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Got Mold? Don’t Try to Handle it on Your Own

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Moisture can get into your home in a variety of ways, from storm damage leaks to water pipes bursting to a slow, undetected drip from a pipe. Homeowners may want to address the situation themselves, but it is best to leave mold remediation to the experts. Should you see signs of mold in your home, contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix to take care of the situation before it gets worse.

Not all mold is visible.

One of the most important reasons to call a professional mold remediation service for mold damage to your home is that the issue can’t be fixed without professional intervention. The impacted area must be dried, cleaned, sanitized, and possibly repainted or rebuilt if the mold infestation was significant enough to cause some real damage. Even when mold appears to be gone, it’s not, and if not cleaned thoroughly and completely, mold spores can continue to grow and spread to other parts of your home causing more damage and unwanted musty odors. No one wants that! 

Why cleaning mold on your own is not enough to get the job done.

Trying to eliminate mold damage yourself can be injurious to the home, rather than helpful. Even if you remove all visible signs of mold growth in your home, it’s almost impossible to get rid of airborne spores and hidden patches of growth without advanced tools that professionals use. SERVPRO uses advanced moisture detection tools to identify patches of mold behind walls and surfaces that can’t be seen on the surface, and air scrubbers to filter as many spores out of the environment as possible. Also, keep in mind that you really can’t remove mold altogether. Since microscopic mold spores exist almost everywhere, indoors, and outdoors, removing all mold from a home is impossible. Remediation is what keeps mold growth at bay, which in turn prevents mold damage.

Moldy smells mean there’s a problem.

After the mold has been addressed, the musty odor it causes can remain if not addressed as well. These odors won’t likely go away on their own. SERVPRO technicians use industrial-strength chemical fogging machines to defuse odor molecules, even if they are embedded deep within the walls, floors, or other materials of your home. When mold appears in your home, SERVPRO mold remediation professionals will:

  • Inspect and assess mold damage.
  • Suppress the mold.
  • Implement air filtration.
  • Remove mold and mold-infested materials, if applicable
  • Clean mold-impacted contents in your home

There is more to cleaning mold than simply wiping it off surfaces, which is why mold remediation is best left to the professionals of SERVPRO versus trying to handle it on your own. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is the leading provider of mold damage remediation services. For our expert help with mold in your home, give us a call at (602) 386-4268. We’re available 24/7 and will work with you to address your mold issues. Call the pros when you get mold!

Don’t Panic If You Have Mold in Your Home; It’s More Common Than You Think

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

After a particularly wet storm season, or if a leaky pipe has gone unnoticed, mold can begin to grow in your home. Left unchecked, mold damage can cause significant damage to your property, and there is a need to prevent its growth or conduct remediation procedures aimed at mitigating the resulting damage. If you find that you have mold, don’t panic; you’re not alone in having mold in your home. Here’s what you need to know.

What causes mold?

The primary cause of mold damage in Phoenix is moisture. Without it, mold cannot grow, and that means the secret to controlling mildew growth lies in regulating the moisture content in your property. Our SERVPRO technicians understand that the dampness in your property can be because of indirect water intrusion, direct water intrusion, and intermittent intrusion. Keep in mind that mold spores are everywhere, inside and outside homes, so while mold can never be removed, it’s damage and growth can be mitigated.

How water impacts mold growth

Direct intrusion takes place when your roof or plumbing system leaks, your windows are poorly sealed, or water runs off from bathtubs and showers. Our SERVPRO team has the skills and resources to fix these issues, so it’s crucial to call professionals immediately to prevent further damage. Indirect water intrusion is rising damp. That can happen when moisture seeps up from underground, and your property ends up with wet concrete slabs, furniture, cabinets, or carpets.
Intermittent water intrusion may be condensation that results from inadequate ventilation, vaporizers, humidifiers, high humidity, and high steam. To lower the moisture content and improve air quality, we may set up dehumidifiers. The role of these devices is to extract that additional moisture from the air. Regardless of how the water intrusion happens, all can lead to mold growth.

How SERVPRO addresses mold remediation

The first step is to locate the water source and stop additional moisture from happening. Once we dry the wet areas and stop moisture entry, we address any materials that may have been damaged by mold. These materials can either be cleaned or need to be removed, depending on the extent of the damage. After that, we can perform deodorization. SERVPRO uses thermal foggers that emit deodorizing agents that have antimicrobial capabilities to reduce the chances of mold growth. SERVPRO is certified by IICRC to do mold remediation, and has the right tools, following state regulations when doing our work.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is a trusted industry leader in mold remediation, and we take pride in our highly trained technicians. If you experience mold growth in your home, know that it’s more common than you think. Don’t panic, call us at (602) 386-4268 and be offered proven mold remediation services.

