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SERVPRO’s Commercial Restoration Services Can Assist Businesses in a Disaster

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Homeowners all over the country are aware of the professional restoration services offered by SERVPRO, from fire damage restoration to water or flood restoration to mold remediation. Did you know that SERVPRO can assist businesses during a disaster too? We offer commercial restoration services for businesses large and small. See how we can help your business should you experience a disaster.

Commercial water damage restoration services

Floods and other water damage can really impact a business. Excessive water can cause a business to close until the property is back to normal, which can cost a business a lot of money waiting for things to be restored back to pre-flood times. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has the training, experience, and equipment to handle large commercial flooding or water damage emergencies. Whether your water emergency occurs in a small office building or big box store, we will respond quickly to mitigate the damage and manage the restoration project through to its completion.

Commercial fire damage restoration services

Even the smallest of fires can cause big headaches for businesses. First, you have to get the flames extinguished. Even after the fire is out, there is a lot of damage that needs to be addressed, whether its damage causes by flames, soot or smoke, or the remains of the chemicals firefighters used to extinguish the flames. SERVPRO knows how important it is to restore businesses as quickly as possible to reduce the opportunity for more damage (like mold growth if moisture isn’t removed) as well as reduce the time a business is closed. We know that every hour spent restoring your business back to pre-fire condition is an hour of lost revenue and productivity, which is why we offer fast and professional commercial fire damage restoration services 24/7.

Disaster recovery team

Aside from fire, water, floods, and mold, SERVPRO offers a complete disaster recovery team for businesses. This team can service a single location or locations across the country. The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is comprised of our best of the best in restoration. Our highly trained large-loss specialists are qualified and strategically positioned throughout the United States to handle any size disaster to help get businesses back on their feet as quickly as possible, regardless of the disaster. Every large loss is supervised to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation. Our ability to dispatch trained production professionals and cut costs through the strategic placement and oversight of temporary labor makes us uniquely qualified to help businesses during disasters. 

If your small business experiences any kind of disaster, contact the professionals at SERVPRO 24/7 at 602-386-4268 to get back in business quickly.

Professional Cleanup Service After a Crime in Your Home

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

The stress of dealing with criminal activity in your home can be traumatizing. Having to deal with the aftermath cleanup is best left to the experts. Since the substances in need of disposal are often dangerous or difficult for a layperson to manage, it is best to engage a professional service. SERVPRO offers compassionate and properly trained technicians to put your home back in order.

When the unimaginable happens

If the unthinkable happens and you experience a crime or other trauma in our home, know that there are professionals who can assist in the crime scene cleanup. Our trauma and crime scene abatement team knows and follows applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and rules when cleaning and restoring your house. SERVPRO will come through on our promise to make it “Like it never even happened,” when it comes to crime scene cleanup. After the police have finished processing a crime or accident scene, the cleaning and restoration process can begin. Many times, crime and accident scenes have blood and other biohazard contaminants that pose a serious health risk. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix will respond immediately and has the specialized training, protective equipment, and experience to safely clean trauma and crime scenes.

What SERVPRO can assist with

Damage from fights, debris from firearms or other weapons, bodily fluids from victims or perpetrators alike, and the whole gambit of police evidence gathering materials end up bagged and taken from your premises. Carpets cleaned, walls washed, holes filled in and touched up with paint go a long way to restoring a sense of control and peace even after disruptive or deadly force shatters your quiet enjoyment of your home. Here is a list of all the situations we can assist with to get your home back to normal after a crime occurs:

  • Fingerprint powder and evidence-gathering chemicals
  • Tear gas and pepper spray residues
  • Fire extinguisher residue
  • Blood, bodily fluids, and tissue remnants

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has the training, technicians, and equipment to set you and your family on the path to trauma recovery. Call us at 602-386-4268 for fast, professional help from our kind, compassionate, and efficient team.

SERVPRO Can Save Water Damaged Possession in Your Home

4/10/2020 (Permalink)

Homeowners discovering water damage to their possessions at a late stage can face a real challenge. While replacing items can ensure that there are no further issues or cross-contamination, contents are what make a house a home and can hold sentimental value—our restoration services center on restoring rather than replacing. SERVPRO’s water restoration technicians (WRT) can achieve remarkable results.

