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Protecting Your Home During Fire Season and All Year Long

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

It’s been an active fire season in Arizona and across the country. While temperatures are starting to cool, there are still fire risks that homeowners should be aware of to keep their property safe. Recent rains have caused properties all around the Valley to experience a lot more over-growth this year. When the sweltering heat dried all those shrubs up, overgrowth can leave your Phoenix home or business property at risk. Here are a few ways you can protect your property from fire.

Eliminate brush and overgrowth from your property

Dead bushes, broken branches, dried weeds, leaves, and other dead plants serve as kindling and can quickly ignite under the right circumstances like an errant cigarette or other flammable objects. Eliminating them is the first thing you'll want to do to make your property safer. It is recommended that you create at least a five-foot barrier around the property that is free of any fire dangers like flammable items. Use rocks instead of grass or keep your grass short and healthy. Even healthy plants can dry up quickly under the right circumstances like a broken drip system that goes undetected until the plant expires. Play it safe and keep the brush clear.

Store firewood away from your home

Keep firewood and other lumber away from your house. As we get into the colder season, it’s tempting to stock up on firewood for cool outdoor firepits; it's best to keep the wood in a fire-resistant box or at least cover it with a tarp, keeping it a safe distance from the property at all times. Never pile up wood right up against your house; you’re just adding potential kindling to the fire! Fire remediation specialists often see this as a contributing factor to fire starting or spreading in a home. Keep it away and stay safe.

Keep your rain gutters clean

When gutters aren't cleaned regularly, they fill up with dead leaves and other potentially flammable materials which will easily spark, especially during the hot days or from a random spark from that outdoor firepit. Cleaning them regularly keeps them clean of any potentially flammable debris. Make it a habit to regularly check your rain gutters to ensure there’s no blockage or debris.

Check smoke detectors frequently

Smoke detectors are one of your home’s last lines of defense should a fire occur. Be sure to check the batteries and test the smoke detectors regularly. New smoke detectors on the market can even alert you on your phone to any fire dangers putting your property at risk so that you can take necessary precautions. A small fire or a smoldering item in your home can be prevented from turning into a full-fledged fire with fast action. Smoke detectors are critical to keeping your home safe.

The weather in Arizona has been more than a little unpredictable this year. While sizzling hot weather and monsoon lighting appear to be gone, don’t stop being diligent about fire safety in and around your home. Should you experience a fire, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix 24/7 at 602-386-4268. We’ll work with you to restore your home before the fire happened.

Fire Remediation Services You May Need After a House Fire

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

A fire in your home can be an overwhelming experience. Smoke, soot, and flames can cause significant damage to your property. Residues from chemicals used by firefighters can also damage furniture, carpeting as well as the flooring in your Phoenix home as they try to extinguish the flames. Fire can also burn or char parts of the structure and materials in the home. Once the fire has been extinguished, ash, soot, and nasty smoke residues can linger inside the home and be difficult to clean. Learn about fire remediation services you may need after a house fire.

Fire remediation specialists at SERVPRO

Professional fire damage restoration services can restore your home and its belongings when possible. SERVPRO’s trained crew can use a variety of cleaning methods to remove fire residues from the affected areas of your home inside and out. Fire can damage or weaken the structure of the home, which is why contacting SERVPRO right away is a good idea. We are nearby and can be at your residence in a matter of hours after your initial contact. We’re available 24/7 to help you recover from fire damage as quickly as possible.

How SERVPRO assists with fire remediation

After our trained team inspects your home for damages, we may perform minor repairs to the structure such as boarding up a missing window or door or taping to protect specific areas of the structure as we do our work. Removing items from the home that are unsalvageable like charred furniture and burned clothing and drapery is also part of the fire restoration process. Items and materials in the home that are salvageable are cleaned, and sanitized and can be stored in a safe area away from the structure until the restoration is complete. Our trained professionals will communicate their assessment every step of the way so you’re always informed about what can be repaired and what cannot. Homeowners can rest assured that we follow a very specific fire damage restoration process to get the best possible results.

Cleaning up fire damage as a next step

In addition to charring and soot, as well as chemicals used to extinguish the flames, strong odors can remain after a fire. SERVPRO technicians can use air scrubbers, fans, and top-grade fogging equipment to quickly eliminate strong smoke odors in your home. They may also use industrial cleansers to remove soot and dirt from the floors, walls, and ceilings. Industrial odor removal products may also be utilized to clean and remove odors from items and materials affected by the fire. SERVPRO teaches IICRC technical classes in the proper removal of odors. Masking and other shortcuts don't work when your odor problem is serious or persistent.

When possible, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can restore your fire-damaged property to its pre-fire condition. We endeavor to make you feel “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (602) 386-4268 for our professional fire remediation services.

Grease Fire Prevention and What to Do If One Occurs

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

With monsoon season upon us, some find it far too difficult to cook outdoors between the heat, rain, and high winds. Since summer is still high season for parties and get-togethers, that means more time in the kitchen. Grease fires can be particularly challenging as people are unsure to how to prevent them and what to do if they occur. Be sure to stay safe and avoid kitchen fires with these safety tips.

How to prevent a grease fire

Here are a few helpful tips to prevent experiencing a grease fire in your kitchen.

  1. Keep any objects that could potentially catch on fire away from the stove or cooking area. That includes cookbooks, towels, paper towels, etc. These type of items can instantly fuel a grease fire. 
  2. Avoid wearing loose, flowing clothes that could get too near the flames, such as sleeves.
  3. Keep your eye on a hot pan that’s cooking; leaving it unattended even for a short period of time can result in fire.
  4. Heat oil gradually and add food slowly to minimize grease splatter, which can burn skin or catch fire. Remove as much moisture as possible from food before submerging it in grease to avoid splattering.
  5. Smoking grease is dangerous, as the flash point of a grease fire is 500 degrees so use great caution when it starts to smoke. If grease starts smoking, turn the heat down immediately. Not only will this prevent a fire, smoking grease is not ideal for cooking. Turn those flames down!

How To Put Out a Grease Fire

Sometimes no matter what you’ve done to avoid a grease fire, they happen regardless. Many people are unsure how to put out a fire; the wrong move can exacerbate the situation, so know what to do if you experience a flare up.

  1. Equip your kitchen with a Class B of K fire extinguisher.
  2. If your pan does catch fire, smother it placing a lid on top of the pan. Never throw water on the fire or run it to the sink or outside as this will result in worsening the flames and potentially causing burns.
  3. Turn off the heat source immediately. 
  4. If the fire is small and manageable, smother it with baking soda or salt, though still use a lid to be sure the flames are out and to protect you from splattering grease.
  5. If necessary, spray the fire with a fire extinguisher that’s suited for oil fires (Class B or K).
  6. Do not try to extinguish the fire with any cooking powders (flours, baking powder, etc.) or water as these won’t help extinguish the flames and could make it worse.
  7. Do not try to move the burning pot or pan outside. 
  8. Call a fire remediation specialist to help with any damage you experience.

Call SERVPRO for fire damage assistance

If your home experiences a fire of any kind, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to help with your fire remediation needs. We’re available 24/7 to help you with fire damage cleanup. Contact us at 602-386-4268.

Recovering From an Electronics Fire in Your Home

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

Many house fires are caused by electronics as they become more prevalent in houses across the country.  Since these electronics have become so commonplace for many people, we often forget basic safety habits that we should follow for these devices and how to keep our homes safe from the risks associated with electronics. Lacking safety may result in a house fire caused by electronics, and the recovery process can be tough for homeowners.