Avoid These Mistakes If Your Home Has Mold

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

Mold often takes homeowners by surprise if they haven’t experienced an obvious flood in their home or other noticeable water damage. The buildup of indoor moisture from high relative humidity during monsoon season, plumbing issues, and roof leaks may lead to mold damage. Should you happen to experience mold, avoid these mistakes to keep from making the problem worse.

Dealing with mold damage

It is important to take precautionary measures when dealing with mold damage. You want to not only get rid of the mold growth you have but keep it from getting worse or coming back. Our SERVPRO technicians assess the level of contamination and choose the right approach for the job. Our technicians are trained in how to correctly deal with mold issues and mold remediation, avoiding the mistakes a homeowner may make who is not familiar with mold and how it works.

Taking appropriate precautions

SERVPRO technicians are careful not to spread the contaminant to clean areas, and if we must disturb the mold when cleaning the site, we make sure containment procedures are already in place. Containment also helps limit mold exposure to the occupants in the home. If the area we are working on is small, we practice limited containment. Many homeowners skip this step and can make matters worse. After disturbing the mold, spores and dust might settle on porous and non-porous surfaces. When that happens, we do damp wiping and HEPA vacuuming to remove spores. Our technicians determine the airflow direction and clean areas towards that path, and the cleaning process starts from the structure's top towards its bottom.

Drying to stop the growth and prevent further damage

When drying the items and rooms, our SERVPRO technicians first remove any wet objects from the area to speed up evaporation and after that, we setup dehumidifiers to lower the humidity in the room. Moisture meters provide initial readings of overall humidity at the start of the job and will be monitored to ensure the project is complete when it’s measured again after drying out and cleanup. If necessary, we’ll remove damaged items that can’t be restored and dispose of safely. Some homeowners assume surface mold can be cleaned and painted over, but that’s not always the case and may cause mold growth to return.

At SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, we understand mold and know how to handle mold remediation. If you experience mold issues in your home, contact us 24/7 at 602-386-4268 to get the job handled.

Preventing Mold in Commercial Buildings

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

While homeowners sometimes have issues with mold damage in their homes due to leaks or other issues, commercial buildings like schools, gyms, and hotels can experience mold damage as well. There are several reasons why you might find mold in these kinds of buildings. We’ve put together a few tips on how to handle the situation if you do find mold. Keep reading to learn more!

Common Moisture Causes in Commercial Buildings

Moisture problems in commercial buildings can be caused by a variety of conditions, including roof and plumbing leaks, condensation, and excess humidity. Some moisture problems in buildings have been linked to changes in building construction practices in past years. These changes have resulted in more rigidly sealed buildings that may not allow moisture to escape quickly, which can cause mold to grow. Moisture problems in businesses are also associated with delayed maintenance or insufficient maintenance, due to budget and other constraints. Recent events have only exacerbated the situation. Temporary structures in buildings, such as trailers and portable classrooms for schools, have frequently been associated with moisture and mold problems. 

Suggestions for reducing mold growth in buildings

There are several steps that hotels, gyms, schools, and other commercial buildings can take to help reduce mold growth over time. First, try to reduce indoor humidity. With monsoon season in AZ, even if there is no rain, there’s still substantial moisture in the air, so try doing the following for your building:

  • Use exhaust fans whenever cooking, dishwashing, and cleaning in food service areas.
  • Vent showers and other moisture-generating sources to the outside.
  • Control humidity levels and dampness by using air conditioners and dehumidifiers.
  • Provide adequate ventilation to maintain indoor humidity levels between 30-60%.

Inspect the building for signs of mold, moisture, leaks, or spills that can cause mold growth. Check for moldy odors, which can indicate mold is growing, even if you can’t see it. Look for water stains or discoloration on the ceiling, walls, floors, and windowsills. Check under sinks for standing water, water stains, or mold. Inspect bathrooms for standing water, water stains, or mold. Do not let water stand in air conditioning or refrigerator drip pans.

What to do if you see mold damage or suspect mold growth is present

If you suspect that you have mold issues, your first step should be to call in mold remediation specialists like SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, who can come in and address the situation. While many business owners feel they can address the situation themselves, cleaning the visible mold isn’t always enough. Not only do you need to clean the visible mold, but you also need to find the source of mold growth in the first place and remedy the situation. After cleaning the visible mold, you need to ensure that the area is thoroughly dry, so mold growth doesn’t come back. Last, you may need to address the lingering odor of mold. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has trained professionals to handle all aspects of mold remediation. They’ll come in to inspect the mold damage, assessing what needs to be done to address the issue. They’ll contain the mold growth, initiate air filtration for mold spores, remove the mold and mold-infested materials in your building, clean contents, and restore the area to pre-mold damage condition. If you experience mold damage in your commercial building, call the experts at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, 24/7, at 602-386-4268.

Addressing Mold Problems in Phoenix Attics

1/17/2020 (Permalink)

Even though Phoenix does not receive much rain compared to other places, having a leaky roof on your house can still cause problems. If there is a leak in the roof, water can get into your attic and damage structural components. It’s important to know what to do when addressing mold problems.

