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How Mold Grows in Phoenix Homes

8/10/2021 (Permalink)

Homeowners are often quite surprised that mold can grow in a traditionally dry environment like Phoenix. Except for monsoons, the weather is too dry to encourage mold growth, yet it can happen! Here’s how mold grows in Phoenix homes and what to do about it.

The desert isn’t protected against mold growth

Phoenix may be going through a dry spell outside of monsoons, but that does not mean the area is free of mold. Mold spores are always present and waiting for an opportunity to grow in your home, posing a major problem even when the weather is dry, and temperatures are soaring. Mold damage can happen in Phoenix any time of year, regardless of weather, for many reason reasons. Here are a few ways mold could come to your home even when the city is at its hottest and driest.

Leaky pipes

Hidden leaks are one of the top causes of mold damage in Phoenix area homes, and for good reason. These leaks are difficult to identify before they develop into a larger problem and tend to occur in out-of-sight places like cabinets, spaces between walls, and high-up areas of the home. Unfortunately, that can lead to real mold problems. Even a small leak can create a significant mold problem if the flow or drip of water is consistent, keeping the area moist and prime for mold growth. This is the common cause of mold damage behind walls in homes.

High humidity in your home

Some homes are much more humid than the surrounding environment. While high humidity is common during the monsoons, other situations can cause higher than normal humidity in homes. This may be caused by water fixture usage and HVAC system operations, or it may be due to the introduction of artificial humidifying devices. The elevated humidity levels typical in most homes when one of these situations is present can provide some types of molds all they need to begin to grow. SERVPRO is very careful in all mold remediation projects to monitor atmospheric humidity and make adjustments as needed. While mold remediation is the first step, we’ll help you understand how it happened to avoid such growth in the future.

Unusual circumstances

Occasionally, individual events in the home may lead to the development of a mold colony. Perhaps Monsoons storms seeped through windowsills or cracks in the ceiling. Other leaks such as appliance failures have spilled across the floor and soaked into the carpet and was never completely dried out. Perhaps that bathtub was forgotten while it was getting filled and overflowed into the bathroom and possibly even adjacent rooms. Regardless, our services are flexible to accommodate a wide range of accidents and scenarios with maximum efficacy.

Work with professionals if you have mold growth

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is ready 24/7 to respond to local calls for help with mold issues. For our assistance in dealing with a mold infestation, give us a call at (602) 386-4268. We’re here to help get your home back to pre-mold infestation condition quickly and professionally.

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