Guidelines to prevent electronics fires

All our gadgets need to be charged on a regular basis. Sometimes homeowners opt for convenience over safety but doing so may put your house at risk. Tablet and cell phone chargers need space for adequate air circulation, as they put off a fair amount of heat during charging cycles which must be dispersed with the right amount of ventilation, yet many people will put these chargers by their beds, or other flammable items. Electronics that are covered and not able to breathe can build up heat and lead to igniting a fire. The lithium-ion batteries in these devices have containers that are pressurized and can rupture if the temperature goes up too fast or melt if they are heated for a long time. Many people assume electronics fires are caused by bad chargers, but these fires can happen when devices are on a charger or not. Following basic safety rules can protect your home from a house fire. Fire damage in your Phoenix home from electronics is entirely avoidable with safety basics like keeping chargers clear of flammable items and allowing for sufficient air circulation.

If you experience an electronics fire at home

If you experience fire from an overheated cell phone, tablet, or other devices, there’s a lot of work to do once the flames are out. It’s best to leave the cleanup to the professionals at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix. We have the experience and training to know how to best clean up your home after a fire of any kind and understand the special challenges of fires caused by electronics.

Why are electronics fires so unique? Unlike burning wood or cloth, when electronics catch on fire, they release particles like those from burning plastics which become electrically charged. That means the particles can stick all over surfaces and can be a challenge to clean up effectively. At SERVPRO, we understand that because of ionization, cleaning up after an electronics fire takes special care to not only get rid of the smoke particles and get all surfaces clean again but to eliminate the pungent smell that accompanies burned plastics. Our highly trained technicians use advanced technology to clean your home, remove damaged electronics and devices, and tackle any odor issues to restore your home to pre-fire conditions. When a SERVPRO technician arrives on the scene, they’ll evaluate the damage situation and how best to clean it, providing you with a clear plan of action so you know exactly what to expect. We’re available 24/7 to help you recover from a fire caused by electronics.

If you experience an electronics fire, you can rest assured that your Phoenix home will be cleaned and restored by our staff thoroughly when you reach out to us at (602) 386-4268.

Addressing Air Quality in Your Home After a Fire

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke damage and odor can often be challenging aftermath to contend with after a house fire. After the flames are extinguished and cleanup started, there are often lingering odors that can be tough to get rid up. A professional fire remediation company can not only help with fire damage cleanup, but odor issues as well to help restore the air quality in your home.

When cleaning up isn’t enough

Much of the cleanup and restoration when it comes to air quality in your home focus on cleaning and fire smoke odor removal. Indoor air quality is a focus for our SERVPRO® professionals send out to your home once firefighters have left. We work quickly to utilize purification equipment such as air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to run your home’s air through HEPA filters over time to begin pulling smoke particles and soot from the environment and reducing odors. Odor elimination is never an afterthought with our technicians. We know that a simple cleanup isn’t enough to address air quality and lingering odors after a fire.

What kind of smoke impacts odors after a fire?

Smoke damage often depends on the type of smoke that affected your home throughout the fire. Dry smoke results from high heat, but the residue is easier for SERVPRO technicians to clean with dry and wet sponges on the coated surfaces. On the other hand, wet smoke leaves a thick residue on surfaces and contents, which often requires specialized equipment to clean and deodorize fully. The heat generated by a house fire plays a key role in the actual penetration of soot particles into porous materials like drywall and fabrics. Addressing these helps eliminate odors in a home.

We leave your home odor-free when we’re through

Improving the scent of your home after a fire is a concern for our team. Waiting for deodorization allows our technicians to leave your home completely cleaned and odor-free so we do the most thorough job possible because we know remediation includes not only fire damage cleanup, but the residual soot and odors. Our thermal foggers can often do the greatest amount of deodorization, as these machines are suitable to use in open areas, fabrics, soft materials, and work to remove odors from surfaces as well. Our technicians use their expertise to address the air quality situation and remove odors.

Smoke can provide many damaging effects to your home after a fire emergency, including tough odors that impact air quality. Our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix response team has the expertise and tools to help. Give us a call today at 602-386-4268.

How to Get Rid of Soot After a Home Fire

2/17/2021 (Permalink)

House fires can cause a lot of damage, and not all of it comes from the flames. Even the smallest of fires in a kitchen can cause some serious damage. You may suffer from extensive soot damage, which can be a challenge to clean up. Here are a few tips on getting rid of soot after you experience a fire in your home.

What is soot?

Soot, also referred to as lampblack or carbon black, is a fine black powder that can be sticky and is a product of incomplete combustion. It can be messy and can leave a foul smell. During a fire, soot can spread to the whole house, attaching to several surfaces. The acidic properties of soot can damage your home and belongings if the soot is not removed immediately and effectively.

Do all fires result in soot?

Most of the materials used for the construction of your home can catch fire and allow it to spread throughout the structure. This means you will likely experience some level of soot in your home after a fire, regardless of how big or small the fire is. While you might be enticed to clean up the soot on your own, cleanup is best left to cleanup professionals, as it can be more difficult to completely clean than you might anticipate.

Call in fire clean-up specialists

Most often the sizable effects that stand out from a house fire of any kind are smoke and soot damages. This is common and can prove challenging to remove without the right equipment.  Fortunately, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix professionals have the tools and expertise to help you through soot damages throughout your household. While the most concentrated of this effect can get found around the fires originating point where it burned the longest debris and film from the combustion leaves a dark, often black residue on surfaces, furniture, flooring, and other materials in other places too. That is soot. Unless the fire didn’t spread at all and was quickly extinguished, it’s time to call fire clean-up specialists, or those skilled in fire damage remediation, to help with clean-up.

How is soot be removed? 

Removing soot residue requires various approaches. For wall surfaces, scrubbing with wet and dry sponges can often remove the bulk of the present film. Confined spaces like ductwork require high-powered vacuums to get used instead. SERVPRO can assist in cleaning ductwork. Smoke damage often presents itself in the form of a harsh odor remaining in fabrics, carpeting, and open spaces throughout affected areas of your house. Removal of this odor usually requires thermal fogging to break apart odor molecules and leave no noticeable scent behind. Our highly trained technicians will know exactly what to do to address the soot throughout your home and get it back to normal.

If you suffer a home fire, regardless of the extent of damage, it is a good idea to contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to help with all your fire damage remediation needs, including addressing soot. We can be reached 24/7 at 602-386-4268. We’re here to help 24/7 with your remediation needs!

Handling Ash and Soot Cleanup After a Home Fire

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

Whenever a homeowner experiences a house fire, cleaning ash and soot residues becomes essential to get a home back to normal. Smoke created by a fire fills the house and leaves behind residue that’s difficult to clean. Soot residues discolor and ruin contents and building materials inside your house, which is why it’s important to address ash and soot cleanup after a home fire.

Replacing vs. cleaning damaged items

Replacing materials inside your home can get expensive, so cleaning items instead can save you money. SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Phoenix use various approaches to cleaning during the mitigation process, depending on what is damaged by soot. The purpose of cleaning smoke-related damage is to restore the materials to the conditions they were before the fire.
Depending on the items, some cleaning methods work better in certain situations than others. The type of cleaning used depends on the kind of materials that got burned and the type of materials soot damaged.

Fundamentals of cleaning soot damaged items

There are four fundamental elements required to address residues so that they get removed effectively. The first element of cleaning is temperature. Heat increases the speed of chemical reactions in products. SERVPRO's restoration technicians always select the best temperature based on which chemical gets used and the material being cleaned. The next element is agitation. When soot-damaged materials get agitated, the residues get dislodged, and chemicals get distributed across the surface. When cleaning smoke-damaged surfaces, we agitate the surface with towels, brushes, air and water pressure, and sonic vibrations from ultrasonic machines. Soot residues also get cleaned through chemical action. Most chemicals get designed to cause a reaction with the soot, therefore assisting in its removal. The reactions that take place include dissolving, emulsifying, changing pH, oxidizing, bleaching, and digesting. The last element of cleaning is time. Most chemicals need time to appropriately react to the soot and work efficiently. The amount of time needed varies based on the product, type of residue and the kind of surface affected by soot.

