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Phoenix Flooding, Monsoons, Broken Pipes, Punctured Roof? Call SERVPRO to Mitigate the Damage

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Phoenix Flooding, Monsoons, Broken Pipes, Punctured Roof? Call SERVPRO to Mitigate the Damage Carpet Restoration and Removal Post Flooding in Phoenix--Professionally Done by SERVPRO

How Flood from an Appliance Damages Your Phoenix Home Affects Carpeting

Some of the most noticeable effects of water damage that happen to carpet and rugs throughout your home are obvious. As they are made from porous and sensitive materials, most carpets are built without significant protection against water and flood intrusion. When a broken pipe spews water that submerges a carpet, it begins to undergo permanent changes that create lasting visual deficiencies in that section of your home's flooring. SERVPRO technicians are skilled at mitigating costs by replacing as little damaged material as possible, but after some of these effects, at least partial restoration features in many of our jobs.

Shrinking Carpets
One of the most obvious ways that carpet in your Phoenix home can sustain flood damage is through shrinkage of the material. As water fills the porous spaces between the fibers that compose your carpeting, those spaces expand and stretch out farther than they would when dry. As the water dries out, the gaps close again but may shrink far beyond what may be required to return to normal. Shrinking carpets also pull on tack strips and any other structural elements attached to the floor. In the case of the shrinkage being caused by groundwater flooding, then the wet materials must be discarded.

Bacterial and Fungal Growth
The longer it takes to remove water from your carpet, the more opportunities microbes such as mold and bacteria have to start to grow and form colonies in your home. Because these can sometimes cause health effects, they should be taken seriously and handled by a certified remediation company like SERVPRO.

Color Bleed
The pigments used in many carpets and rugs can begin to break down and bleed into nearby materials when soaked in water. A fast response is critical to ensure that all relevant materials can be separated and any existing discoloration can be rectified or at least stymied. SERVPRO responds Faster To Any Size Disaster to ensure that time-sensitive issues such as color bleeding cause as little damage as possible to your home.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is a fully certified provider of home damage mitigation and restoration services. Call us 24/7 for emergency help at (602) 386-4268.

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How Professionals Restore Flood Damage in Phoenix

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Professionals Restore Flood Damage in Phoenix Violent storms can bring heave rain and flooding to Phoenix.

The Immediate Effects of Flooding on Your Phoenix Home

With an average annual rainfall rarely exceeding 8 inches, it might be surprising for many Phoenix homeowners to consider restoration and recovery from flooding. While some might not ever experience this phenomenon in the area, others in the lower lying basins of the region can often find themselves most susceptible to storm damages and other avenues for flooding in their properties. Whenever disasters like these strike, you can count on the fast response and dedicated work of our professionals to make it “Like it never even happened.”

When it comes to flood damage in your Phoenix home, there are many hurdles and obstacles that professional restoration technicians must overcome to restore your property entirely. With flooding, the effects can spread quickly and affect many areas and materials over a brief period. The faster that you can secure the services of our professionals the least likely it becomes for this water to make exposed materials and items unsalvageable.

The best thing that you can do for your home when it gets faced with flood damages of any magnitude is to reach out to our SERVPRO professionals right away. We have a rapid response team that stays ready at a moment’s notice to address emergencies that affect your home. Our production truck gets stocked with effective mitigation, extraction, and drying equipment to ensure that we can make a difference with our initial visit to your damaged property.

Standing water can saturate into materials almost immediately, which can have adverse and unsalvageable effects on elements like drywall in as little as 24 hours. Warping and distortion are where these effects begin, but they can ultimately lead to structural failure and compromise. Our SERVPRO team can work quickly to set up air movers and dehumidification equipment to begin drying out at-risk construction materials right away.

Understanding the effects of floodwater on your property can help you appreciate the need for professional restoration services. Our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix rapid response team is available 24/7 to respond to this emergency and employ our effective mitigation strategies. Give us a call anytime at (602) 386-4268.

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After A Flood In Your Phoenix Home, You Need To Contact Our Experts At SERVPRO Immediately!

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage After A Flood In Your Phoenix Home, You Need To Contact Our Experts At SERVPRO Immediately! Give our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix rapid response team a call at the first sign of an emergency!

