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has your back, as we cover any and all water damage mitigation, restoration and reconstruction necessary to restore your commercial property back to it’s pre loss condition.

One of the top common reasons for water damage within a commercial building is due to a broken pipe. Commercial building plumbing systems transport large amounts of water to and from the building every day putting a lot of pressure on the pipes. Once a pipe bursts, it causes an awful lot of flooding in such little time. 

Commercial buildings are famous for having water damages caused by a sewer backup. Most of the sewer backups are caused by the improper disposal of paper products. When a sewer backup happens, immediate response is key and due to the fact that the water contains contaminants, it’s necessary to evacuate the entire building while the sewage cleanup and restorations take place.

Making sure fire sprinklers are installed in all the necessary rooms of a commercial building is required by the Phoenix Fire Code. However, when the sprinklers go off unprovoked due to a malfunction within the system, the amount of water damages needing repair can be outrageous. Have the sprinklers regularly maintained and inspected in order to prevent this happening in your commercial property.

Even when all precautions are taken, water damages in commercial buildings still happen all to often. The professional techs at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix are available and ready 24/7 for immediate response to your water damage needs. Call 602-386-4268.

Monsoon Storm Damage Recovery in Phoenix

6/30/2019 (Permalink)

Phoenix storm damage - uprooted tree from the monsoon

Very soon now Mother Nature’s monsoon season will start acting out in Phoenix, Az, causing havoc leaving the valley in desperate need of emergency flood and storm damage and recovery. The monsoon storms will come and go without any warnings for the next few months bringing a lot of wind, dust, and rain. The dust in particular can be hazardous in itself when it comes rolling in like a gigantic wall of dirt, otherwise known as a haboob.

Haboobs are comprised of quick rushes of winds referred to as micro-bursts. These micro-bursts can be extremely powerful, swiftly making their way through the valley neighborhoods, leaving behind many homes and commercial buildings needing immediate storm cleanup and restorations.

Monsoon Damage from Storms

Monsoon brings with it many dangers, some of which are obvious, but the other dangers that arise include damages to residential homes and commercial building structures.  There are some precautions we can take prior to the storms’ arrival that could potentially save you from the headaches associated with monsoon storm damages, not to mention the extra costs needed for restorations.

Tips for Monsoon from Storm Damage Specialists

The first precaution is to stop any and all airflow going into and out of the property. Keep all doors closed. Also close any windows and all vents. Secure anything outside that can be tossed around within the micro-burst winds, and remember, these winds can be very strong.

Our project manager, Tony Baird runs through some other useful tips for dealing with the monsoon season on Watch Monsoon Season Tips with Tony Baird of SERVPRO of Central Phoenix.

Storm Damage Restoration Company in Phoenix, Az

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is your trusted source for storm and flood damage repairs and restorations. As the oldest SERVPRO in Arizona, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities and the local valley residents and property owners continue to reflect our commitment when they continue to use our services or recommend our services to others. Our techs are certified, skilled and come with years of experience. Our storm damage specialists are ready to help 24/7 with an immediate response for emergency water damage mitigation and restorations. Call 602-386-4268 when you need prompt storm damage repair professionals.

Flood Restorations for Phoenix Monsoon Storms

6/30/2019 (Permalink)

An uprooted tree from a monsoon storm crushes a home in Phoenix, Az

During the monsoon season, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix provides many valley residents and property owners with storm flooding restorations and water cleanup. Our monsoon storms pretty much sum up any weather catastrophes that we face here in Phoenix, Az.

Emergency Water Damage in Phoenix

Thankfully, most of us live through the monsoon storms without any harm, but the same cannot be said for our cars, homes, and commercial properties needing emergency water damage and storm cleanup services. Trees get uprooted, brick walls are knocked down and patio furniture, even trampolines end up somewhere else due to the strong micro-burst winds.

When Phoenix home and property owners need a repairs in an emergency situation, they can be understandably become overwhelmed, not always knowing what to do first, or what to do at all. That’s when the water damage experts at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix immediately respond with genuine care and understanding along with years of experience.

Restoration Water Damage Experts

Storm damages often require reconstruction and with the in-house Construction Division, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix tops the list of companies that do it all. Run by Temple, our licensed and bonded KB2 contractor bringing in years of professional experience, diligence and hard work!