Call the cleaning professionals if you experience a house fire

In most scenarios, soot gets cleaned the best by using a variety of elements and principles of cleaning. For professional help with cleaning residues call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 any time of the day. Our technicians will endeavor to restore all your possessions to pre-fire conditions to help you recover from the disaster of a house fire.

Protect Your Home from Fire with Smoke Alarms

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

While many homeowners know the value of smoke alarms and even have them installed in their homes, few take the time to make sure they’re professionally installed and in working order, which can render an alarm useless. You can protect your home from fire with smoke alarms. Learn more about them and your home to stay protected.

Why have a smoke alarm?

Smoke alarms play a vital role in saving lives, and when properly installed, can reduce the risk of fire injury by providing early detection. It can also help minimize damage to your own by early detection of smoke and fire, allowing for faster reaction to the situation. The National Fire Protection Association recommends smoke alarms be installed in every bedroom, outside all sleeping quarters and on every level of the house. Here are a few tips regarding smoke alarm installation, testing and maintenance:

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of the home, including the basement.
  • Smoke alarms should be installed away from the kitchen to prevent false alarms. Generally, they should be at least 10 feet from a cooking appliance.
  • Test smoke alarms at least once a month using the test button.
  • Replace batteries in all smoke alarms at least once a year. If an alarm beeps, the battery is low and should be replaced right away.
  • Replace all smoke alarms when they are 10 years old.

Are smoke alarms enough to protect you?

Smoke alarms work best when paired with a fire escape plan. A plan allows your family, including your family pets, to escape quickly and safely in an emergency situation. Need help creating a fire escape plan? Red Cross put together a helpful fire escape plan that homeowners can use. While smoke alarms obviously can’t prevent a fire, early detection can protect your family’s safety, alerting them to get out of the home in case of fire, and possibly minimizing damage to the home by addressing the fire early.

What happens if you experience a fire?

When tragedy strikes and you experience a fire in your home, the first action is to exit the home quickly. Contact the fire department to extinguish the flames and then contact a fire remediation company like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to help address the damage done by fire, smoke and fire extinguishing materials used by the fire department. From structural concerns to worsening effects that demand efficient mitigation tactics, our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix IICRC-Certified fire and smoke restoration technicians can help. We’ll address the damage and endeavor to make your home look like it never happened, addressing property damage as well as odors to help restore your home.

If you experience a fire in your home, or have questions about fire, smoke, or soot damage, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268. We’re here 24/7 to help!

Does Your Phoenix Home Have a Fire Evacuation Plan?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Emergencies of any kind can happen anywhere, at any time; your home is no different. If you were to have a fire in your home, would you and your family know what to do? Do you have a safe place designated as a meetup spot to ensure everyone is safe? It’s important that you have a family meeting to decide these details and prepare yourselves for all situations, including fire. Having this plan in place can save your family and pets in case of an emergency.

Have a plan

The following is a helpful list of how to make your evacuation plan for your Phoenix home.

  • Create a map of your home and come up with an evacuation plan. Many homeowners have a floorplan of their home or of their model home; if you have one, use that!
    • Consider the best areas to exit the home. Have a backup in case the fire is blocking your exit route.
  • Walk around each room and find at least two ways that you could get out of the home quickly should an emergency strike.
    • Document these details and share them with your family; it will prepare all of you in case of an emergency, and your pets too.
  • Open every window in the house to make sure each one can be easily opened. Fix any that are difficult to open.
    • If you are in an emergency and have one option to exit the home, you want be able to get out in a hurry without fussing with a stuck window.
  • Install smoke alarms in every bedroom and outside each sleeping area. TEST them at least once a year!
    • By making sure you’re going to be alerted properly, you will save time when a fire is truly a threat and get everyone out safely.
  • Select a meeting place in the front of your home that is easily reached by all family members.
    • This needs to be far enough to get away from the smoke and fire, but not too far that you can’t see it from your home. Parents will want to be able to make sure that everyone is out of the house, including your pets, before closing the door to the home.
  • Remember that opening and closing doors increases the amount of oxygen you are giving the fire, so keep the door open on a minimal basis.
  • Make sure every single member of the family is aware of the plan.
  • Rehearse a fire drill
  • Print several copies of your evacuation plan. Tape one to the fridge. Keep another in your garage or other area when everyone can see it.

Don't forget your pets

If you have pets, it’s a good idea to put leashes or travel boxes in a handy place to evacuate them quickly and safely. Assign one person to be responsible to ensure all pets are out safely.

When you experience fire damage

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix should be your first choice for any residential or commercial restoration needs. Our team of professionals is trained to assess the damage and potential threats, extract and contain the affected area, dry, and restore your property to preloss condition. 

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is available 24/7 to help you with any of your fire damage remediation needs. You can contact us at 602-386-4268.

Common Causes for House Fires

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

It may seem that as a homeowner, if you are careful about not leaving fire unattended, you’ll likely avoid a house fire, but there are actually several common causes for home fires that have nothing to do with open flames in your home. Check out this list of events compiled by SERVPRO of Central Phoenix that could cause a home fire so you’re better informed on how to avoid this tragedy.

Outdoor cooking

During the barbeque season, grills left unattended on a wooden deck or next to a wall of a home can bring about a fire. A heated grill next to a wooden fence can easily cause fire, and grills have been known to ignite the exterior walls of a home or garage if placed too close. If you are using materials such as newspaper to start a fire, embers can blow and catch the side of a home on fire. Not all house fires start on the inside, so use caution when barbecuing to keep your home safe.

Holiday decorations

When people think of fires caused by holiday décor, Christmas trees most certainly are the top cause of flames. Christmas trees come with many risks. When the tree becomes dry, a quick spark or light shortage from strands of lights can set the whole tree on fire. Make sure to keep the water reservoir full and to unplug the tree when you are not at home. If you have pets that tend to chew, keep the tree lights high enough where they cannot reach it. Since many people decorate for other holidays like Halloween, these precautions apply to those decorations as well. Do not leave lighting unattended for a long period of time, and do not leave candles burning unattended. Check your lighted décor to make sure it is not overheating; this can cause a fire too if it is near a flammable item or even wood furniture.

Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring does not just happen around the holidays. Any time of year, fires erupt from overheated wiring. To minimize this from occurring, make sure systems are installed properly with their protective features. Do not overload a socket, electrical cord, or extension cord. Check the labeling or gauge rating to understand the capacity of these items to keep your wiring safe.

Unattended candles 

Candles can add beauty and ambiance to a home, and the scented ones are exceptionally popular with homeowners. However, as mentioned above, NEVER leave a flame unattended. Curious children can pick them up or knock them over. Same with pets. Even a long fluffy tail passing by can start a fire. Keep your kids, pets and home safe and always keep an eye on those candles, extinguishing completely if you are leaving the house.


Cigarette butts are a common cause for house fires as cigarettes will sometimes be left unattended or dropped. There have also been situations where the smoker has fallen asleep with a lit cigarette or cigar in their hands, which fall to the ground, on furniture or on the bed, causing a fire. Be careful to always extinguish your cigar or cigarette fully when you are done with it, and do not leave it burning unattended.

Flammable liquids

Chemical fires occur from spontaneous combustion: this is a reaction of chemicals combining with oxygen to produce enough heat to ignite. Be sure to store fuels and other chemicals in proper containers that are protected from heat. Fires like these tend to happen in the kitchen and garage, so take the time to review where your chemicals are stored and ensure they are far away from any kind of heat or spark source.

Kitchen fires

Out of all the scenarios, the most common residential fires come from cooking. This can occur from grease and oil being overheated in the stove or oven, which are highly flammable and combusts without needing direct flame contact. If such an even does occur, be sure to have the correct materials on hand to extinguish a fire (do not throw water on a grease fire; it will make it worse). Many times, open flames and ovens are left unattended when in use which can be a recipe for disaster. Portable cooking appliances like electric griddles and toasters should always be attended and be cool to the touch before being put away after use.