What happens after a water leak in your attic

By nature, attics have a higher relative humidity and air temperature than the livable area of the house, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. While mold spores are everywhere all the time, this environment can exacerbate the situation. If more moisture gets into your attic from the roof, mold and mildew can develop on the inside of the wood or plywood that forms the roof itself. If you have mold damage inside your Phoenix home's attic, the microbes from mold can contaminate your ventilation system. Once inside the air ducts, these microbes or spores can travel throughout the building, spreading the problem further.

Mold remediation

Once mold gets noticed inside the attic, specific procedures can be taken to fix the problem. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix knows exactly what to do! Any air intakes or holes that go into the living area of the home need to get sealed off with plastic. Plastic is put on the bottom part of the trusses to prevent any dust from contaminating the ceiling insulation or other materials. The access doors get sealed with plastic, and a zipper is installed to allow entrance while work is being done.

In most situations, the contaminated wood inside the attic can only be removed by sanding down the material's surface. Our SERVPRO technicians get equipped with full face mask respirators and personal protective gear, including suits that cover their entire body for protection during the remediation process. This is serious business! Air scrubbers then get placed inside the attic to pull particles out of the air during the sanding stage for optimum results and containment.

IICRC certified professionals

When sanding the impacted materials, SERVPRO’s IICRC certified crews always follow officially approved procedures and abide by all government rules and regulations. Our teams are trained to follow these rules for everyone’s safety. Automatic sanders with a vacuum hose attached to them are used to sand down the wood. The vacuum helps keep dust to a minimum by sucking up the air in the work area and putting it through a HEPA filter, leaving little debris behind. After sanding is complete, the HEPA vac gets used to clean up any leftover debris or dust particles. The attic is then sprayed down with an anti-microbial chemical to prevent future growth. In severe cases, a sealant paint gets sprayed inside the attic to inhibit mold from developing in the future. If you ever notice mold or mildew in your attic, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 any day, 24/7.

Does Your Phoenix Home Need to Be Tested for Mold?

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning mold off walls Fighting mold with a spray bottle of bleach may not resolve your mold issue.

When people think of mold problems in a home, they think of warm, damp conditions that would allow mold to thrive, but believe it or not, houses and buildings in Arizona can experience mold as well. When a home suffers a water damage event such as flooding, monsoon damage, or even a leaky faucet that has gone unchecked, a mold infestation can quickly arise and spread throughout a home. Because mold can produce allergens and irritants, you will want a professional that has training and experience to resolve the mold infestation properly. If your Phoenix home has experienced any kind of water damage issue recently, your home may need to be tested for mold.

First things first: addressing the source of the mold

If you suspect mold because of a water issue, the first step is addressing the source of the water; otherwise, the mold may return. At SERVPRO of Central Phoenix, we work quickly to address the water issue, then move quickly to focus on the mold problem. Mold spreads quickly, so a minor mold infestation can quickly escalate into a significant problem.

Finding the mold problem

We carefully inspect your property for visible signs of mold. Mold feeds on cellulose and water and can be hidden from plain view. We use various technologies to detect mold and hidden water sources. Many homeowners are surprised that mold is present even if they don’t experience an odor or see any visible signs of mold. If you have a mold issue, our technicians will find it! Even if the mold isn’t black mold, we’ll still make sure the problem is resolved before any further issues arise.

SERVPRO technicians are mold remediation specialists

As a homeowner, you may want to simply grab a spray bottle of bleach and get rid of that mold ASAP! However, our technicians are mold remediation specialists, which means they know how to not only address the mold itself, but get rid of the water that caused the mold issue, focus on drying the area, and deal with an odor so that the complete issue is resolved. Our complete mold remediation process involves inspection, assessment, containment, air filtration, removal of materials (if applicable), cleaning, and restoration. It’s an in-depth process that goes well beyond a spray bottle of bleach and elbow grease!

It’s been a damp winter in Phoenix so far. If you suspect that there is a water issue in your home that may cause mold, contact us 24/7 at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix by calling (602) 386-4268.

Hidden Mold Problems in Phoenix Homes

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on wood planks in attic Get rid of attic mold growth! Call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix!

Attic mold can lead to a variety of problems that can get out of control. Unfortunately, many homeowners rarely inspect their attic, so mold issues can often go unchecked until the mold growth is substantial. If you find mold, you’ll need professional mold remediation to address the problem quickly and thoroughly.