What to do when you find water damage

When you discover water damage in your Phoenix home, the first thing to do is contact your insurance provider. SERVPRO can work with your insurer to restore your property on time and on-budget. Some items with prolonged exposure may still need replacing. Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage, so the sooner you start the process, the better the chance that possessions can be saved.

We provide professional care

One thing that SERVPRO can do is provide expert care and attention to your contents, no matter how extensive the damage. When your valuable documents, including photographs, are damaged by water, extreme caution should be taken to help ensure the water damage does not destroy the document. Although some documents may not be restored to pre-water damage conditions, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can save a great deal and help minimize additional damage. Specialized services from document recovery to mitigating deterioration of valuable electronic devices like computers or televisions can often be carried out on-site. While reversing the water damage is difficult, we can prevent further damage from occurring- a process referred to as mitigating loss.

Mitigating loss

Our team of SERVPRO of Central Phoenix technicians is experts at mitigating loss. When a water emergency strikes, the damage can often feel overwhelming. We can help ease the worry and confusion during the recovery process by offering our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS), which provides a detailed and accurate list of your belongings. We take a room-by-room inventory of your contents, including digital photos, and in some instances, bar coding.

Our Contents Claim Inventory Service:

  • Preloss list and value of contents
  • Detailed and accurate report
  • Better information to settle claims quicker
  • Assistance with the burden of proof for claims
  • Peace of mind when you need it most

While home emergencies are always difficult. You can have confidence that many of your items are restorable if you use a professional restoration service like ours. We operate emergency contact lines twenty-four hours a day and utilize local technicians to reduce call-out times, as little as four hours from notification of loss.

Time is of the essence in home restoration, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268.

SERVPRO Has the Tools to Get Any Remediation Job Done

3/21/2020 (Permalink)

In addition to training and experience, it’s important to have the right equipment to get the job done. That’s why SERVPRO of Central Phoenix uses several types of equipment and technology to address and fire, water or mold remediation issues you might have. Learn more about the tools we use to get the job done.

The tools and technology at SERVPRO

At SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, helping our customers experiencing water, fire or mold damage areas is our top priority. To do this, we understand that using the proper equipment makes a measurable difference in reducing claims loss expense. When time matters, technology, and equipment must be counted on to perform. Here are some of the tools we use to help get your property and structure to its preloss condition. Each machine and piece of equipment has a crucial role in the restoration process. Every SERVPRO of Central Phoenix restoration technician is trained to use each piece of equipment to its highest potential.

Portable extractors for water removal

Extractors are used for cleaning carpets, cleaning upholstery, and removing water from floors after water damage or flood. Restoration technicians use this machine for variable heat-controlled cleaning, including to heat the rinse solutions to clean more effectively. With this machine, we can expedite the removal of water and humidity from damaged materials and textiles to help restore it to preloss conditions.

Ozone generator for odors

The portable ozone generator eliminates a variety of odors caused by animals, cigarette smoke, mold and mildew, fire, and water damage. This machine generates ozone which chemically reacts with odor-causing molecules to oxidize residues and remove the odors. Once the deodorization process is complete, ozone quickly reverts to the typical oxygen molecule, leaving no residues. Once the odor is gone, the results are permanent.

Dehumidification equipment for moisture

The dehumidification process increases the rate of evaporation by removing water vapor from the air. Our highly trained technicians position dehumidifiers strategically in a water-damaged structure, so the moist, humid air moves through the unit while dry, warm air is discharged. We use the dehumidifiers, primarily because it provides a continual source of dry air to enhance the restoration process.

Air movers to reduce drying time

Air movers are used in water damage restoration to enhance evaporation at the surface level and reduce drying time. These machines introduce airflow at the surface level and replace the highly saturated air with drier air to enhance dissipation. Our technicians operate the air movers in several different positions, offering flexibility in how to direct the airflow with the best possible outcome. 

Truck-mounted extraction units for the big jobs

A truck-mounted extraction unit consists of several smaller components, which work together to make one of the best pieces of cleaning equipment in the industry. Due to the required training of this equipment, our technicians know the specific environment needed for this piece of machinery to work and how to maintain it appropriately for health and safety reasons. 

Our equipment is tested

SERVPRO tests all equipment before putting the items in the product line. To provide the best service to our customers, we must know how the truck mount works, how to set up and maintain the unit, how to use it safely, how to clean the vehicle interior, unit, tools, hoses, and so forth as needed, and how to inspect all equipment and accessories for any damage, leaks, or wear.