Debris Removal And Cleanup After Flooding In Phoenix Homes

Natural disasters can affect Phoenix homes at certain times of the year where heavier rainfall can get expected. While the better part of the year is dry, certain seasons can bring about heavy rains without much warning that can pool above the arid ground without saturating. This phenomenon is one of the ways that flash flooding can occur, and it has affected more homes in the area than many homeowners might care to believe.

It is challenging to prepare for flood damage in Phoenix, but the possibility of this occurrence persists. Recovering from a situation like this is nothing that homeowners can do on their own, and it becomes a situation better left to highly-trained professionals like our SERVPRO team. Our professionals are available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and provide effective mitigation solutions designed to protect structural elements of your home and its contents before they become irreparably damaged by floodwaters.

Securing professional restoration like ours is not difficult to do, but the faster that you react to the situation the better likelihood you have of protecting the belongings and contents of your home that matter most. Debris removal is among the chief concerns for our technicians on site, as these can also be contaminated from outside sources like sewage systems or oil and chemicals to provide a hazard to the occupants of the household. Cleaning up this mess must happen quickly, along with efficient extraction and drying solutions.

Cleaning up the mess within the house after the areas have gotten thoroughly dried can be as basic as steam cleaning and scrubbing lightly affected surfaces, or it can be as involved as removing damaged materials too damaged to preserve. It is a commonplace to remove materials saturated by floodwaters to prevent persistent potential contaminants from existing in the home and reducing the possibility of situations like mold growth.

While you might not expect flooding to occur as readily as it does to area homes, storms and other factors can allow it. Give our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix rapid response team a call at the first sign of an emergency at (602) 386-4268.

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Flash Flooding Outside Can Cause Flood Damage Headaches Inside Your Phoenix Home

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flash Flooding Outside Can  Cause Flood Damage Headaches Inside Your Phoenix Home Unexpected water damage from flash floods are no match for SERVPRO.

Various Activities Involved in Restoration of Flood Damage in Phoenix

Because of its geographic traits, flash floods happen in Phoenix, and although most may not cause injury or loss of life, damages to properties in the affected areas are common. Such outcomes happen because even just an inch of water intruding your property can cause considerable damage. Floodwaters are worse because they are heavily laden with contaminants such us sewage, silt, and even fuel residues.  

Restoring flood damage in Phoenix may require different efforts. Depending on how much water intrudes the property, and how fast it moves, there might be structural damages to address. If the property remains submerged for an extended period, wooden parts of the are likely to rot or develop other problems such as warping. Our SERVPRO team does thorough inspection establishing whether there are structural issues that must be addressed by a contractor.  

All the toxins collected by floodwater end up in the affected property. Restoration efforts should include deep cleaning of the affected areas and removal of porous materials. Removing porous materials is necessary because even the best cleaning efforts do not guarantee removal of all contaminants. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on different approaches to clean the affected areas. By pressure washing the areas, we can eliminate debris left by the flood water. We also use various EPA-registered cleaning agents to disinfect the area before starting cleanup, and again after cleaning to sanitize affected areas. This step is vital because biocides are more effective when applied in clean areas.  

In flooded properties, materials such as drywall, insulation, and others which are porous tend to lose their structural form once they become saturated. Unfortunately, restoration of such materials through drying or any other procedures is not possible. Our SERVPRO technicians help remove all these materials even from hard-to-reach sections of your property.

Drying a waterlogged property is an essential part of the recovery process. Drying is a multi-step procedure starting with the removal of standing water and ending with the minimization of moisture to normal levels. Our SERVPRO team is equipped with the necessary pumps, different types of dehumidifiers and air movers for this restoration phase.  

Restoration of a flood-damaged property takes effort. Calling SERVPRO of Central Phoenix can help reduce your burden. You can reach us at (602) 386-4268 any time of the day.

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Precautionary Measures To Prevent Flood Damages In Your Phoenix Home

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Precautionary Measures To Prevent Flood Damages In Your Phoenix Home Floods are invasive and destructive forces, especially when they can find their way into your home.

Precautionary Measures To Prevent Flood Damage

Natural disasters might not be everyday occurrences to those with homes in Phoenix, but the likelihood of it happening persists all the same. Flash flooding and flooding from the rise of creeks, streams, and rivers remain a threat throughout longer periods of rainfall spanning several days or more. Preparing yourself for a flood can be challenging, especially if you are not entirely certain of your home's structural defenses against the rising waters.