Phoenix Homes Get Mold Growth

Your Phoenix area home is just as susceptible to mold damage as any other home due to the risk of water leaks, which can come from monsoon rains, A/C units or other water sources. While your attic is the last place you think about when discussing mold on your property it’s more common than you think! With the potential risk of hidden water links, you should have your attic inspected by a mold remediation specialist to find any issues and address them quickly.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has well-trained mold remediation technicians with years of experience in mold damage situations throughout a home. There are many areas in your home where mold can get out of hand quickly, and simply drying the area out and cleaning it with a little bleach may not solve the problem, especially in your attic where dampness and darkness are the ideal breeding ground for mold. Mold growth in your attic can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your home not to mention causing an unpleasant odor that can be tough to get rid of.

Do You Have Mold Contamination in Your Home?

Mold growth and contamination can affect your home’s framing, insulation, walls, ceiling and floors, and unfortunately, often going undetected for a long period of time when it occurs in an area rarely seen by homeowners. If your Phoenix home has recently experienced any kind of water leak, or if you smell an unusual, musty odor, it’s time to call in the professionals to ensure your house doesn’t have mold. Contacting SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at the first signs of mold contamination in your home gives you the ability to prevent excessive damages.  

No water leaks in your home that you know of?  You may not necessarily be off the hook. Improperly installed or insufficient insulation and inadequate attic ventilation can cause mold issues. So can a dryer, plumbing, kitchen or bathroom fans that vent air into the attic. That’s why it’s important to have a professional who is certified in mold remediation to check your home and its attic thoroughly. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix technicians perform a full inspection of your attic space to identify problems like these and provide a solution to remedy issues.  

Local Certified Mold Remediation Specialists

We understand mold and mold growth and have the training and expertise to remediate the mold in your home or business. Our IICRC certified technicians have access to a variety of equipment and years of experience helping homeowners in Phoenix deal with mold issues. Contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix for additional information or to schedule your inspection and mold remediation today. We can help! 602-386-4268.

Mold Growth After a Monsoon Storm

8/14/2019 (Permalink)

Storms produce several constant issues for any property owner. A main problem brought on by storms is the moisture which contributes to a lot of mold growth that requires professional remediation. There are some methods to help prevent the mold growth from causing any damages from occurring after a monsoon storm that are pretty effective.

Mold growth has a couple of primary sources from which it gets it nutrients from which are wood and moisture. With many properties having wood as a major element, this serves as a prime breeding ground for mold to grow and multiply.

Mold Growth Challenging Property Owners

Many property owners find it challenging to keep up with regular maintenance of the property and the property has been affected by storm damages already, leaving holes that allow moisture in leading to mold growth.

Basements within residential homes is a common place where mold will grow or in the attic too. In fact attics can have a significant mold problem after a monsoon storm. When a roof is compromised by holes or gaps, moisture will get into the area and remain trapped causing mold and mold spores.

Mold will grow whenever or wherever there is moisture present and after a monsoon storm, the ground surrounding the property is saturated with moisture.As moisture permeates throughout the property, it will seek out sources of nutrients such as wood based elements within the structure.

Mold Mitigation and Removal

Mitigating mold damage after a monsoon storm, if not done properly, can create multiple colonies of mold growth. When not appropriately dried out entirely, a consistent mold problem becomes an issue.

Mold growth is always a risk after a monsoon storm. To have the mold removed effectively, you need a mold removal specialist to come in and do it right. Trained technicians will help remove the mold growth in the difficult areas with care and precision in order to eliminate the growth of any harmful mold.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix are your local mold specialists, available 24/7/365, call 602-386-4268 for your mold issues.

Hidden Water Leak Brings Enthusiastic Mold

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Mold within a wall from a hidden leak in a Central Phoenix home

A hidden water leak within your wall will leave you with an overwhelming amount of mold if it goes untreated for a time. You may not even know you have a hidden water leak within your wall for a while and when you finally go to have it taken care of, mold, mold and more mold is found. It’s purple, black, and orange and now it demands to have a professional mold remover to remediate.

So how are you supposed to know if and when you have a hidden water leak behind your wall? Let’s go over some subtle red flags that will help you identify if you have one.

  • Prime conditions for mold is moisture and darkness which are generally behind walls and under the floors. If a pipe starts leaking behind a wall mold will grow and spread. If you spot mold in an unexpected place where water doesn't typically collect, you may have a hidden water leak.
  • Paint or wallpaper peeling off from walls
  • Mysterious mildew smell
  • Ceiling or wall that is cracking or buckling with water-stains
  • A wall that has a weird stain for no reason at all

If you don’t see any of these red flags, there is an alternative way to find out if you have a hidden water leak within your wall. Here’s what you do.

  • Turn off all appliances that use water
  • Go to your water meter and write down the number of gallons used by your household.
  • Wait about 3 hours or more and during this time refrain from using any water at all.
  • Look at the water meter again and if the number has increased, then you’ve got a hidden water leak.

The effects of mold on people can be quite serious. Especially for those with compromised respiratory issues like asthma or mold allergies. Mold from a hidden water leak requires a professional mold remediator and remover like our techs at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix.