The use of these equipment options helps us get your water or fire disaster back to its preloss condition. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is always here to help! If you’ve suffered water, fire or mold damage contact us immediately at 602-386-4268 to get the job done right with the right equipment!

We are Cleaning Experts

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis.

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at 602-386-4268.


SERVPRO Offers a Variety of Commercial Cleaning Services to Protect Your Business

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

Many businesses engage the services of a regular cleaning crew to come in and do the routine upkeep companies need: cleaning surfaces, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning restrooms, emptying wastebaskets, etc. What happens when your business needs more than the usual type of cleaning?  SERVPRO of Central Phoenix offers a variety of commercial cleaning services to help protect your business.

Biohazard cleanup

Biohazard cleanup is not the type of cleaning most businesses think of when looking for a commercial cleaning service, but it’s unfortunately sometimes needed. Here are a few situations where SERVPRO can help with this specialized cleaning:

  • Sewage Backups

Sewage backups and dark water intrusions are more than nasty, smelly deposits – these damages also introduce harmful microorganisms into a structure. We remove the sewage, contaminants, and moisture, and help ensure the structure is properly cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized.

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

We remove and dispose of bodily fluids, tissue and other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from accident, trauma, crime or death. Trained SERVPRO of Central Phoenix Professionals clean, disinfect and deodorize the structure.

SERVPRO can deal with a variety of biohazard cleanup situations for businesses large and small.

Vandalism and graffiti

Vandalism and graffiti can be very upsetting. It can range from relatively minor pranks to malicious destruction of property. Often simple acts of vandalism, like breaking a window, can cause significant water and mold damage if not addressed in a timely manner. Here are a few services we provide with regards to vandalism and graffiti cleanup:

  • General cleaning and graffiti removal
  • Brick, stone, and concrete cleaning
  • Odor removal and deodorization
  • Debris removal
  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold damage restoration
  • Contents cleaning

Stopping the spread of germs

A clean workplace is a healthy workplace! We can help minimize the spread of germs with proactive cleaning! At SERVPRO, we’re trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitization standards, making us the #1 choice for cleanup and restoration.

If your company is looking for a comprehensive commercial cleaning service, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at 602-386-4268 today to learn more.

SERVPRO Building and Reconstruction Services Offer Help for Phoenix Homeowners

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

Home reconstruction after water damage Home reconstruction after water damage

It’s been a wet season in the Valley this year, and with those storms come unexpected and unwelcomed damages such as flooding, water damage, and mold. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is well known for its remediation and repair services, but did you know they offer building and reconstruction services as well?  That means that homeowners have a one-stop option for all their repair, remediation and rebuilding needs.

SERVPRO offers it all with an in-house team          

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has been helping Phoenix homeowners and commercial building owners with their reconstruction needs for years now. Our in-house construction specialist is a licensed and bonded KB2 contractor and can handle all kinds of jobs from rough framing, finished carpentry and cabinets, post demolition framing, drywall installation in addition to new floors and ceilings. That means if your home or business suffers any kind of damage from flooding, fire, mold or more, our crew can come out and handle the damage remediation, then go to work on building and reconstruction as needed. No need to juggle multiple companies to get the job done!

A comprehensive list of building services

Here is a list of all the building and reconstruction services offered by SERVPRO of Central Phoenix:

  • Board Up
  • Carpet Repair and Installation
  • Document Drying
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Drywall Installation
  • Drywall Removal
  • Electrical
  • Electronics Restoration
  • Fine Art Restoration
  • Furniture Restoration
  • General Contracting
  • Hardwood Floor Repair
  • HVAC Services
  • Linoleum Floor Repair
  • Marble Floor Repair
  • Move Out
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Portable Power
  • Roof Tarp
  • Roofing Services
  • Scalable Resources
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Temporary Warehouse Space
  • Tile Floor Repair
  • Tree Removal

If you have a problem with your home or office building, chances are we can fix it!

Why SERVPRO for restoration and reconstruction services?

We know there are many companies that say they can help with remediation and reconstruction needs, but how many hold multiple certifications and advanced training to make sure the job is done right? Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. We study IICRC standards and best practices in cleaning and restoration standards. In addition, here are just a few of the certifications of our highly trained team:

  • AMRT - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • ASD - Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • CCT - Carpet Cleaning Technician

We’ll get the job done quickly and professionally. Even better, we’re a 24/7 service so when you need us, contact us, and we’ll be there! at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, we are ready to help in any kind of disaster, big or small.  We have the resources to tackle the largest building loss or a bathroom overflow, and anything in between.