Home fires of any kind can be devastating. Practice caution by following the advice above to help keep your home safe. Should you experience a house fire, reach out to SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to help with your fire damage restoration needs. We are available 24/7 to help you get your home back to normal. Contact us at 602-386-4268 to help with any fire damage needs that you may have.

Fire Prevention for Your Business

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

While it is impossible to 100% protect your business from fire, there are actions you can take to make the prospect of fire damage less likely. We have pulled together a few tips about fire prevention for your business in hopes of keeping your business safe.

Identify potential fire threats

It is much easier to prevent fires when you identify the most likely culprits that could cause a fire at your place of business. Do an audit of your commercial property and look for the following:

  • Faulty electrical wiring and equipment that could spark and cause a fire
  • Clutter, dirt, and debris that can cause a fire, like grease buildup, trash near heater vents, etc.
  • Improperly stored flammable and combustible materials
  • Blocked ventilation
  • Improper cigarette disposal
  • Misuse of equipment
  • Arson and vandalism signs

Your fire preparation efforts should consider each of these potential culprits and should be addressed to minimize the possibility of fire.

Create fire prevention plans for your business

As a business, fire prevention should include putting together a fire prevention plan that incorporates gathering fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and other preventative equipment. Your plan should cover the proper storage and disposal of flammable and combustible materials as well as hazardous waste. Schedule proper maintenance of fire protection equipment, in addition to the appliances and equipment you use regularly. A clean and organized building is less vulnerable because clutter is one of the main causes of commercial fires. Another step would be to create an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP). SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can work with you to create one to keep your staff prepared.

Provide ongoing training for your staff

The next step for fire prevention is to train employees on the proper procedures for reducing the threat of fire. Include training sessions about how to use a fire extinguisher and how to prevent the spread of flames. The training you provide for your employees can go a long way toward reducing fire damage should a fire occur.

Of course, all the preparation in the world cannot stop every fire but using the tips above will make your workplace safer and more protected against the possibility of fire. If your business experiences fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to help with your fire damage needs. We are here 24/7 to serve you. Contact us at (602) 386-4268.

How to Handle a Fire in Your Home

4/23/2020 (Permalink)

Experiencing a house fire can be one of the more traumatic situations a person can endure. Even when the immediate threat of physical harm has passed, the aftermath can be stressful if not completely overwhelming. Fires can do a lot of damage to your home. Sometimes it's hard for a homeowner to know what to do after a fire, so SERVPRO of Central Phoenix put together a few tips to help you get through this situation.

What to Do After A Fire

There are definitely a few actions you should take after a fire in your home once the flames have been extinguished.

  • Limit movement in the home to prevent ash and soot from being tracked and embedded into upholstery, flooring, and carpets.
  • Keep your hands clean to avoid spreading ash on to upholstery, walls, furnishings, and woodwork.
  • If you need to walk around the home, place floor covering carpet traffic areas to keep further damage to a minimum.
  • Wash kids’ and pets’ toys thoroughly
  • Wash pet bowls and bedding thoroughly
  • Wash houseplants on both sides of leaves.
  • Change HVAC filters

Of course, fire remediation specialists can help determine what they can handle vs. what the homeowner can or should do, but oftentimes homeowners are focused on cleaning and recovering immediately. The above items are safe to do if you use caution, and only enter the home if you’ve been told by a professional that its safe to do so.

What NOT to Do After A Fire

There are also several activities you should avoid following a house fire. Many of these are best left to the professionals. Done incorrectly, you could cause even further damage.

  • Don't attempt to wash any walls or painted surfaces or shampoo carpet or upholstery.
  • Don't try to clean any electrical appliances that may have been close to fire, heat, or water.
  • Don't turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet. The wiring may be damaged.
  • Don’t turn on the A/C or ceiling fans even if it’s safe to do so, as you could further spread ash and soot throughout the house.
  • Don't send garments to an ordinary dry cleaner. Improper cleaning may set a smoke odor.

If you’re not sure what you should do after a fire, don’t do anything and defer to the professionals. After any fire damage situation, your primary focus should be safety first.

If you have a fire or smoke damage emergency in your home, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268. We are available 24/7 and are here to help you get through this challenging and stressful time.

Why Call SERVPRO After a Fire in Your Phoenix Home?

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

In the aftermath of a house fire, it’s hard to think about what the next steps should be. Who do you call? Who is best qualified to help with cleanup and restoration? Is it even worth trying to restore fire and smoke-damaged items? So many questions during such a stressful time. That’s why you should call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to work with you every step of the way after a fire in your Phoenix home.

Wait for the pros to help assess the damage

When your home has been damaged by fire or smoke damage, your first impulse may be to start cleaning to get things back to normal immediately. Although we understand the desire to restore order as quickly as possible, calling the smoke and fire restoration professionals at SERVPRO can save you time, money, and headaches. Here’s an overview of the process that we take with each fire to make your home "Like it never even happened." 

Handling the aftermath of a fire strategically

After even a small house fire, the structure of the home will need to be thoroughly cleaned. This likely includes ceilings, walls, woodwork, carpeting, and other floorings. Our restoration specialists will pretest each area to determine the extent of the damage and utilize specialized products and techniques for each individual surface as appropriate for the best results. Depending on the amount and type of soot and smoke, it may be possible to keep costs down and avoid having to paint and refinish some walls and woodwork from smoke damage. Our professionals will advise you on how extensive the damage is, how they’ll address it, and what if any additional work might need to be done. 

The contents of your home in the affected areas will be cleaned and deodorized. This can include furniture, drapes, upholstery, and area rugs. Other items in your home, such as furniture, kitchen items, clothing, and bedding, will also be cleaned as necessary. We have experts on staff who are specialists in fire restoration cleaning and restoring your artwork, electronics, and precious family photographs. Finally, the contents of your home will be thoroughly inventoried so you can rest assured that your belongings are being safely maintained and treated professionally.

After the cleaning is complete, your home will be thoroughly deodorized to eliminate any lingering odors left by the fire or smoke damage. Our treatments eliminate the odors at their source. 

Don’t go it alone

Even a small house fire can have devastating and lasting consequences that need the expertise of a professional to address and avoid further damage. Don't go it alone. Call the trusted professionals at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to get the job done right quickly and efficiently. We can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 602-386-4268. 

Get Help with Odors Caused by Fire Damage in Your Phoenix Home

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You recently experienced one of the most traumatic incidents a homeowner can face: fire in your home. The flames are out, leaving significant damage, not to mention the water damage done by the firefighters battling the flames. On top of all that, there now permeates an odor throughout your home you’re certain you’ll never get out. Now what? You need to get professional help with odors caused by fire damage When your Phoenix home becomes inundated with these odors, it’s time to call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix.

The odors can linger from fire damage

Once your Phoenix home sustains fire damage, the smell of smoke and soot can linger indefinitely. While these odors slightly improve when the air becomes drier or when the temperature decreases, they never truly disappear without professional intervention. Structural mitigation and restoration do very little to alleviate an odor problem that can make your family miserable and almost unbearable to stay in the house. Odors from soot particles left behind by burning plastics and other synthetics can make food taste bad, your clothing smell, and even cause health effects in some individuals. SERVPRO's Odor Control Technician (OCT) can help eliminate the odors you’re experiencing, and do it quickly.

Fire mitigation and next steps

Through our fire damage mitigation efforts, we eliminate most of the smoke residue in your home. If your ventilation system was running during the fire (heating, cooling, bathroom or kitchen exhaust, etc.), soot could have found its way inside and into adjacent areas which in turn traps odors. Areas behind cabinets, above ceilings, and inside walls hide soot particles as well, but our professionals know how to seek these areas out and get to the root of the odors.