Author, Chris Butas
Project Manager at SERVPRO of Central Phoenix

Chris Butas is our Senior Estimator and Commercial Project Manager and has been with SERVPRO of Central Phoenix for over 15 years. Chris is IICRC certified as a WRT in water damage restoration and has experience in all types of floods and water damages.

Leaks, Storms, & Flooding Can Lead to Mold Growth in Phoenix Homes

1/19/2019 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO team is here to help you get the mold monsters out of your home!

Precursors to Mold Damage in Phoenix

Mold damage in Phoenix is not always a random occurrence. Most of the time, some specific events and reasons cause mold to grow in your home, and while they may not always lead to a fungal problem, we have seen enough cases over the years to know just how vulnerable most residences in the area are. Mold grows best in dark, humid environments, and while you might think that weather in the area provides sufficient protection from this threat, the truth is that spores might be waiting for a chance to grow anywhere in your home if any of these events happen.

You've Sprung a Leak

Leaking pipes, faucets, and other water-based fixtures in your Phoenix home could all contribute to mold growth in the near future. Spores grow quickly around any water source they can find, even if the volume of water is very small. So long as moisture remains consistent in the area, the types of hardy fungi found in the desert can start to grow. If you have discovered any leaks in your home or suspect that they may exist, there is a good chance that your home is hiding a past or present mold infestation.

A Storm Came Through

When storms come through the Valley, they create an excellent opportunity for mold to grow in your home. Any leaks in your roofing or siding could contribute to an infestation somewhere in your home. SERVPRO technicians can use advanced moisture detection tools such as thermohygrometers to detect unusual levels of moisture anywhere in your home.

You Had a Flood

When people think of flooding, their minds often conjure images of crashing waves and violent storms. However, many of the damage-causing floods we help out with start with problems as mundane as a malfunctioning dishwasher. Any time a large part of your home's flooring becomes covered in water should be treated as a potential precursor to a mold problem.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is there to help when you suspect that your home may have fallen victim to mold damage. Call us at (602) 386-4268 for fast and inexpensive restoration and remediation services.

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Call The Experts To Safely Remove Mold From Your Phoenix Home

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can quickly spread out and cover more space in your home if not dealt with immediately.

How Excessive Numbers of Microbes Cause Mold Damage to Your Phoenix Home

On occasion, SERVPRO technicians find that a homeowner is disappointed that we cannot completely eliminate the microbes from their Phoenix property. Every location on our planet holds some microbes, including the harshest climates. The real problem with microorganisms in our living spaces involves their overpopulation.
The goal of remediation in a property in Phoenix is to remove existing mold damage and reduce the microbial population to a reasonable, acceptable number. A small number of microbes in a relatively dry setting does not lead to mold damage or undesired health effects. Complete elimination is not possible because of air currents, clothing, pets, inanimate objects, and even food reintroduce microbes into your home continuously.
Mold damage occurs because a few microbes come into contact with water while near a food source. Microbes such as mold need cellulose-based materials to survive while in an active state. Your home contains a high amount of such materials. Most of the time, all microbes need is a small amount of moisture, and then they quickly spread out, covering more and more space.
As mold spreads out, the individual microorganisms attach themselves to the surface and dig into it with their hyphae. These hyphae are the equivalent of a plant's root system. They look very similar and function as an anchor. As the mold consumes the material it is attached to, this material begins to disintegrate. The hyphae break it apart, slowly and steadily, continually reaching down deeper into the material.
Mold damage steadily worsens, which is why SERVPRO specialists make sure the area receiving remediation remains enclosed. We understand that disturbing mold causes mold to release spores into the air. Having the area surrounded by a negative air pressure chamber keeps these spores safely where we want them. We also make sure that all moldy materials stay enclosed in the area and only leave once we have placed them in double bags and securely closed them.
SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is ready to help remediate any areas in your Camelback East, Encanto, or Midtown residence stricken by mold damage. Call us at (602) 386-4268, our 24-hour service line so that we can provide you with more facts about mold found in your property.

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Smelly, Moldy Curtains in Phoenix? Don't Wait--Call SERVPRO Fast!

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage in Phoenix, We Even Clean the Curtains

Protecting your Soft Valuables after Mold Damage in Phoenix

A musty odor can be a sign of mold growth in your home. Mold thrives on moisture, spreading through tiny, airborne spores. As these spores come into contact with wet or damp areas the conditions are ripe for full-scale mold growth which may have an unpleasant odor and can cause health effects. Porous materials like fabrics or upholstery are all items considered at high risk which, if left unchecked, may have to be destroyed.

So, how can property owners protect their possessions from mold damage in Phoenix? The answer is in responding quickly with a professional service. At SERVPRO our motto is to restore rather than replace. Make a quick phone call, and we can send in a trained, mold expert to inspect your property within four hours or less of notification of loss.