The rainy season in Phoenix isn’t over yet. If your home or business experiences any kind of damage, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at 602-386-4268 to get the problem handled fast!

Why SERVPRO is Phoenix’s Best Choice for Biohazard Cleanup

11/21/2019 (Permalink)

No mess is an easy mess to clean up, but biohazard cleanups and restoration are especially difficult. Biohazards due to trauma, sewage backups, chemical spills, or other biohazards can be both dangerous and emotional, which is why it’s important to work with a company that is compassionate, professional and well-trained to handle all aspects of biohazard clean up. Only specially trained disaster restoration company technicians are certified to complete this disturbing and necessary job. SERVPRO offers this critical service in our community.

Crime scene cleanup

Crime scene cleanup are the most difficult for homeowners to face. As the authorities depart from the crime scene (your home), it’s important to arrange for a biohazardous cleanup of your Phoenix home. Our highly trained trauma and crime scene cleanup division helps you with this challenging task. Our technicians are trained to follow all federal, state, and local rules to keep both you and the work crew members safe until the job is complete. When a crime happens in your home, understanding how to handle the situation is critical. Our technicians know that nothing can be touched until an official inquiry is conducted and completed. If the scene resulted in a situation where there might be blood and other bodily fluids and tissues, they understand that potential bloodborne pathogens may be present, and take great care to handle the situation carefully and professionally, following Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. SERVPRO ensures that all technicians attending to the cleanup of a crime scene have the appropriate training and certifications.
Sewage backups

Similar to crime scenes, fecal and other matter that may occur in a home after a backup needs to be handled carefully, understanding that cleanup also needs to involved potential odor control. As a matter of fact, Sewer backups should be considered an emergency since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause serious illnesses. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix’s trained technicians know there are three types of water that they may be dealing with: clean water, grey water and black water. Grey water, considered a category 2 contaminated water, may contain bacteria and viruses. Black water, considered a category 3 contaminated water, is extremely contaminated and could cause severe illness or death if ingested. Any contact should be avoided. Examples include flooding from rivers or streams, water from beyond the toilet trap, water from the toilet bowl with feces, or standing water that has begun to support microbial growth. Sewer backups and similar conditions should be handled immediately. With SERVPRO’s 24-hour emergency services, consumers have a place to turn to in Phoenix.

Chemical spills and other biohazards

Believe it or not, chemical spills do happen in the home! Exposure to chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences. A failure to properly remove such substances from your home as quickly as possible can contribute to an unhealthy and dangerous situation. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is trained to safely remove biohazards and dispose of them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations. They are equipped with the necessary safety apparatus and cleaning products and can help transform these unhealthy environments back into clean, safe homes and offices. If you experience a chemical spill in your home, do not try to do clean up on your own! It’s important to call a trained professional

Should the unthinkable happen and you need biohazard cleanup, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268. Everyone on staff will help you out during this difficult time.

SERVPRO Understands That Flood Removal Needs To Happen Fast In Phoenix

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

Our team has the training, expertise, and advanced equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

Flood Removal in Phoenix Attic Needs Fast Action

Water from a storm doesn't have to spread over a large part of the home to cause flood damage. A water intrusion in a small area can do several types of damage ceilings, walls, flooring, wet objects and the potential for mold growth.

When a roof gets damaged in a Phoenix home and water enters the attic space, flood removal needs to happen as quickly as possible to mitigate damage. Sometimes when space is limited, we have to get creative to get the job done. If the repair to the roof is not done during the time our technicians are working, they can apply a temporary barrier to prevent any additional water from entering until the repair is completed.

Standing water needs to be removed to halt any further damage to the home and contents. SERVPRO technicians can use long hose attachments on extractors to get rid of the standing water in the attic that is too small to bring much equipment into.

Soaked insulation is removed so moisture is not retained. We position air movers and dehumidifiers to move air out and lower moisture as fast as possible. If the ceiling below the attic is showing signs of water saturation, technicians can drill weep holes to assist with drying. We use moisture probes to determine how far reaching the water intrusion was so there is no potential of mold growth from untreated areas.