The science of identifying and eliminating odors can be a tricky thing, so give us a call, and leave the restoration to us. We use a technique to get to these particles wherever they might hide. Instead of removing them manually, thermal fogging eliminates their ability to return to your home's air. The forced mist spreads out in the same way the smoke did and chemically bonds with any loose soot particles. The added weight makes it impossible for the soot to get lifted back into the air currents that travel through your home, keeping your family from smelling them again.

Odors can be challenging to fight

Other areas that might hold onto odors include carpeting and drapes. While soot can remain trapped here and thermal fogging might not reach all of the residue hiding in the backing and pad underneath carpeting, we can still treat the area with potent and long-lasting liquid deodorizers. We can inject these directly into the absorbent padding. Other areas that continue to harbor odor sources often respond well to hidden gel packs, of which we have several different scents. These also last a significant amount of time.

Proper training in odor removal

We have the training and equipment to identify and eliminate these offensive odors. By identifying the cause of the odor, and determining the conditions where it contacts surfaces, the odor can often be removed over time without a trace. Our technicians have access to several odor removal products capable of penetrating surfaces to neutralize an unpleasant odor thoroughly. Call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 to make sure that every aspect of your home's fire damage mitigation, including the elimination of odors, is handled professionally and by skilled specialists.

Can Your Home Really Be Restored After Fire Damage?

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Phoenix homeowners who have suffered from a house fire and the damages it leaves behind have many obstacles to face once the flames have been put out. One question that every homeowner asks is whether their home will ever be the same after experiencing their house burning down. Not only do the flames cause damage, but so does the smoke and the water used to douse the flames, making it hard to believe that a home can ever be restored. Can your home really be restored after experiencing fire damage?  The answer is a resounding “yes!” Learn how the professionals at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix get it done.

Restoring Damages from House Fire

After the fire crews are gone and you’re facing a substantial clean up effort, there are a few critical steps that need to be taken to get your home back to the way it was before the fire.

Here is the fire damage restoration process followed by fire remediation professionals who are well-trained and experienced in situations like these.

Call Fire Remediation Company

Dealing home or commercial property fire can be very stressful and requires great expertise. It is extremely important to call a fire damage company to secure the exposed areas and handle the cleanup, including the repair of soot, smoke and water damage, as well as the smoke odor.

Assessment of Fire Damages

Once a technician from the fire remediation company arrives at the site, they will get to work to immediately assessing the damages. This initial step usually involves inspection of the affected area and its contents to determine how to best approach the situation. They will develop a customized action plan for restoration, including adding a tarp to the roof and board-ups for damaged windows and walls.

Eliminate Items Damaged in House Fire

Residential fire damage professionals eliminate all damaged items along with removing the residual smoke smell using the appropriate techniques. They wear protective clothing and use state-of-the-art equipment to remove the damaged materials before they begin any kind of cleanup. Cleanup may include removing soot from all surfaces, addressing any fire-related odors, and water removal and drying if water is present. These professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to make sure that the fire damage cleanup efforts are successful.

Begin Restoration for House Fire

The goal of the repair and restoration process is to try and return the home to the state it was before the fire damage. We clean, sanitize, and disinfect all of the affected items and structures that were damaged in the house fire. We’re also trained to remove smoke odors using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment. 

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has been helping both residential and commercial properties affected by fire get back to preloss conditions within a short amount of time utilizing our own in-house Restoration Construction Division run by Temple, a licensed and bonded KB2 contractor, as part of our construction building services.

A home fire can be a traumatic experience, but cleanup damage restoration don’t have to be! Contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 any day of the week. We’re here for you 24/7 every day of the year!

Tips on How to Remove Black Smoke from Walls

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Soot from Fire Damage on Phoenix Home Wall

After a fire within your Phoenix home or place of business, the fire restoration process can seem drawn out and quite tedious, but cleaning the black smoke, or soot from the walls is really important.

Being that the crews here at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix have cleaned soot off all kinds of walls, we thought we’d share some tips that help the best.

Black smoke is soot, an amorphous carbon residue left behind after an incomplete burning of organic matter. Especially when it comes to soot, cleaning up after a fire is typically done by professionals as it can be very difficult.

Cleaning up After Fire Damage

The first tip for cleaning soot off walls after a fire is wear protective clothing. It is also highly recommended that you wear a respirator while cleaning and be sure it has a good filter in it. The respirator will prevent the small particles from going into your lungs when you breathe, protecting you from many soot related health issues.

Another tip for cleaning up the soot damage on walls includes the use of a dry cleaning sponge. Do not use any water with it. After thoroughly vacuuming, use the dry-cleaning sponge starting at the top of the wall and work your way down using downward strokes only. It is important to use the downward strokes rather than a scrubbing motion, as scrubbing will cause the stain to spread. 

A Degreaser Can Do the Trick

Using a degreaser is another way to help remove soot off walls after house or commercial fire damage. Be sure to Rinse with hot water afterwards and allow the walls to air dry for several hours. Ventilate the room by opening all the doors and windows. Setting up some industrial fans will also help.

Soot and Fire Damage Experts in Phoenix

If you’re still having issues, or realize that this is a job for the professionals, call fire and smoke damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, 602-386-4268. Available 24/7 withwell trained and certified techs, we are experienced in utilizing proven methods to remove odors and soot caused by a fire within a Phoenix home or place of business.

Cleaning a Home Damaged by Fire Smoke

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Knowing how to clean the smoke from your fire damaged home is not common knowledge. During a house fire, or basically any fire at all, the smoke penetrates all kinds of household surfaces, including carpets, flooring, furniture and even walls. Fire smoke contains odorous, tiny particles that attach themselves to a surface leaving the smell hard to remove. 

The odor from smoke is extremely difficult to get rid of, and really never goes away completely. The lingering smoke odor can cause  nausea and headaches. Attempting to use things like aerosols and perfumes will only help dilute the odor, but unless the tiny particles are appropriately eliminated, removing the odor from fire smoke will be impossible. Ideally, you should call your trusted fire and smoke damage restoration company, like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, but there are a couple of things you can try first that have been successful.

So, How Do I Clean Fire Damage Smoke

Initially, for cleaning up smoke damage,  use some mild soap to wash any surfaces affected by the fire damage is your best bet. Wash all clothing or have them dry cleaned. Comb through the entire house and dust all items. For carpeting, lay down a layer of baking soda and let it sit for 24 hours before vacuuming it up. Then steam clean them along with the upholstery on any furniture.

Have your HVAC system cleaned by a professional and remember to use an air purifier during the entire process of cleaning the smoke from the fire damage in your home.. 

White vinegar is highly effective in cleaning smoke from items affected in a house fire. It eliminates odors naturally. While your at it, place bowls of vinegar in rooms also affected by the smoke, and leave them there for several days. The same thing can be done with baking soda as well.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Or you can save yourself the hassle and call the professionals you trust at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix.  With unique equipment and highly advanced techniques, all your things will smoke odor free in no time. Call 602-386-4208 so that  we can get your things odor free and cleaned for good.

5 Ways to Protect Phoenix Property From Active Brush Fire Season

5/1/2019 (Permalink)

Phoenix Valley firefighters are preparing for an active brush fire season this year after all the heavy winter rain we had. In fact, recent strong winds are signaling to the Phoenix Fire Department that the start of brush fire season is approaching.

Washes and alleyways all around the Valley are seeing a lot more over-growth this year. When the sweltering heat dries all those shrubs up, these washes and alleyways now act as corridors that can carry a fire blocks away, leaving your Phoenix home or business property at risk.

SERVPRO of Phoenix all too often sees the devastation of losing a home or place of business to fire damage when, unfortunately they could have been prevented. We’ve come up with the top 5 ways you can protect your property from becoming a disaster.   

1. Eliminate Brush and Shrubbery Around Property

Dead pine needles, leaves and other dead plants serve as a kindling, like when you're attempting to start a fire. Eliminating them is the first thing you'll want to do. It is recommended that you create at least a five-foot barrier around the property that is free of any fire dangers. Use rocks instead of grass or keep your grass short and healthy.