If not given immediate attention, storm water damages will quickly generate thriving conditions for all kinds of mold, further impacting the property and your life even more. 

Emergency Water Damage Services

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is here for you 24/7 for immediate emergency response to any water and flood damage remediation, restorations and much, much more. Our certified techs will help with any damages and cleanup servicesyour property needs, all while working with your insurance company so that you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. Call 602-386-4268  when you need storm damage restorations.

Hidden Water Leak Brings Enthusiastic Mold

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Mold within a wall from a hidden leak in a Central Phoenix home

A hidden water leak within your wall will leave you with an overwhelming amount of mold if it goes untreated for a time. You may not even know you have a hidden water leak within your wall for a while and when you finally go to have it taken care of, mold, mold and more mold is found. It’s purple, black, and orange and now it demands to have a professional mold remover to remediate.

So how are you supposed to know if and when you have a hidden water leak behind your wall? Let’s go over some subtle red flags that will help you identify if you have one.

  • Prime conditions for mold is moisture and darkness which are generally behind walls and under the floors. If a pipe starts leaking behind a wall mold will grow and spread. If you spot mold in an unexpected place where water doesn't typically collect, you may have a hidden water leak.
  • Paint or wallpaper peeling off from walls
  • Mysterious mildew smell
  • Ceiling or wall that is cracking or buckling with water-stains
  • A wall that has a weird stain for no reason at all

If you don’t see any of these red flags, there is an alternative way to find out if you have a hidden water leak within your wall. Here’s what you do.

  • Turn off all appliances that use water
  • Go to your water meter and write down the number of gallons used by your household.
  • Wait about 3 hours or more and during this time refrain from using any water at all.
  • Look at the water meter again and if the number has increased, then you’ve got a hidden water leak.

The effects of mold on people can be quite serious. Especially for those with compromised respiratory issues like asthma or mold allergies. Mold from a hidden water leak requires a professional mold remediator and remover like our techs at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix.

Author, Chris Butas
Project Manager at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix

Chris Butas is our Senior Estimator and Commercial Project Manager and has been with SERVPRO of Central Phoenix for over 15 years. Chris is IICRC certified as a WRT in water damage restoration and has experience in all types of floods and water damages.

Common Causes of Indoor Flooding & Water Damages

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Indoor flooding that causes water damage to your Phoenix home is one of the worst scenarios you can go through as a homeowner. Water is constantly flowing into your home through sinks, toilets, tubs and washing machines leaving you at risk for a flooded home should something break or malfunction.

With indoor flooding being the leading cause of water damage, learning the top common causes and ways to prevent such a disaster is essential to protecting your investment. First and foremost, it’s important to keep a list of phone numbers handy to your trusted plumber, a water mitigation company, like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, and your insurance company.

Broken or Leaky Pipes

A leaky pipe is a huge red flag that indoor flooding could easily happen at any given moment. It only takes minutes to flood your home causing major damages that will require the need for water damage repairs. Broken pipes in your walls can cause hidden floods creating the ideal environment for mold, leaving you in need of mold remediation.

Clogged Sewer or Drain Pipes

A clogged up sewer or drain pipe may not seem too threatening at the time, but those clogs can easily cause your sinks, tubs and toilets to overflow and cause a huge disaster of damages which will need sewage cleanup and restoration. It’s always best to play it safe and refer to your plumber to maintain your sewer and drain pipes when needed.

Malfunctioning Washing Machine Hose

A common problem with washing machines is a faulty intake hose, which are responsible for bringing in the water to the machine. A leaky intake hose can quickly flood your home, leaving you in a panic. You can install a machine valve shutoff kit, but there’s still no guarantee your machine will not flood.

Indoor flooding and water damage happens to homes in Phoenix all too often, and though you cannot control it, it’s important to do all you can to prevent it from happening. If you do find yourself in need of flood and water damage restoration services in Phoenix, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, available 24/7 for emergency services. Our certified technicians utilize state of the art techniques to restore your property back to its preloss condition and we will work along with your insurance company.

Author, Chris Butas
Project Manager at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix

Chris Butas is our Senior Estimator and Commercial Project Manager and has been with SERVPRO of Central Phoenix for over 15 years. Chris is IICRC certified as a WRT in water damage restoration and has experience in all types of floods and water damages.