After drying, SERVPRO technicians wipe down the affected areas to sanitize and inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes. If affected drywall cannot be saved through our drying techniques, damaged sagging drywall is removed for safety. Often drying is enough to eliminate odors left from water. If there are any residual odors, we have the resources to neutralize them thoroughly.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is available 24/7 at (602) 386-4268 when you need flood removal from your home. The faster the process starts, the faster our expert technicians can make it "Like it never even happened."

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Why SERVPRO Is The Leader In Phoenix Flood Removal Services

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

When you are faced with flood damage to your home we are ready and waiting 24/7 to help you with all your restoration needs.

Flood Removal in Phoenix Attic Needs Fast Action

Water from a storm does not have to spread over a large part of the home to cause flood damage. A water intrusion in a small area can do several types of damage ceilings, walls, flooring, wet objects and the potential for mold growth.

When a roof gets damaged in a Phoenix home and water enters the attic space, flood removal needs to happen as quickly as possible to mitigate damage. Sometimes when space is limited, we have to get creative to get the job done. If the repair to the roof is not completed during the time our technicians are working, they can apply a temporary barrier to prevent any additional water from entering until the repair is finished.

Standing water needs to be removed to halt any further damage to the home and contents. SERVPRO technicians can use long hose attachments on extractors to get rid of the standing water in the attic that is too small to bring much equipment into.

We position air movers and dehumidifiers to move air out and lower moisture as fast as possible. If the ceiling below the attic is showing signs of water saturation, technicians can drill weep holes to assist with drying. We use moisture probes to determine how far reaching the water intrusion was so there is no potential of mold growth from untreated areas.

After drying, SERVPRO technicians wipe down the affected areas to sanitize and inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes. If affected drywall cannot be saved through our drying techniques, damaged sagging drywall is removed for safety. Often drying is enough to eliminate odors left from water. If there are any residual odors, we have the resources to neutralize them thoroughly.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is available 24/7 at (602) 386-4268 when you need flood removal from your home. The faster the process starts, the faster our expert technicians can make it "Like it never even happened."

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Trusted Fire Damage Options For Residents Of Phoenix

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning your property the right way is extremely important for restoration. Contact our SERVPRO technicians to come out and assess the fire damage.

Our Team is Trained in ALL Aspects of Fire Damage Remediation

As a resident of Phoenix, it is advisable to know the right steps to take once your property suffers a fire damage incident. Different levels of fires require different restoration measures, and as a result, it is advisable to contact licensed service providers to mitigate further damage. These are professionals who are IICRC certified and use relevant tools and procedures to restore your contents. 

There are three kinds of fire damages that any resident of Phoenix is likely to experience - minor, medium and major fire damages. Each is associated with varying amounts of smoke residues, affects different areas, and the severity of the disaster differs. While wet or dry cleaning can be enough to restore minor fire damages, extensive procedures may be required when restoring specific fire disasters. Our SERVPRO technicians inspect your property to determine the extent of the damage before conducting appropriate restoration procedures.

Cleaning is one of the procedures that may be recommended. Before this procedure can start, it is essential to know the kind of residues, the surface they are resting on, and how to find, remove and dispose of them. After pretesting and inspecting the residues, a technician can choose the right restoration method to use.

After our SERVPRO technicians have identified the residues, they capture and remove them using specialized techniques such as vacuuming and dissolving. When a fire burns, it gives off smoke residues that attach to the surrounding surfaces. When these residues are loosely attached to an area, removing them using vacuuming might be an option. Before performing vacuuming, our qualified technicians always ensure the area is dry.

When the residues are firmly attached to the surface, dissolving them may be necessary. We use cleaning products to dissolve the particles and later on flush, rinse and dry the area once it is clean. After the cleaning process, SERVPRO technicians follow the local requirements to dispose of the particles.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has several options to mitigate mold, fire, storm and water damage disasters. Call us at (602) 386-4268 to be served by a proven industry leader.