Floods are invasive and destructive forces, especially when they can find their way into your home. Not only are you getting the water damage itself, but other flood damages like mud and debris to clean up in your Phoenix home as well. Choosing the right professional restoration team to bring your home back from this often catastrophic event can make the ordeal less stressful and ensure that it gets done thoroughly.

One avenue that you should take to begin preparing your home for the possibility of flooding sometimes is to have your house inspected. This assessment would include areas like your crawl space and foundation but also look at areas like your roof and building materials for your home to determine their likelihood of keeping rushing flood waters out. Our SERVPRO technicians have done these assessments in the past, helping to locate problem areas that need to get addressed before they become costly avenues of flood damage.

Another thing that our SERVPRO professionals can do for your home is to install protective measures to divert water should it affect your home. For example, encapsulation of the crawlspace or the installation of a drain with a sump pump in this area can help to keep water out and continually divert potential problems far away from your house.

Some homeowners are not fortunate enough to think of the potential for flood damages before they happen, however. If you are already dealing with the harmful effects of a natural disaster, or even some water loss event that originated inside of your home, contact out SERVPRO of Central Phoenix water restoration specialists today at (602) 386-4268. We can respond quickly to help clean up the mess and restore your home back to preloss conditions.

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Understanding What Storm Damage Brings To Your Home In Phoenix

6/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Understanding What Storm Damage Brings To Your Home In Phoenix When storm damage strikes your Phoenix home, do not wait.

Understanding What Storm Damage Brings To Your Home

Flash flooding can cause anywhere between a moderate amount of damage to your property to immense damage. Because of Phoenix's unique geographic location, it is susceptible to the remnants of tropical storms, which originate from Pacific ocean, that hit the west coast of the US and Mexico. Flash flooding is just one of the many ways that these storms can impact specific areas of the state.

Storm damage can be incredibly damaging to your home in Phoenix. High winds and drifting debris can break a window and allow the waters to enter. As the storm recedes and some of the water goes with it, the nightmare might seem like it is ending. While the remainder of the situation can seem like nothing more than a massive mess to clean up, that is not always the case.

Flood waters are not always clean; in fact, they can often come riddled with chemicals, pesticides, petroleum products, and sewage. When the water becomes mixed with such things, it becomes unsafe for human contact and disposing of it is not a job for an amateur. When black water floods your home, it is best to call SERVPRO because we have the proper equipment and tools to deal with the problem.

Unfortunately, black water can ruin furnishings in your house. It is essential to understand and know what is safe to keep and dry out inside of your home, and what is not. For example, carpets must be thrown away after they have been soaked through with black water as they are no longer safe to keep. SERVPRO can sort through your belongings and advise you on what you can and what you should not keep. It is best to be safe, rather than sorry in these situations as remaining in contact with black water is unsafe for your health.

When storm damage strikes your Phoenix home, do not wait. As soon as you are able, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix so that we can assist you with the damage and get your house back to normal. Call us today (602) 386-4268.

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How Storm Damages Can Allow Flooding In Your Phoenix Home

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Storm Damages Can Allow Flooding In Your Phoenix Home Damages to this roof resulted in flood damage inside the home in several areas.

Damages to your home can allow rainwater to invade your home.

Often when homeowners think of flooding, they envision their entire neighborhood combatting several inches of water. As much of a possibility as this might be in light of certain conditions, this is not always the end all for flooding occurring in your Phoenix residence. In fact, something as simple as some storm damages to the exterior of your home could have large volumes of water penetrating into various areas in your house and spreading out to cause significant issues.

While you might not be able to visualize the kind of damage that could occur to your home to cause this kind of phenomenon, it is not as far-fetched as you might believe. High winds can shear off siding and shingles from a roof, just as torrential downpours can break limbs off of large trees on your property. With just a modest opening, flood damages can quickly appear in your Phoenix home amid a severe storm.

From the moment that water starts to work its way inside of your home, it does not take long for this water to spread out over as much of the affected areas as it can. The ideal thing for any homeowner to do in this situation is to reach out to our SERVPRO professionals to give them an opportunity to reach your home quickly and work to prevent the situation from getting any worse.