2. Store Firewood Away From Building Structure

Keep firewood and other lumber away from the building structure. It's best to keep the wood in a fire resistant box or at least cover it with a tarp, keeping it a safe distance from the property at all times.

3. Keep Gutters Clean

When gutters aren't cleaned regularly, they fill up with dead leaves and pine needles which will easily spark especially during the hot summer days. Cleaning them regularly keeps them clean of any fire-worthy debris.

4. Check All Smoke Detectors

Be sure to check on the batteries and test the smoke detectors regularly. New smoke detectors on the market can even alert you on your phone to any fire dangers putting your property at risk so that you can take necessary precautions.

5. Always Choose Fire-resistant Roofing and Paneling

Although it may be a bit pricey, ridding your building structure of any wooden shingles or wood paneling on the outside of your property could save you overall from property fire damage.

Introducing the Simple Way to Phoenix Fire Damage Remediation Success

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Odors can remain in the debris and in the walls of your home after a fire. Contact SERVPRO for effective fire damage remediation.

SERVPRO has the Equipment to Tackle Fire Odor in Phoenix

The only thing worse than fire damage in a home is being reminded of it every time you enter a room and smell those faint smoke odors left behind. That is why it is crucial, even with a minor fire, to have your home professionally restored so the unpleasant smell of soot can also be removed.

SERVPRO was called to mitigate fire odor in a Phoenix home left behind by a frying mishap in the kitchen. The smoke and soot damage was not severe, but as with most protein-type fires, the pungent odor was strong.

When SERVPRO technicians arrived, there were still tell-tale signs of the fire due to the discolored walls and ceiling area around the stove. Odor-causing particles can hide in the smoke residue, and it is important to remove. Our technicians used wet sponges with our deodorizing cleaning solutions to wipe away the traces on the walls and other surfaces affected by smoke and soot.

Protein fires are particularly tough to clean because the protein-rich fibers in foods such as meat or eggs burn as a nearly invisible mist and coats everything in the general vicinity with a fine layer that is difficult to see but has a scent. Worse, porous items such as upholstery on kitchen chairs, soak it up and require deep cleaning to remove the odor.

We have numerous techniques and methods for odor control, and we apply them depending on the unique circumstances and the level of treatment needed. The odor left in the kitchen was still potent even after thoroughly hand cleaning the affected parts of the room. One of our most powerful pieces of odor control equipment is an ozone machine which as the name implies, generates ozone. When ozone comes into contact with odor-causing molecules, oxidation happens, and the odor is removed at the molecular level.

Fire odor can be a terrible reminder of a fire in your kitchen. Call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268; we have the equipment and expertise to eliminate odors left behind by fire damage.

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How SERVPRO Remediates Fire Damage in Phoenix

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Call SERVPRO Franchise professionals to restore your fire damaged home.

When Fire Damage Happens to Your Phoenix Property These Services Get Things Under Control

After a fire happens to someone's Phoenix-area home, the occupants need to face many immediate changes in their lives. The differences between the time before the fire and afterward carry over into work and school, obligations to family and friends, hobbies, and everyday mundane activities. We have several services that help put you back into control over different aspects while others dramatically decrease the amount of damage your personal belongings experience.  

If your home in Phoenix sustains fire damage that makes your home unlivable and needs mitigation and restoration work to make it habitable again, we can help. We have teams of specialists that do this type of work, as well as other teams that take care of other details.  

To protect your home from both the elements and possible intruders, we protect the exterior of your home with board-up services, tarping, temporary fencing, and temporary lighting, if needed. These small acts protect your property but also decrease your liability. Prevention of additional damage by vandals or thefts by those wishing to take advantage of your situation is another benefit.  

One of our teams can do initial cleaning once the structure is deemed safe to enter. We clean these surfaces within the first 48 hours after a fire to decrease the likelihood of permanent etching, marring, and staining caused by soot and smoke residue. Many surfaces that otherwise survive a fire can become unusable because of the corrosion that occurs with even the thinnest layers of the finest soot.  

Boxing up of your personal belongings for cleaning and deodorization at our facility protects them and keeps anything from becoming lost. During this process, we compile a detailed inventory of each item, with any visible damage noted. The inventory sheets allow you to find items you need immediately for your family quickly.  

When items need specialized care from outside restoration experts, as in the case of antiques, fine art, and heirloom or fragile items, we can wrap these in shrink-wrap for extended storage, as well as more secure handling and shipment, if necessary.  

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix offers the residents of Camelback East, Encanto, and the Sky Harbor area these and other services. Fire damage can make your life stressful and feel uncertain. We do our best to bring this phase of your life to a conclusion and work with you every step of the way. Call (602) 386-4268 for skilled professionals who can give you expert guidance during this time.

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Our Team Of Specialists Can Restore Your Fire Damaged Home In Phoenix

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Fire damage events can soil different surfaces and contents within your home.

Cleaning Your Phoenix Property During Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage events can soil different surfaces and contents within your home. To loosen the soils from the affected surfaces, you need professional restoration services. Before our experts can choose an appropriate method to clean the affected areas, we have to perform a site inspection. During the inspection, we identify salvageable items and the different kinds of smoke residues in your Phoenix property.

Mechanical actions are part of the procedures that our SERVPRO technicians employ to dislodge smoke particles during fire damage restoration in Phoenix. We usually use agitation methods before introducing other cleaning actions. For instance, if we start by using a wet cleaning technique, some surfaces can absorb the smoke particles and make the cleaning process more challenging. We employ mechanical cleaning procedures when we are dealing with non-greasy residues and when the surface can withstand the agitation.

In some situations, our SERVPRO technicians may decide to make some areas slippery for the cleaning process to be more efficient. We achieve that through a process known as lubrication. During the process, the bond between the surface and the smoke particles is loosened, and as a result, they slide into a cleaning agent. Some detergents can perform emulsification and lubrication at the same time. Where necessary, we can introduce chemical actions during the restoration process. We do that when the chemical process alters the particles and breaks their connection with the surface. For instance, we can remove oxidized stains from wool and cotton rugs through specific chemical actions.

Suspension and dispersion are part of the cleaning procedures that our SERVPRO technicians perform. Once the soils or particles are dislodged from the surfaces, we use a cleaning product that suspends and disperses them. Finally, we remove both the particles and the cleaning agent. We dispose of the extracted residues as per the local and state regulations.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is a trusted industry leader that uses specialized equipment to offer fire damage restoration and cleaning services. Our 24-hour emergency services meet the needs of both commercial and residential properties. Call us at (602) 386-4268 to have all your questions answered.

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Our Restoration Technicians Can Restore Your Fire Damaged Property In Phoenix Quickly

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To ensure further fire damage does not take place in your Phoenix property, make sure you alert our SERVPRO team immediately.

You Need Fast Response When Restoring Your Phoenix Building after A Fire Damage Event

It is difficult to predict when your property is likely to experience fire damage. If a fire breaks out in your building and it is successfully put off before it can consume everything, the soot and smoke damage that it leaves behind needs to be cleaned. Additionally, some structures may be severely damaged and need reconstruction; our team can perform a site inspection and come up with procedures to clear up the mess in your Phoenix home.

To ensure further fire damage does not take place in your Phoenix property, make sure you alert our SERVPRO team immediately the incident takes place. Reporting to the site earlier enough allows us to assess the degree of damage and choose the right equipment to do the restoration work. We document everything and share with the homeowner so that our clients are aware of the operations we are undertaking.

If we perform a pretest and find out the walls of the building are likely to absorb the liquid cleaning products, then we might decide to use mechanical action as an initial process to detach the residues. During this step, we clean dry and non-greasy smoke residues from surfaces before using wet cleaning methods such as lubrication. We can also use a cleaning product to suspend and disperse of the loose residues.