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Water Damage To Your Phoenix Home Due To Appliance Failure

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Broken Hoses and Clogged Machines Cause Water Damage in Phoenix

Call SERVPRO for Water Cleanup in Your Phoenix Property

The appliances in your house are meant to make your life much more comfortable. Gone are the days where you have to tote your clothes down to the river and wash them by hand. Progress has replaced this former way of life with conveniences like the washing machine. Manufacturers are building these appliances better than they ever were in the past, yet washing machines are not impervious to breaking down or malfunctioning. Even loose connections could spell big trouble for the laundry room and surrounding areas of your Phoenix home. 
A broken or ruptured washing machine hose is a common cause of water damage in Phoenix homes. The commonality of this problem does not imply that a broken hose is the only culprit, however. Older appliances are more susceptible to breaking down internally, and bushings and bearings failing to do their job can result in an equally damaging scenario. 
If you find that your washing machine is malfunctioning and pouring water onto the floor, you need to act quickly. The first thing that you need to do is to shut off the water supply to the machine by following the lines on the back of the appliance to the plumbing fixtures. Shut off both water lines, regardless if only one is causing the issue. Your next step is to call us at SERVPRO. 
Our experienced team responds quickly in these kinds of emergency situations to help get the water cleaned up quickly. Fast responses prevent further damages to adjoining areas of your laundry room and keep the overall restoration process the most concise that it can be. Once the water supply has been shut off, our SERVPRO professionals can get to work on removing the water. Removal is accomplished through many different tools, from full-sized pump trucks to more economical vacuuming and portable pump solutions. 
Your satisfaction is a priority, so our specialists ensure that you are brought in to consult through every phase of the restoration process. Your input is an essential aspect of completing restoration and helps our team to finish their job to the high standards you would expect. 
While you cannot plan for an appliance to malfunction, you can plan for the experienced professionals you call in the event of a water emergency. Trust us here at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, and give us a call anytime at (602) 386-4268.

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How Mold Damage Starts In Phoenix

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

The key catalyst for any mold colony's growth is water.

How Mold Damage Starts

The key catalyst for any mold colony's growth is water. Mold requires a source of excess water to start growing and maintain reproductive rates, and should quickly jump at any opportunities it finds in your home. There are many ways that water can get into your home in Phoenix and cause mold damage, but not all may come to mind even after you find the mold that resulted from them. These are some of the top ways that Valley homes develop mold damage from excess water.

Leaks And Drips
One of the easiest ways to develop mold damage in Phoenix is through leaks and drips in your home. Leaks are caused by loosened or cracked pipes, malfunctioning appliances, holes in the home exterior, and other potential factors. If you ever find a new leak in your home, try to identify its source and patch up the problem as quickly as possible to prevent the issue from blooming into a much more significant mold damage disaster.

Interior Floods
Small flooding events such as overflowing tubs, busted water lines or appliances, and other spills can quickly become a huge deal if mold starts to grow as a consequence of them. When water remains in materials around the home for too long, it encourages mold growth across the entire damp surface of an object. This is one of the top causes of mold damage in carpeting.

High Relative Humidity
Ideally, your home should be below 40% relative humidity at all times. Because we are in Arizona, this issue is much easier to deal with than elsewhere in the country, but you still need to be mindful in your home. If the building has an HVAC issue, this may also lead to higher humidity and encourage relatively rapid mold growth.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is available 24/7 to respond to individuals in the area with severe damage to their homes. Call us at (602) 386-4268 to find out more about how we can help.

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How Water Damage in Neighboring Units Affects Your Apartment in Phoenix

3/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water leaks from neighboring units can affect your apartment.

Water Damage Experts in Phoenix Talk About Testing Equipment

Whenever moisture makes its way into your Phoenix apartment building, there is a possibility your unit can get negatively affected. Many times, your home can suffer from water damage without you even noticing it. Moisture can soak into your unit from other apartments, and you might not even realize it. Wet materials in other parts of the building can cause humidity to rise inside the entire complex. Humidity can cause water damage issues with your contents and building materials even if nothing inside your unit comes into direct contact with moisture.  

If you know there is a plumbing failure inside your building; it is wise to call in the professionals at SERVPRO. Our highly trained team can tell you if there is water damage inside your Phoenix apartment unit. Our technicians are trained to be able to tell if excessive moisture has affected your dwelling or not. We know what places to look and how we need to check for problems. Through the combination of training and experience, we can tell you whether there is an issue inside your home.

Our SERVPRO technicians use their extensive training achieved by their completion of IICRC certification programs to determine where moisture could have entered your apartment unit. We know how water travels through a structure as well as we know how buildings get built so that we have a good idea of how liquid moves through your apartment complex. Once we get a good idea of where moisture could be, we utilize advanced technology to determine the moisture content of your structural components and personal possessions.  