One of the initial things that must happen is the damage needs to get repaired to the exterior of your home. Whether portions of the roof or siding require replacement, large openings prevent restoration from occurring. Once this situation has gotten resolved, the extraction and drying can follow suit and steps officially begin to restore your home back to pre-water loss conditions.

Storm damages have been a contributing factor to many instances of flooding in the area over the years. Fortunately, you can depend on our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix restoration specialists to help you clean up the mess and set things right. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (602) 386-4268.

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What to Do When a Storm Floods Your Phoenix Basement Entertainment Center and Causes Damage

4/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What to Do When a Storm Floods Your Phoenix Basement Entertainment Center and Causes Damage SERVPRO Helps Phoenix Residents Recovery Their Entertainment and Rec Rooms After Flooding

Spare On-Going Water Problems from Storm Damage by Calling SERVPRO Immediately

Storms with aggressive winds can bring flood damage to your home relatively quickly. Before you can stop it, a window has broken, and water has spilled into your basement entertainment area, soaking expensive furniture, the carpeting, and your electronics. The longer that the flood water sits stagnant in your home, the more damage it can do to the structure and your belongings. Do not consider your options for an extended period as waiting can cause further damage to your home. Fortunately, there is professional help nearby to take your call.

Our technicians can arrive at your Phoenix home to remove the damaging flood waters as swiftly as possible. Once we arrive, we can investigate the damage and then begin to apply the most appropriate method of remediation. Our technicians can use conventional tools such as industrial-quality wet/dry vacuums and truck-operated pumps to remove the flood waters from your home. Using these tools allows our technicians to remove the water as quickly as possible from your home so we can inspect and address the damage that it has caused.

SERVPRO can clean up any debris that has found its way into your home, including foliage, rocks, and human-made objects from the outside. Our technicians can inspect your belongings and help you catalog what you have lost. SERVPRO strives to return your entertainment center to its preloss state by attempting to remove any stains from your home that the flood brought.

After cleanup, our technicians can focus on drying out any areas of your basement that are excessively moist. We can measure the humidity in your home through tools like moisture meters. Once we have a reading, we can set up our advanced drying equipment. Drawing the water out of your home and belongings is all about creating a moisture-free environment, which encourages evaporation. Our technicians can use axial fans, air movers, dehumidifiers, and other tools to achieve this.

When your home suffers flood damage, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268. 24/7, we can send our technicians to your home to help make you feel "Like it never even happened."

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Flood Damage Assistance Throughout Uptown, Midtown, Downtown, And Central Phoenix

2/28/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Assistance Throughout Uptown, Midtown, Downtown, And Central Phoenix If floodwater enters your home, call on SERVPRO to restore your home and save your belongings.

By Calling SERVPRO , You Can Limit Your Losses after Flood Damage

After experiencing a flood on your Phoenix area property, always play it safe. The dangers not over just because the water goes down. You need to think of everyone’s safety before worrying about anything in or around your home. 

Remember, you need to check to make sure it is safe to go back, before ever setting foot in your Phoenix area home again. A professional flood damage restoration company can help you avoid possible hazards and provide you with the personnel, equipment, and resources necessary to get you on the right road to recovery. 

SERVPRO can assess flood damage on your property and prevent risks associated with re-entering your home. If you have to step over water to enter your property, shutting off the central power, water, and gas lines can help prevent additional problems that often lead to injury or death.

SERVPRO technicians help you avoid causing additional damages as you enter your home. If any door in your home sticks, it is probably swollen. If the door only sticks at the bottom, you can often force it open with little problem. However, if it sticks at the top, you may be facing drop-ceiling problems, where the ceiling on the other side is ready to fall. 

SERVPRO can retrieve your most valuable items, giving priority to money, jewelry, insurance papers, photographs, and family heirlooms that you cherish the most. Our technicians understand how to handle all of these items, protecting them from further damage and can restore many of them in most cases.

We have access to infrared moisture detectors, hygrometers, water extractors of all shapes and sizes, cleaning, deodorization, and disinfection equipment that makes your drying process as quick and efficient as possible. Our technicians help you get things under control as fast as humanly possible while limiting any losses you might experience as much as possible throughout the restoration.

Contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix for 24/7 emergency response, providing homeowners just like you with cleaning and restoration services throughout Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown. (602) 386-4268

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Flood Damaged Homes in the Phoenix Area Require Drying and Cleaning to Restore Habitable Conditions

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damaged Homes in the Phoenix Area Require Drying and Cleaning to Restore Habitable Conditions Protect Your Phoenix Area Home from Flooding with SERVPRO'S Help

Removal of Storm Water and Contaminants Are Crucial for a Safe Home

When flooding happens, people are often surprised and shocked at the amount of damage that happens inside their homes. Phoenix residents whose homes flood because of new floodplains or nearby construction need to get their homes dried out and cleaned quickly. Otherwise, several other problems can quickly develop and cause future problems and expenses.

Homes in Phoenix that suffer from flood damage can become habitable again with the proper steps. Drying out an affected home is only half of the battle in saving a home. Flooding brings in untold amounts of debris full of pathogens and chemicals that can cause infections and other medical issues. We eliminate these and sanitize your flooded home so that you can live in it again safely.

To dry out your home, we use pumps for any remaining water. We treat saturated areas by heating them and increasing the circulation of the air around them. This includes all surfaces, and even though ceilings may never touch floodwaters, evaporation causes them to become saturated, also. Personal belongings can be transported to our site for temporary storage and to receive treatment that dries them out and then sanitizes them, removing any pathogens and other contaminants.

Sanitizing your home's interior keeps things safe for your family when they return home. Some items in your home require their removal and replacement because of the inability of any known methods to adequately clean them. These include carpeting, mattresses, and many food products, including those inside your refrigerator.

Carpeting cannot remain after a flood because of the ability of pathogens and other microbes to adhere to the many fibers in the carpet. Mattresses can harbor pathogens much the same way that carpet can. Food items, again, can hold microbes in tiny areas that defy even the best cleaning techniques. Safety and caution first.
To clean and sanitize your home we use the latest methods available. We want to ensure that your home protects you and your family. At SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, we have the tools and equipment to help us put our skills and training to work for you. Call us at (602) 386-4268 whenever you have flood damage or other disaster-related situations in your home.

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Immediate Response When Dealing with Flood Damage Situations in Your Phoenix Area Home

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Immediate Response When Dealing with Flood Damage Situations in Your Phoenix Area Home SERVPRO is ready to assist with your recovery from flood damage 24/7, 365.

Fast and Efficient Flood Damage Restoration Services

As massive storms plague our entire area, homeowners in Phoenix may find themselves falling victim to flooding. We want everyone to know that our entire team is available 24/7, 365, to assist with your recovery from this terrible ordeal.

It can help to have a professional restoration team on your side when flood damage occurs on your Phoenix area property. Whether you have questions about our restoration services or concerns about your current circumstances, we can help you manage the entire experience.

SERVPRO technicians respond immediately, providing you with flood damage restoration services; we are “Faster to Any Size Disaster” 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. You can count on us to be there when needed, giving you access to advanced restoration and cleaning services you can trust. 

All of SERVPRO’s technicians are IICRC-certified, giving us the ability to deal with any size situation, quickly and efficiently. Acting fast means that you have an opportunity to avoid permanent losses or extensive damage to your property after a flood. We often find solutions that help restore even the most at risk materials and dedicate ourselves to providing quality results you deserve.

SERVPRO can also help you prepare your home to battle incoming storm or flood damage. Our technicians understand where most problems occur and take the appropriate steps to mitigate damages that often happen during a flood. We can inspect your entire home, provide grading services, repairs to your downspouts and gutters, or install sump pumps and additional drainage that help keep water away from your home.

Should a flood occur on your property, our water extraction and drying process make your recovery as swift as possible. We have extractors of all shapes and sizes, along with infrared moisture detectors and hygrometers that make removing water a cinch. Our technicians find water everywhere in your home, preventing secondary damages and mold situations from occurring.