It can be a challenge to address the soot on high vaulted ceilings when you do not have the right equipment. If the area is broad enough, our SERVPRO technicians can use a man lift when cleaning towering ceilings. Smoke particles may penetrate into wall cavities, and if they mix with the fire extinguishing agents, rotting might take place a release of unpleasant odors may occur. By using foggers that break the odor molecules, we can neutralize the odors. Applying fragrances has never been a reliable solution when it comes to solving the odor problem.

Never face the damages of a disaster alone when SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can help you to return your commercial or residential property to its former state. Call our experienced technicians today at (303) 604-6607 for a smooth restoration and cleaning process.

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Fire Damage Technicians Out of Phoenix Describe the Work Process

8/3/2018 (Permalink)

Any type of fire damage in your home can be overwhelming. Should your home suffer through a fire, contact SERVPRO right away.

Team SERVPRO is Standing by Ready to Remediate Your Home After a Fire

Any time a fire starts in Phoenix, the entire situation can be devastating. As soon as the blaze ignites the first step is to make sure everyone near it is safe. The next step is to put out the flames using water or an extinguisher. After it gets put out is when mitigation work is necessary. Anytime something burns inside your home, building materials and contents can receive a wide variety of types of damage. Therefore, mitigation and restoration procedures require utilizing different techniques.
The two main elements of a blaze that can cause problems are its heat and smoke. When mitigating fire damage in Phoenix, our SERVPRO technicians are trained to deal with the large variety of potential issues. We follow a set work process everytime from the beginning of a job until the end. Following a set process helps us make sure we do not miss anything and ensures the results are consistent.
Our SERVPRO restoration team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and know that professionalism begins as soon as we take your call. Once we arrive at your residence, we greet you and get your information to start our job file. We find out more from you about what happened and preview the loss.
The next step is the consult and test stage. Our IICRC certified estimators complete a full examination of the problems that took place as a result of the fire. We test clean affected contents and materials to see what we can restore and what will need to be replaced. During the inspection process, we listen to you to find out where all of the affected areas could be.
After we finish the inspection, we come up with a detailed initial estimate for you and your insurance adjuster. Once the work is officially approved we develop a work scope and plan the different types of mitigation procedures. If anything changes during the work process we work with you and your adjuster to approve the change. If you ever need help after something burns on your property, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 any day of the week.

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We Offer Reliable Fire Damage Services In Phoenix

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SERVPRO has experience in fire damage restoration that you can trust.

Fire Damage Services

A fire in your home can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Smoke, soot, and flames can cause significant damage to your property. Fire residues can also ruin expensive furniture, carpeting as well as the flooring in your Phoenix home. Plus, fire can burn or char parts of the structure and materials in the home. Once the fire has been put out, dirt, soot, and offensive smoke residues can linger inside the home.

Professional SERVPRO fire damage restoration services in Phoenix can restore your home when possible. Our trained crew can use a variety of cleaning methods to remove fire residues from the affected areas of your home. Fires can damage or weaken the structure of the home, which is why contacting us right away is wise. We are nearby and can be at your residence in a matter of hours after your initial contact.

After our team inspects the home for damages, they may perform minor repairs to the structure such as boarding up a missing window or door or taping to protect specific areas of the structure. If larger carpenter jobs are necessary, we suggest homeowners contact a general contractor. Removing items from the home that are unsalvageable like charred furniture and burned clothing and drapery is also part of the restoration stage. Items and materials in the home that are salvageable are cleaned, and sanitized and can be stored in a safe area away from the structure until the restoration is complete.

SERVPRO has experience in fire damage restoration that you can trust. They can use air scrubbers, fans and top-grade fogging equipment to quickly eliminate strong smoke odors. Also, they may use industrial cleansers to remove soot and dirt from the floors, walls, and ceilings. Industrial odor removal products may also be used to clean and remove odors from items and materials affected by the fire.

When possible, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can restore your fire damaged property to its preloss condition. It is the goal of our certified team to make you feel “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (602) 386-4268 24/7 for our professional services.

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Fire Damage Technicians In Phoenix Explain Different Types Of Smoke Residues

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

Phoenix Smoke & Fire Damage? Contact SERVPRO for Cleanup, Restoration, and Odor Removal

The Nature of Soot and Smoke Dictate the Cleanup Method Utilized by SERVPRO for Phoenix Area Properties

Whenever a fire burns at your residence in Phoenix, heat, flames, and smoke can all damage items and cause problems. Building materials close to the source of the burn can suffer charring and heat damage. Smoke created by particles that do not entirely combust can travel throughout a building leaving behind, soils, soot residues, and unpleasant smells.

Residues vary according to what fuels burned in the fire. When restoring fire damage in Phoenix, multiple cleaning methods get implemented to remove the different types of soils. Other factors change the kind of residues that exist on surfaces after a burn including the rate of combustion and the amount of oxygen present during the fire.
Structural burns create smoke that is either wet, dry or a combination of the two. Many blazes generate various amounts of wet and dry smoke during different phases of the fire. The two types of smoke have different properties. Therefore our SERVPRO technicians utilize several techniques when cleaning.
Generally, soot residues left behind by wet smoke is more challenging to remove. Wet smoke is created when oxygen-starved, slow-burning fires, and smoldering take place. Synthetic materials such as foam, plastic, or rubber also tend to create wet smoke.
Wet smoke contains a higher number of aerosols such as varnishes, solvents, and other liquid components. With slow-burning fires, wet smoke does not get pulled by heat. Wet smoke can travel further and into deep cracks and crevices where smoke from a fast burning fire would not have gone.
Many times contents that get affected by wet smoke get ruined and must be replaced. Wet smoke can permanently discolor plastic items. Aerosols inside the smoke can penetrate and permanently stain finished surfaces. Wet smoke can also penetrate deep into unfinished surfaces causing permanent damage. For these reasons thermal fogging, when possible, recreates the path of the circulated smoke and soot and combines and neutralizes the odors inherent in these particles.
Materials that got affected by dry smoke during a blaze are the areas where cleaning and restoring is possible. Dry smoke is created when fires that burn natural materials like wood get plenty of oxygen and burn fast and hot. Dry smoke contains fewer aerosols and consists of dry particles that can be wiped of using dry sponges or water-based chemicals.
The combination of the two kinds of smoke change what can be saved with cleaning and what cannot. Call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 24/7 for a professional solution.

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Fire Damage Specialists Out of Phoenix

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

After a fire, some items will require cleaning and some will need to be properly disposed of. Contact SERVPRO for remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Four Fundamental Elements When Cleaning Soot Damage

Whenever a fire starts at your Phoenix home, cleaning soot residues becomes essential. Smoke created by a fire fills the building and leaves behind soils. Soot residues discolor and ruin contents and building materials inside your house.
Replacing materials inside your home gets expensive, so cleaning materials instead can save your insurance company money. SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Phoenix use various elements of cleaning during the mitigation process. The purpose of cleaning smoke-related damage is to restore the materials to the conditions they were before the fire.
When cleaning a variety of principles and elements of cleaning get used. Some principles and methods work better in certain situations than others. The type of cleaning used depends on the kind of materials that got burned and the type of materials soot damaged.
There are four fundamental elements required to suspend residues so that they get removed. The first element of cleaning is temperature. Heat increases the speed of chemical reactions in products. SERVPRO's restoration technicians always select the best temperature based on which chemical gets used and the material being cleaned.
The next element is agitation. When soot-damaged materials get agitated, the residues get dislodged, and chemicals get distributed across the surface. When cleaning smoke-damaged surfaces, we agitate the surface with towels, brushes, air and water pressure, and sonic vibrations from ultrasonic machines.
Soot residues also get cleaned through chemical action. Most chemicals get designed to cause a reaction with the soot, therefore assisting in its removal. The reactions that take place include dissolving, emulsifying, changing pH, oxidizing, bleaching, and digesting.
The last element of cleaning that gets used by professionals is time. Most chemicals need time to appropriately react to the soot and work efficiently. The amount of time needed varies based on the product, type of residue and the kind of surface affected by soot.
In most scenarios, soot gets cleaned the best by using a variety of elements and principles of cleaning. For professional help with cleaning residues call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 any time of the day.