An inspection is designed to find, and then neutralize, the source of mold. Fungi can cause a structural issue, a result of wet/ humid weather conditions, or even a plumbing leak. The result is the same. Non-porous and semi-porous materials can usually be remedied using wet washing techniques followed by systematic drying. Porous possessions, which could include upholstery, clothing or fabrics may have to go to a facility for restoration through washing.

If your contents cannot be restored on site, your technician may recommend a pack-out procedure. A pack-out involves labeling all affected items and sending them to a SERVPRO facility. Here, we can use industrial-grade Esporta washing machines that are specially designed to deal with contaminated materials. These mechanical cleaning methods have a 90% restoration rate and could save your soft valuables. Again, we try to salvage our customers' possessions.

Not all soft valuables are salvageable, meaning that some may be discarded. We can take these materials with us after the service is complete and dispose of them properly to avoid further contamination. Those that are salvageable can be returned to a dry, deodorized and mold-free environment at the end of service.

If your soft valuables are showing signs of mold, you may not have to discard them. Contact SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268 for a consultation and service.

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Eliminating and Preventing Mold Damage in Phoenix

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Meet Our Future SERVPRO Mold Remediation Hero for the Phoenix Area

Phoenix Homeowners Call SERVPRO for Safe Mold Remediation

Phoenix residents rarely consider mold to be the same level of threat as a fire or one of the flash floods that can strike when the rains finally fall. The physical damage is not as explicit, but the cost to clean homes and remove mold growth each year still runs into the millions nationwide.

Mold damage to Phoenix homes usually starts in areas where owners and residents do not spend much time, or they walk in to accomplish a task and then leave quickly, such as attics and laundry rooms. When called in for a mold problem, SERVPRO restoration specialists look to these areas first as a probable point of origin for the mold.
Our specialists do this because mold cannot grow without enough moisture to cause dormant spores to expand and begin seeking out more water and a food source. Eliminating nearby sources of water forces the spores back to an inactive state, stopping mold growth. SERVPRO specialists can repair minor plumbing leaks that often lead to mold growth and also fix small tears in the roof or siding on a home that allows water inside. More extensive repairs require the hiring of outside contractors.
As the mold grows inactive, it dries out, and specialists can use vacuums with specially designed HEPA filters to trap mold spores off surfaces and even from the surrounding air. If the mold layer is very thick, they can also use water or a cleaning agent to break it up and then vacuum or wipe off the mold with a sponge. Soda blasting is a pressurized, abrasive method for removing visible mold growth from hard surfaces.
In areas where it is difficult to reach every surface, specialists can spray an anti-fungal agent to help eliminate all active spores or use a fogger to generate a cloud of chemical agent to stop growth. The fogger device is particularly useful in small, enclosed areas like attics, or even garages.
Finally, there is one thing a homeowner can do to prevent mold or stop it before it becomes a significant problem. Take a look around your out-of-the-way spaces at least once a year. Mold can grow almost anywhere, but a simple, visual inspection can quickly stop it. Remember also to use your nose, so if you detect that musty odor, which mold produces, call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268. We are here for you.

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Choosing The Right Removal Approach For Mold Colonies In Your Phoenix Residence

6/1/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can tackle any type of mold infestation in your Phoenix home.

SERVPRO is The Right Choice When it Comes to Mold Remediation

Phoenix homeowners can all agree that it gets rather hot throughout the area through a good portion of the year. Be mindful of the extensive cooling of your home, however, as condensation along with warmer temperatures could allow for mold growth in your home. While this might seem unreasonable to some homeowners, it is a lot simpler than you might believe to meet the necessary conditions for microbial and mold growth inside your residence.

Mold damage itself can appear in a multitude of ways, but most homeowners worry about the process of removing mold from their Phoenix homes. While this can be an involved process, to say the least, our SERVPRO professionals get uniquely trained in the most effective approaches for remediation and must get certified to the high standards of the IICRC before they can join our applied microbial remediation technician team.

From the moment that this team gets dispatched out to a home, our technicians work quickly to assess the full scope of the damage that your home faces and the appropriate equipment necessary to remove the colony and restore the damage to your home. This initial inspection is thorough, ensuring that nothing gets missed or overlooked and that you have ample opportunity to express your concerns and priorities for the team that works in your house.

Depending on the type of mold, as well as the type of surface or material it has seated inside, different approaches get taken to remove the colonies. Sometimes sanding is the best approach, while soda blasting is ideal for porous structural components with mold damages. The method chosen is based on what the technicians believe to be most effective and the conditions of the house and its occupants.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Mold remediation is a process that most homeowners should never have to fully understand. Our SERVPRO of Central Phoenix mold remediation technicians can help you through every step of this process, and also work to provide the means of preventing the same occurrence in the immediate future. Our emergency response team is standing by 24/7 at (602) 386-4268.

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What You Can Do When You Find Mold Damage in Your Phoenix Home

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Discovering mold growth in your home can be scary, but by calling SERVPRO you can rest assured the damage will be thoroughly and safely remediated.