Make the call to SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to receive assistance. We are ready to help you recover throughout the entire Phoenix area, including Encanto and Camelback East, call today. (602) 386-4268

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Emergency PROFILE Ready Plan is Simple but Crucial in Preserving Your Investments in the Face of a Phoenix Fire

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Emergency PROFILE Ready Plan is Simple but Crucial in Preserving Your Investments in the Face of a Phoenix Fire Phoenix Fire Prevention and Preparation Starts with SERVPRO's ERP Plan

Damages from Fire & Smoke, Water, and Storms Are Mitigated with the ERP Program

When a fire, flood, or mold disaster affects your housing units, office space, or other real estate investment, fast action is required. As the seconds tick by, damage levels, and costs for repair and restoration, increase dramatically. This extra damage is preventable, even if the disaster is not, but requires preparation.

Becoming better prepared and being able to respond more quickly than ever before has been passed onto the average person by the use of SERVPRO's powerful Emergency PROFILE Ready Plan. An assessment of each Phoenix fire damaged property under your control is conducted to gather the required information that populates each Profile's data sheet. This is also on a mobile app for always available use.
Since these profiles can be shared by a link sent as an email once they have been created, the information given to all receiving it remains consistent, resulting in little room for error regardless of who responds, even years later, or even by employees who have not yet been hired. Future employees can be provided this information as part of their training. It takes more than a fire extinguisher to be prepared for possible emergencies. Get the ERP.
Whoever is on duty at the time of a disaster can locate all of the needed information with just a few presses on their mobile device or mouse clicks on their computer. Photos of locations where shut off valves and breaker boxes help those individuals present at the time of the disaster find these spots faster than making a frantic phone call might. All of this, the assessment, the assistance, and the app itself, are all provided free of charge, but it results in a priceless means of preparation that can save so much.
When any disaster happens, contacting us is also built-in to the app. Your first contact informing us of what type is simple and only requires a few key presses. After we know about your disaster, we can start the resolution of the catastrophe.
We are SERVPRO of Central Phoenix and are always ready to help you in the event of any size disaster, and beforehand, as well. Call us anytime at (602) 386-4268 for both prevention tips that can reduce the amount of time involved in mitigation and setting up your READY Plan.

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Phoenix Flood Damage Affects Furnishings

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Phoenix Flood Damage Affects Furnishings Rely on SERVPRO for Post Flooding Furniture Cleanup at Your Phoenix Property After Dog Removal

Upholstered Furniture Needs Special Drying to Mitigate Water Damage

Plumbing failures are responsible for most of the water damage in the average home each year. A split intake hose for a washer can put hundreds of gallons of water into a home just as quickly as a rising creek or spillway. A rusted-out water heater can spill enough water in nearby hallways and bedrooms to quickly ruin the carpet. But severe water damage typically results from storm damage.
To restore a Phoenix home after flood damage, SERVPRO has created a process that helps us protect every home and its contents. We first consider if the water has been contaminated. For clear or gray water, we can typically dry and restore and not replace. Our decades of experience in the restoration industry have helped us come up with practical steps that work in every home and situation when it comes to drying out and protecting upholstered furniture.
First, we pull every piece of furniture off the carpet. Until dried, every carpet is a constant source of water that leaches finish and stains fabrics. As members of the work crew begin drying out carpets, others turn their attention to sofas, recliners and other furniture.
After moving the furniture to a dry area, we tent all cushions and place waxed paper between them. Tenting ( plastic sheeting to reduce the air volume and focus on the water damaged items) prevents the colors from bleeding and helps to speed up the time needed to dry them. With that started, one of our IICRC industry certified inspectors carefully checks each furniture item and calculates our restoration costs against the expense of replacing the items. Once the customer signs off, we continue working on every approved piece.
To keep the color uniform, we may need to dampen an entire section of fabric and then dry it as a single piece. Dampening ensures any color changes are even across the item and do not leave spots or stains.
Our next step is to place dehumidifiers next to cushions and other upholstered items like sofas. These devices draw moisture out of the cushions and the surrounding air. Technicians also set-up air movers to force warm, dry air across the surfaces, reducing the amount of time it takes to dry them.
If there are zippers and metal buttons present, we hand dry those since they tend to rust quickly. After drying them, technicians insert pads or more waxed paper between these accessories and the fabric to prevent any chance of rust stains.
Restoring your sofas, recliners and other upholstered furniture is a lengthy process. These are not items that can be set outside in the back yard and left to dry in the sun. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is ready to not only dry out your home but to help return your life to its pre-flood state. If you would like to schedule an inspection and free estimate, call us today at (602) 386-4268.

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