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Fire Damage Cleanup After Lightning Strikes Your Phoenix Home

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

When lightning strikes your home, it is likely fires will start in the attic and inside the walls.

SERVPRO is Here to Help When Fire Damage Strikes

If you realize your home in Phoenix has been hit by lightning, you should call the fire department. It is common for fires to start in the attic and inside walls of homes when lightning strikes directly. These fires inside enclosed spaces might not be visible when they first start. Often, lightning which passes through a house branches and uses more than one path to ground at a time. It can jump from one conductive path to another as well.

Lightning can quickly start a fire and create fire damage to your Phoenix home. Once the fire is out, the damage can continue due to smoke and soot. SERVPRO can help you clean up this soot covering in your home and prevent additional damages. Once you contact us, we waste no time in getting to your home to help you.

Some soot residues are more straightforward to clean than others. Each fire goes through stages and crates both dry and wet smoke. Wet smoke is usually more difficult to clean.

More kinds of materials can be restored when exposed to dry smoke than wet. Dry smoke residues contain fewer aerosols and deposit small, dry particles on surfaces. It also does not stain surfaces as deeply as wet smoke, plus the odor is not as pungent. SERVPRO staff use cleaning procedures that are less aggressive to get rid of residues from dry smoke.

Restoration, when wet smoke residues are present, is more difficult, as they are harder to clean. Wet smoke usually has a high number of aerosols like solvents, varnishes, and other liquid components. During a slow-burning fire, air currents do not drive the smoke from the fire’s heat. Wet smoke also moves slowly and has time to get into crevices and enclosed areas which generally would not get contaminated by a fire that is burning fast.

Many times, contents exposed to wet smoke and a smoldering fire cannot be restored. Aerosols found in wet smoke penetrate and stain finished surfaces, and unfinished surfaces absorbed and entrap the residues.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix knows how to clean up all kinds of smoke residues, so your home in Encanto, Midtown Phoenix or Camelback East is thoroughly restored after a fire. Just get in touch with us at (602) 386-4268 as soon as the fire is out.

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Fire Damage Deodorization Services in Phoenix

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

You can rely on SERVPRO's IICRC-certified technicians to remove smoke odors and restore your home, "Like it never even happened."

Getting Rid of the Odors Left Behind from a House Fire

Fire is a very common, often unforeseeable disaster that can result in the loss of lives and physical destruction of homes, neighborhoods, and livestock in your Phoenix area. Perhaps the most frustrating aftermath of fire damage is the intolerable odor that lingers behind. Finding the source of these odors and then eliminating them requires vast knowledge and specific deodorization equipment.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience fire damage in Phoenix, our team of experts can support you throughout the restoration process. With many years of experience, we understand how distressing it can be when this type of tragedy occurs. Following IICRC guidelines, our technicians can restore your home to preloss condition quickly and efficiently to make it habitable again.

Effective fire damage deodorization requires using a combination of different techniques. This is because identifying and counteracting each source of odor with its own specific method is not realistic. In most cases, SERVPRO fire damage restorers can get rid of the bad smells without needing additional steps.

It is important to note that odor removal does not equal odor control. When it comes to deodorization, the first step is removing the source causing the odor. The second step is getting rid of any residues in the area. After cleaning, SERVPRO technicians follow up by air scrubbing or ventilating to get rid of odor molecules from the house.

Chemical containment is important in fire damage deodorization to prevent odor molecules from vaporizing into the air. This phase involves decontaminating odor-causing materials with a chemical deodorizer, which forms a barrier that keeps the odor molecules from escaping from the source material. To complete the process, our technicians neutralize any odor particles that may have vaporized into the air by applying advanced deodorant products into the surrounding air. The vapors from these products counteract the pungent smells they come across.

The cumulative effects of fire damage (which may involve evacuation, displacement, or relocation) should not be underestimated. As you protect your loved ones from the aftermath of the crisis, SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can come in and begin the restoration process. For any assistance, call us today at (602) 386-4268.

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SERVPRO Makes a Difference in Restoring Fire Damage in Your Phoenix Area Home

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

To avoid hazards, call SERVPRO before reentering your home after a fire.

Rely on SERVPRO for your fire restoration needs

No one is perfect; accidents occur on a regular basis in any home. SERVPRO responds to requests for fire damage restoration in the Phoenix area quite often. Everyone is equally susceptible to fire. Fire does not discriminate, furiously wreaking havoc on anyone, regardless of your situation in life.

A small fire in your Phoenix area home can leave behind extreme fire damage. If the charred area left by the flames isn't bad enough, you also get to deal with smoke, soot, and ash residue, along with the damage that continues long after the flames are out. Anyone who experiences a fire needs help to recover properly, the hazards alone make seeking professional help your best chance at recovery.

The fire may start in a localized area, such as your kitchen. However, the heat and temperature of the fire push smoke and ash particles much further. They can reach far outside the initial point of combustion. If you had your ventilation system running at the time of the incident, your entire home could be at risk. You need someone, like the professionals at SERVPRO, to perform at an optimal level to restore your home quickly.

You should contact our offices before attempting to reenter your home after a fire. SERVPRO can locate and remove hazards, identify key areas, and help you reduce any costs associated with your claim by providing you with a one-stop solution to every problem that exists. We spend countless hours training so that we can offer services that make handling emergency situations easier. There is no reason for you to take these tasks on alone, in fact, you may find that we can save many items or personal belongings that you might have considered a total loss.

When you are looking for a resolution to fire damage in your home, contact our office. Our technicians do everything in their power to make the damages disappear, “Like it never even happened.” Take advantage of our expertise, get the results you deserve and get things back to normal quickly. 

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix stands ready to present you with IICRC-industry certified technicians, advanced industrial-grade equipment, and vast resources that make your recovery, easier, call today. (602) 386-4268

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Your Phoenix Area Home and Fire Damage

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Restore Your Fire Damaged Home in Phoenix with SERVPRO's Help and Expertise

Rely on SERVPRO for Great Restoration After a Fire

Dealing with a fire itself can be rough, but then you get into dealing with your insurance company, and it turns into something else entirely. If you file your paperwork incorrectly or say something the wrong way, your insurance company may just decline to pay.
Even if you do not have fire damage insurance for your Phoenix area home, you can get the help you need. Try to get help through an online fundraiser; people may very well help you out if they feel that your cause is just. You can also go to your church for help, The American Red Cross, or even FEMA. There is an abundance of disaster relief programs available in your area, the point is, never give up before you have exhausted every alternative.
SERVPRO shares your eagerness, thoughts, and concerns over recovering your property after a fire. We always steer our mentality to restoration before replacement. If an item is restorable, we do our best to get it done the right way. We have an entire team of expertly trained technicians who prioritize certain aspects of your restoration, striving to reduce interruptions and minimize the number of losses you experience after a fire.
While every situation has its unique circumstances, having a preferred vendor, like SERVPRO, helps reduce costs and get you the best results possible. We do everything from inspecting everything to eliminate potential hazards to putting the finishing touches on your restoration, providing you with a one-stop source for all of your restoration needs, and more.
SERVPRO IICRC industry certified technicians have helped homeowners just like you overcome fire damage of all shapes and sizes. A small kitchen fire or an entire structural fire can look far worse than it is. Your stove's ventilation hood might melt while if, given the right attention, your countertop, cabinets, walls, floor, and ceiling recover nicely. It just takes training and experience to understand what to do to help get everything looking normal again.  
SERVPRO of Central Phoenix provides you with more than normal recovery services; we go beyond what someone might expect. Call us today for access to true fire damage restoration services. (602) 386-4268

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