SERVPRO Safely Cleans Up and Removes Mold Damage from Your Home

The last way that any person wants to spend their day is discovering that their home has mold damage. The truth about mold is that spores are everywhere and they are usually harmless. However, when they attach to a surface and then feed off of the surrounding moisture, the spores can become a severe problem. The spores grow and, eventually, multiply. Fortunately, professional help is not far and can remediate the mold in your home.

The spores, which were once invisible and small, have transformed into a mold patch that is damaging your Phoenix home. While mold may not seem harmful to the naked eye, it can cause health effects, and it also can slowly eat away at the organic materials that make up the structure of your home. It is vital to rid your home of it, immediately. The quicker the mold is dealt with, the better.

SERVPRO can send its IICRC-certified technicians to inspect your home and then quarantine the areas impacted by mold damage. It is essential to section off the infected areas of your home, as the remediation process can spread the spores. Once we section off your home, we can begin the process of removing the mold-infected porous materials and cleaning the non-porous ones.

SERVPRO can make sure to not only remediate the mold damage but also dry any areas of your home that are excessively moist. Additionally, our technicians can use advanced technology to deal with the musty odors that mold causes. We use devices such as air scrubbers to neutralize the smelly particles and return a fresher scent to your home once they go through the filtering process. SERVPRO strives to restore your home back to its pre-mold condition, including how the environment smells.

When your home has been struck by mold damage, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Central Phoenix at (602) 386-4268. Day or night, we can take your call and send our technicians out as soon as possible to get the remediation process started.

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Never Panic When Mold Damage Hits Your Phoenix Property SERVPRO Has Working Options

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The primary cause of mold damage in Phoenix is moisture.

Mold Damage Remediation

Mold damage can lead to health effects which not a single person wants to encounter. On top of that, its growth is likely to cause significant damage to your property, and there is a need to prevent its growth or conduct remediation procedures aimed at mitigating the resulting damage. So what are you options when you need to control such related issues in Phoenix?

The primary cause of mold damage in Phoenix is moisture. Without it, mold cannot grow, and that means the secret to controlling mildew growth lies in regulating the moisture content in your property. Our SERVPRO technicians understand that the dampness in your property can be as a result of indirect water intrusion, direct water intrusion, and intermittent intrusion.

Direct intrusion takes place when your roof or plumbing system leaks, your windows are poorly sealed, and water runs off from bathtubs and showers. Our SERVPRO team has the tools and skills to fix such issues, and it is crucial to call professionals immediately you discover an anomaly. When it comes to indirect water intrusion, we are talking about that rising damp. That can happen when moisture wicks up from underground, and your property ends up with wet concrete slabs, furniture, cabinets or carpets.

On the other hand, the cause of intermittent water intrusion may be condensation that results from inadequate ventilation, vaporizers, humidifiers, high humidity, and high steam. To lower the moisture content and improve air quality, we may set up dehumidifiers. The role of these devices is to extract that additional moisture from the air.

Once we dry the wet areas and stop moisture entry, we can perform deodorization. Here, we use thermal foggers that emit deodorizing agents that have antimicrobial capabilities to reduce chances of mold growth. SERVPRO is certified by IICRC to do mold remediation, and we have the right tools and follow to state regulations when doing our work.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is a trusted industry leader in mold remediation, and we take pride from our highly trained technicians. Call us at (602) 386-4268 and be offered proven restoration services.

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Cleaning And Removing Mold Damage In Phoenix

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Cleaning and removing mold is important to the health of your home and family.

Cleaning And Removing Mold

After cleaning up from one disaster, mold can cause further problems for Phoenix homes and residents. In a rush to remove water or smoke odors, homeowners often miss or ignore the first signs of mold growth.

Untreated mold damage in Phoenix homes can result in extensive repair costs. Worse, mold can cause adverse health effects in residents with existing respiratory problems. SERVPRO technicians have the training and tools to remove this threat to your home while working carefully to remediate the effects of and clean the mold spores from structural property such as drywall and wooden wall framing.

Mold spores become a threat when they have enough moisture to expand and extend hyphae to find a food source. A favorite source is drywall panels; they are in every home, and while they make an excellent building material for interior walls, it is also very vulnerable to mold spore hyphae. Ceiling tiles and insulation are also easily consumed.

If we catch the mold growth quickly enough, SERVPRO technicians can clean to remove mold from building material. There may be some minor pitting, but that does not affect the integrity of the material. If there is any risk of mold coming back, we spray an anti-fungal agent on every affected surface. Once the agent dries, we repaint the affected panels or tiles, so they look new.

If the mold has penetrated far into panels or tiles, even spraying an anti-fungal agent can be enough moisture to cause the item, particularly drywall, to crumble. When the integrity is this compromised, the only safe action to take to the home is to remove it.