We have at our disposal various types of moisture sensors that test how moisture affected different types of materials got as a result of the water leak. We use these instruments to figure out how wet your contents and building materials got after the disaster, and the standard moisture content of them when they have not been negatively affected by moisture. If you ever hear about a water leak taking place in an apartment unit near yours, then call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 for fast 24/7 service.

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When A Water Damage Accident Occurs In Your Phoenix Home Call Our Team At SERVPRO

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Whenever your home suffers fire, water, mold, or flood damages, never hesitate to call for our help.

Swift And Friendly Water Cleanup Services In Phoenix

Despite our best efforts, accidents can happen and they can leave our homes in dire need of emergency water cleanup services. In your home, an old and vulnerable pipe in your entertainment room cracked and began to leak water onto the floor while you were at work. Upon returning home, you found several centimeters of water on your floor that was just too much to handle by yourself. In these situations, it's always wise to call for professional help as soon as possible.

Calling professional water cleanup services for your Phoenix home and address the problem as swiftly as possible can not only help prevent further damage, but it can make it easier to remediate the damage that has already happened. If the water lingers, it can be absorbed by the porous materials around it, potentially creating an ideal environment for mold growth. Furthermore, the wooden parts of the furniture in your entertainment room could begin to swell and crack. The faster the water is extracted, the better.

When you need swift reaction times and friendly service, SERVPRO is the right choice for you. We are open 24/7 and always prepared to help you as quickly as we can. Once we receive your call, we make it a priority to get to your home as fast as we can, so our IICRC-certified technicians can begin the remediation as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO only uses advanced technology designed to clean up excess water as fast as possible. Our techs can use extractors to draw the water out of the floor rug in your entertainment room while the device also dries it simultaneously with its heating element. SERVPRO also can use devices such as air movers, axial fans, drying mats, and dehumidifiers to help draw moisture out of your furniture and out of the wooden flooring. After our job is finished, we can return your home to you in its preloss state.

Whenever your home suffers fire, water, mold, or flood damages, never hesitate to call for our help. Dial SERVPRO of Central Phoenix by dialing the number (602) 386-4268. Day or night we're ready to help you.

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The Real Truth About How the Latest Tools can Help to Overcome Phoenix Water Damage

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage can sometimes seem overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO when your home faces water damage for water removal and cleaning services.

Use of Advanced Equipment Eases Restoration of Water Damage in Phoenix

Exposure to higher than usual levels of moisture ruins many items found in homes and other properties. Whether it is carpets, upholstery, wooden items, and even structural components like drywall, water affects them negatively after extended exposure. Therefore, any time water leaks and pools in unintended locations, you have to take measures to address the situation fast. We offer IICRC certified restoration services that can help you reverse the effects of an incident in your Phoenix home “Like it never even happened.”
Proper restoration of water damage in Phoenix can only happen after addressing all the ways water ruins property. Some materials like wood in furniture absorb moisture and swell. Others like drywall might become soft and lose structural strength. Our SERVPRO team is best suited to handle these problems because we have different types of equipment to fast-track water removal. We have submersible pumps and different types of water extractors to remove pooling water limiting the exposure time for drywall and furniture items.
Excess moisture easily causes mold and other microbial growth on materials such as upholstery, draperies, carpets and even wooden surfaces. As long as there is excess moisture in the air, mold keeps forming even after cleaning the area with antimicrobial solutions. Using high-speed air movers and industrial grade dehumidifiers, SERVPRO technicians pull the vapor from the air in the surroundings returning humidity levels to normal. Eliminating excess humidity deals a severe blow to mold proliferation.
When water invades properties, bad odors can develop. Odors can develop because of microbes, rotting materials or wastes spread to hidden areas by water flow. Regardless of the cause, it is necessary to deodorize the property to eliminate these odors. We use OSHA-approved cleaning agents to remove all soils or debris left by the pooling water because eliminating odor without dealing with the source is not likely to work. After cleanup, our SERVPRO crews use HEPA-filtered air scrubbers, ULV, and thermal foggers to deodorize your property eliminating all traces of bad odor.
By relying on advanced equipment and our IICRC training SERVPRO of Central Phoenix helps you regain full control of your water damaged property. You can reach us at (602) 386-4268 any time.

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