Wall framing is much more resistant to mold, but since we rarely see behind drywall panels, a growth goes unnoticed for longer and has more time to infest the wood. Unless we are dealing with a home that was unoccupied for an extended period, our technicians can remove the mold without replacing the frame pieces. If the spores have not penetrated too deeply, we can even sand down the surface slightly. As with the tiles and panels, we spray every affected surface with an anti-fungal agent and allow it to dry before hanging new panels on them.

Cleaning and removing mold is important to the health of your home and family. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix has over twenty years helping homeowners return to a safe, clean environment. If you need our services, call us today at (602) 386-4268.

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How Mold Damage Hits Phoenix In Hot, Dry Times

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Mold damage can happen in Phoenix any time of year, regardless of weather, for a multitude of reasons.

Mold Damage

Phoenix may be going through a dry spell unusually long even for the harsh desert climate, but that does not mean the area is free of mold. Mold spores are always lurking and waiting for an opportunity to grow in your home and can pose a major problem even when the weather is dry, and temperatures are stifling. Mold damage can happen in Phoenix any time of year, regardless of weather, for a multitude of reasons. Here are a few ways mold could come to your home even when the city is at its hottest and driest.

Pipe Leaks
Hidden leaks consistently rank among the top causes of mold damage in the Phoenix area, and for good reason. These leaks are difficult to identify before they develop into a larger problem, and tend to occur in out-of-sight places like cabinets, spaces between walls, and high-up areas of the home. Even a small leak can create a significant mold problem if the flow (or drip) of water is consistent. This is the common cause of mold damage behind walls.

Humidity In Your Home
Some homes are much more humid than the surrounding environment. This may merely be a product of water fixture usage and HVAC system operations, or it may be due to the introduction of artificial humidifying devices. Regardless, the elevated humidity levels typical in most homes can provide some types of mold with all the water they need to begin to grow. SERVPRO is very careful in all mold remediation projects to monitor atmospheric humidity and make adjustments as needed.

Accidents And Events
Occasionally, individual events and actions in the home may lead to the development of a mold colony. Perhaps something died in an out-of-sight place, or a large container of water may have spilled across the floor and soaked into the carpet. Our services are flexible to accommodate a wide range of accidents and scenarios with maximum efficacy.

SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is ready day-in and day-out to respond to local calls for help. For our assistance in dealing with a mold infestation, give us a call at (602) 386-4268.

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Investigating and Restoring Mold Damage in Central Phoenix

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Don't ignore mold in your home. It can spread quickly and do a great deal of damage. Contact SERVPRO today to start the remediation process.

SERVPRO Technicians Root Out the Cause of Mold Damage in Your Home

A mold infestation can grow across bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. It usually appears as a series of splotches or streaks across walls and ceilings. In many cases there is also an accompanying odor that is the first signal to a homeowner there may be a problem.

Mold damage is not just a visual problem though. It is also responsible for permanent damage to organic material in Central Phoenix homes. Knowing how to combat the damage and prevent further problems requires a company trained in remediation and restoration of mold in the structure and personal property. SERVPRO has extensive experience and training supporting Arizona homes and residents.

Our first task is to control the mold at its source. We set up containment around the affected area using heavy plastic sheeting to cover entrances and exits and then seal the HVAC vents to prevent mold from spreading through the duct work. Technicians also set up negative air machines to reduce the number of airborne spores while they remove mold from the affected area.

Next, we remove the contamination. Any structural or personal property item we cannot clean, we dispose of according to local regulations. Before moving any item out of the containment area, technicians clean it using vacuums with HEPA filters, dry wiping with sponges or cloths, and using anti-fungal and anti-microbial cleaning agents.

After removing the mold, we lower the moisture levels to normal. The fastest way to bring down the humidity is to use air movers and exhaust fans to replace the damp air inside the affected area with drier air from outside the structure. Technicians also place dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air.

Cleaning the contaminated area and property and removing loose mold does not prevent further growth with excess moisture in the air or surrounding property such as drywall. Spores from outside the affected area move in once we remove the containment sheeting and then it starts again.

Removing mold and restoring your home is not a simple or short process. SERVPRO of Central Phoenix is ready to help you through it however and explain every step as we go. If you need our services or just suspect you have a mold problem, call us at (602) 386-4268 today.

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What does it matter if I dry a water loss or not?

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In the 90’s Mold became the Cause Celeb, especially that strain of “Black” Mold, Stachybotrys, that struck fear in the hearts of thousands of Americans. Even though that hysteria has passed, it is no joking matter to have mold growing in your home. It is true that mold spores are everywhere, but for mold to grow you have to have two things: 1) food; and 2) water. There is very little you can do to remove all “food” sources in a house, but you can eliminate the water factor. When you have a water loss, it is incredibly important to completely dry the area affected so mold will not grow. If you call SERVPRO® of Phoenix at 480-503-2090,  24/7 365 , we will make sure your house is dry.